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20 Jun 2019 Beauty Favourites 16 comments

My Summer Beauty Edit.

With the arrival of summer (maybe not so much in Scotland, but I remain hopeful) and my calendar filling up with a couple of sunny trips, it’s time to make a few beauty swaps! In honour of the new season, here are some of my...

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17 Jun 2019 Inspiration Lifestyle 23 comments

Resolution Reflections: Six Months On

You’ll be well aware by now that I love setting myself goals, they’re never overly unrealistic so they serve more as reminders than anything else. I have a Notes folder full of lists of small tasks to get through, whic...

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14 Jun 2019 Beauty Favourites Routines 18 comments

My Daily Shower Essentials.

After a morning of sweating it out at the gym (*hair flick*), I look forward to a big ol’ scrub in the shower! There is no better feeling than lathering up my hair and scrubbing my lizard-like legs while testing out the acou...

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12 Jun 2019 City Guide Lifestyle Outfits Travel 22 comments

Our Long Weekend In London.

Although I go to London often for work, and I lived there for a short spell when I was 20, it’s never somewhere I really explore unless Jordan and I go together. Those are the times when I experience (and fall in love with!)...

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8 Jun 2019 Inspiration Interiors Lifestyle 20 comments

My Love For All Things Rattan.

Mixing materials & working in textures… This past year or two I’ve really fallen for the Southern Californian sort of style in a home; I adore the simple but beautiful combination of white walls, lots of greenery ...

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6 Jun 2019 Beauty Favourites 13 comments

On My Bathroom Beauty Shelves.

I have always been obsessed with beauty products (really, Kate?) and even though I feel like I’m at the point where I really know my skin and what it needs, I love trying new products! More often than not I have a refined select...

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4 Jun 2019 City Guide Travel 21 comments

A Day On Waiheke Island.

Our most recent trip back to New Zealand was one of my favourites, I think because we explored a little more. Every year when we head home, we try to see one other city as well as Nelson, where my family live. This time we decided...

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About Kate

Hi, I’m Kate – writer of katelavie.com! I set this blog up in late 2009 and it’s been going ever since – follow me as I share everything from my daily life, tours around my home and my favourite beauty finds…

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