24 Apr 2020 Inspiration Lifestyle Music 16 comments

Six Playlists To Follow Right Now.

I grew up in a house where music was playing 24/7, I started going to gigs as soon as I could, I married a musician and now our own home is filled with music at all times! We have a speaker in every room (even the bathroom for soa...

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30 Jul 2017 Interiors Lifestyle Music 20 comments

Our Record Collection.

There’s something so romantic about sitting down in the evening with a record playing, maybe a gin cocktail in hand, a few hundred pounds of candles burning (lol)… what a perfect evening in! Jordan and I loooove music,...

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28 Apr 2017 Lifestyle Music 20 comments

Breakfast & Blooms.

*Advertisement feature At one point, I was quite content spending my Saturday mornings with a record playing and a stack of books to get through, but these days I’m all about making plans (and memories!) I’ve had a bit of a sh...

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9 Dec 2016 Music 33 comments

Five Of The Best Christmas Playlists.

I’m feeling seriously Christmassy this year, I think it has a lot to do with Vlogmas and making the most of the festivities! I’m also seeking out of all the Christmas playlists ever, so if you need a little something t...

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3 Mar 2016 Lifestyle Music 32 comments

A Workout Playlist.

While I don’t usually listen to my own music during a workout, I like to listen to a playlist to get me pumped on the walk there! I’ll listen to just about anything that’s fast-paced and a bit poppy, so I compile...

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