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9 Apr 2018 Beauty Daily Makeup Makeup Medley 14 comments

The Glo-Up Essentials.

Your girl has had a glo up *fire emoji* *fire emoji*. Not really, I’ve discovered facial tanner and a new highlighting brush, but if that’s all it takes, I’m in. I reshuffled my makeup recently and I’ve rea...

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5 Apr 2018 Style Wishlist 19 comments

Wardrobe Staples For The New Season.

New season, new wardrobe I always say, and my current Spring picks are hanging limply in my wardrobe waiting for the weather to change on point! I thought I’d combine my (very lengthly!) wishlist with a few staples that I ju...

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2 Apr 2018 Lifestyle 16 comments

April Goals.

Hello, April… I’ll save my usual “how is it April already?” opener, because that’s a given. I feel like I sleep through entire months sometimes, it’s crazy! Anyway, April! I love this time of ye...

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26 Mar 2018 Outfits Style 18 comments

Five Reasons To Get Excited For Spring.

So, apparently Spring has arrived. I haven’t seen much of it yet, but I’m hopeful. The clocks going forward has definitely helped to convince me that warmer weather is on its way, but the sub zero temperatures and the ...

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18 Mar 2018 Home Tours Interiors 15 comments

My Five Favourite Corners Of My Home.

As soon as we bought this place, I knew I wanted to make it our own – I’d lived in too many rental places not to put my own spin on it… and I really feel like I’ve done just that. It’s taken time, any...

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13 Mar 2018 Lifestyle 16 comments

On My Reading List…

I’m on a reading mission! You may remember that one of my aims this year was to read more books, because I’ve always been a total bookworm but my attention has wavered over the past few years! So, I deleted the Reddit ...

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7 Mar 2018 Beauty Favourites Skincare 21 comments

My Spring Beauty Line-Up.

My new in beauty finds… This has certainly been a time for awesome beauty finds, I feel like I’ve got myself entire new beauty routines lately. I was planning on doing an Instagram Story favourites edit, but I had so m...

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Hi, I’m Kate – writer of katelavie.com! I set this blog up in late 2009¬†and it’s been going ever since – follow me as I share everything from my daily life, tours around my home and my favourite beauty finds…

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