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  • Lucy

    I have been really enjoying your posts, do you have any recs for moisturisers and eye creams for an older skin? I am 37, and without blowing my own trumpet have been blessed with great skin, but everyone needs a little help! You obvs know your stuff and would love to know what you think. Love Lucy x x

  • Pajtók Adrienn

    Dear Ghostparties

    I read on the Quora that your blog is one of the bests in the UK in the topic of beauty.
    I am writing to ask you how can I publish on your site?

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    Travel and save money.

    Please send your panoramic radiograph to the We will work out a complete treatment plan for you.

    Or shall I write an article about dental tourism?

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards

    Adrienn Pajtók
    UK Representative

    +36 20 331 4665

  • Amanda

    Big fan of your blog! Please can you recommend any day serums or do a post on it? Thanks Amanda x

  • Crystal

    I wanted to leave a note to cheer you up; I emailed it instead. Long story short: I think you’re lovely and if people don’t know that you are, then they’re absolutely stupid.

  • pete

    appreciate the competition for the Lomography prize on your blog, however don’t think its appropriate to be inviting people to be openly leaving their email address in comments as they could so easily be abused. Could not another way be found in future for similar giveaways-thanks anyway.

  • Charlie Arnold

    Now you have had your hair cut short (it’s lovely), could you post about how you style your centre parted fringe please 🙂