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Three Fun Breakfast Ideas.

* This post is an advertisement feature for Light* & Free.

If you follow me on any sort of social media, you’ll know I’m crazy for breakfast! It’s basically the reason for getting up in the morning.
I usually opt for yogurt first thing, as I find it’s easy to make it interesting everyday – topping it with fruit, nuts, peanut butter or coconut chips. I never get bored of my creations!
Last month I went to a creative workshop event with Light* & Free, and as part of the day they put on activities for us to try….

October Goals.

I’m quite excited about autumn being here, although yesterday I almost cried twice because it was so cold – truly, it was really horrendous weather! Don’t judge me, I’m made for sun.
I guess it’s time to just accept that I’ll spend the next four months indoors, but yay for cosy evenings, pumpkin spiced everything and candles everywhere!

01. Say yes to more sun! I can’t wait to squeeze in one last little summer holiday next week as we head to Italy! Mmm Nutella and pizza. Nutella on pizza….

Five Apps Every Blogger Needs.

I always say that a bloggers day never stops – I count time spent on social media as hours clocked, and I’m constantly thinking of ideas for new content, planning Instagram posts and more.
I spend a lot of that time on my phone – in fact my iPhone is never far from me at all times! It just helps me to stay ahead of my to-do list, as well as keep in touch with my readers.
With that in mind, there’s a lot of Apps I use to help me do my blogging thang……

How To Improve Your Instagram Photos.

If there’s one thing I get asked for often, it’s how I take my Instagram photos! I’ve been promising a video on this forever, but I thought I’d throw in a few tips on here too.

Instagram is one platform we don’t seem to be getting sick of – despite their many changes to the algorithms and App itself. I love expressing myself through photos, and I think Instagram allows us to share snapshots of our day without overthinking it.
For me, it’s a bit like a mini blog –…

7 Things I Learned When I Became A Gym-Goer.

So, it’s started… I’m preaching about fitness! I seriously never thought I’d ever find myself writing a post like this, but here we are. Shall we just embrace it?

I love, love, love the feeling of smashing a good workout, and I wanted to encourage any other newbies to get involved – because I remember how terrifying it was when I signed up.
When I first started committing to the gymming (meh, almost rhymes) I would feel so nervous the night before that I’d struggle to sleep! Not normal,…