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18 Feb 2019 Beauty Favourites 15 comments

Winter Staples I Can’t Live Without.

My go-to winter routine… When winter comes around, I become a hundred times more precious about my skin and its gets a hell of a lot more love than it usually does. I’ve popped together a Kate La Vie subscription for produ...

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16 Feb 2019 Interiors Lifestyle 19 comments

On My Homeware Wishlist.

Storage Basket // Fringed Table Lamp // Rattan Chair // Bereber Cushion // Wool Rug // Cushion Cover // Portable Radio // Wool Blanket // Rattan Side Board // Chandelier You may have noticed we’ve been getting a ...

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14 Feb 2019 Beauty 26 comments

Let’s Talk… Self Care & Falling In Love With You.

How I became happier in my skin… Although I didn’t really plan to post this around Valentine’s, it seems fitting somehow – a little reminder for my gals to partake in a bit of self-love! I’m all about...

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11 Feb 2019 Beauty Purchases 40 comments

New In Beauty Buys.

A beauty overhaul… It’s been so long since I had a big beauty spree like this – I actually can’t remember the last time I stocked up on my old favourites AND added a few ‘new in’ picks to my bas...

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5 Feb 2019 Interiors Lifestyle 9 comments

Home Plans I’m Working Towards This Year.

Our renovations plans for 2019… I said recently that I feel like our flat will never be finished, it’s such an on-going project and for the most part we’re happy with that. We have all sorts going on with travel,...

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3 Feb 2019 Lifestyle Outfits Style 29 comments

On Making It Through January…

One down, eleven to go… Congratulations my dudes, we made it through the most exhausting month of the year! Although it was one loooong freakin’ month, January actually wasn’t too bad all in all. I mean, we survi...

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1 Feb 2019 Lifestyle 37 comments

My February Goals.

My month ahead… So the longest January on record is finally over. As much as I hate wishing my life away, it does feel good to be in to a new month! February is one step closer to Spring, and let me tell you… I am read...

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Hi, I’m Kate – writer of katelavie.com! I set this blog up in late 2009 and it’s been going ever since – follow me as I share everything from my daily life, tours around my home and my favourite beauty finds…

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