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The Serum That Changed My Mind On Serums.

As much as I adore skincare – and I mean adore in the sense that every surface of my bathroom is covered in lotions and potions – I’ve never really been a serum kinda girl!
I love oils, I love exfoliating treatments, skin mists and elixirs, but never really serums.
I was introduced to the Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Supplement when I was in New York a couple of months ago, the brand gave me an adorbs sample size that I basically coated myself in.
My skin always feels slightly parched –…

My Long-Time Lush Staples.

I planned to do a sort of standard Lush haul, as these four products are my go-to Lush picks, and of course it’s prime time for sneaking in a Lush spree!
Aaaaand then I realised I didn’t buy a single one of the above products – Jordan did! I usually get a welcome home Lush bundle when I’ve been travelling, but that post title just doesn’t flow the same…
Anyway, I guess they’re definitely standout favourites for me, if my boyfriend knows to buy them!
Since it’s coming up to one-bath-a-day weather,…

Bathtime Essentials For Cosy Evenings.

It’s finally bath season! I’m making that a thing so note it down, we’re going to be making time for ourselves, stocking up on oils and salts and bubbles and (bath) bombs.
Baths are really big in our household, I’ve even got Jordan hooked on Lush sprees and drinking tea under a layer of warm, lavender-scented foam! It’s a picture, let me tell you.
I’m really big on taking time out to get away from it all and think about nothing for a bit. I swear I would be entirely grey if I didn’t know how to relax and switch off when I needed it….

5 Books To Read Right Now.

It’s now officially book-and-blanket season, yep that’s a term I coined myself but it doesn’t make it any less real. Grab a book, grab the snuggliest of blankets and fill up an entire pot of tea because things are about to get COSY.

I truly love nothing more than a unputdownable book; a book you pick up at 8pm and hide under the covers until 2am reading! A read that is so gripping that you don’t do anything else until you finish it. I’ve had responsibilities pile up around me because I’ve been way too invested in a good book!…

Beauty Goes Miniature: My Sample Stash.

I keep a basket of beauty samples in my beauty stash, mainly because they’re just SO FREAKIN’ ADORABLE, but also because they come in so handy for travelling.
I usually get my beauty minis with Gift With Purchase buys, and pop them in my sample basket to rummage through later. I also get a Birchbox every month, so I tend to have sample-sized products coming out my ears.
So I’m going to give you a little tour of my favourite picks – it’s the perfect time to delve in my to samples basket before I go to Italy!…