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29 Sep 2019 Beauty Favourites 17 comments

My Holiday Beauty Edit.

You would think that after so much travelling in my 20s, I would be an expert packer, right? Wrong. Oh so wrong! There’s often items I think I won’t need, that I end up repurchasing when I’m there out of desperat...

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27 Sep 2019 Cocktails Lifestyle 16 comments

The Frozen Aperol Spritz.

A frozen take on an Italian classic… Let’s face it guys, Aperol Spritz is having a moment. The light, crisp Italian drink transports me into holiday mode after one sip and the effervescent red-orange colour is the perfect ...

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25 Sep 2019 Inspiration Lifestyle 14 comments

Five Good Things.

It’s been a very long time since I hit you with a little positive roundup! I used to do these posts all the time, a sort-of update on what’s making me very happy right now. I always find that when you make a point of a...

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23 Sep 2019 Travel 5 comments

A Few Days In Mallorca.

A summer for me is just not complete without a cheapy trip to Europe for a proper beach holiday. I live for the short flights, temperatures above 25ºC, crisp linen sundresses and afternoon beers at the beach! Jordie and I have ex...

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15 Sep 2019 Interiors 6 comments

A Tour Of Our New Shelving.

There’s no doubt I adore shelving; when I think of what makes a house feel like home, it’s personal details out on display! I think it’s so charming to have your books and keepsakes on show, especially when it...

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10 Sep 2019 Inspiration Lifestyle 6 comments

My September Goals.

It’s not like me to be posting my monthly goals so late in the month, but let me tell you – September has been manic! I just got home from a ten day filming stint for series two of Scotland’s Home Of The Year and...

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27 Aug 2019 Lifestyle 23 comments

Let’s Talk… Cervical Screenings, Colposcopies & More.

A while ago I did something quite out of the ordinary for me and shared an Instagram post I wouldn’t usually have; an update on my cervical health. I debated sharing it so many times and if I hadn’t have received so many incre...

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About Kate

Hi, I’m Kate – writer of katelavie.com! I set this blog up in late 2009 and it’s been going ever since – follow me as I share everything from my daily life, tours around my home and my favourite beauty finds…

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