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21 Jan 2021 Home Tours Interiors 0 comments

A Bedroom Before & After.

A snoop around our bedroom… I can’t believe we finally have another room ready to show you! Although it has taken us almost two years to get to this point (oh my god that has literally SHOCKED ME, renovating is no joke...

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14 Jan 2021 Books 10 comments

Every Book I Read In 2020.

On this year’s reading list… While it was a terrible year in general, it was a great year for reading material! This year was the first year I set myself an actual reading goal, although I do usually read about 30 book...

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4 Jan 2021 Inspiration Lifestyle 11 comments

My Goals For 2021.

So this is the new year… …and I don’t feel any different! Actually, that’s a Death Cab lyric… I guess I feel a little different! Today we packed away our Christmas decorations, took down the tree and ...

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31 Dec 2020 Inspiration Lifestyle 12 comments

Looking Back On 2020.

Well, I think it’s fair to say that the opening year of the new decade was not a success! 2020, you were unexpected, uncertain, unprecedented, unfair and unhinged. No one, literally no one, could have foreseen such a wild time a...

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29 Dec 2020 Inspiration Interiors Lifestyle 5 comments

My Bar Cart Staples.

With New Year right around the corner (thank god, am I right?!), I thought it was high time I talked you through my beloved bar cart! Like most of us I’m sure, our plans for the evening are to sit in front of the TV with a f...

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21 Dec 2020 Lifestyle 15 comments

Here’s To Thirty.

Here I am, thirty years old today and feeling a mix of feelings about it! For the most part, I feel content about entering this new chapter – I have a life I could only have dreamed of a decade ago. But this year has been to...

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16 Dec 2020 Inspiration Lifestyle 6 comments

My December Rituals.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Oh December, you are such a magical month! As soon as the 1st arrives I feel so content! I love how crazy busy I get with work and seeing friends, scheduling dinners and going ...

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