7 Nov 2020 7 comments

A Few Playlists I’m Loving Right Now.

What’s On My Spotify…

I am one of those people who is always listening to music; I won’t leave my house without my AirPods, I put on a playlist while I drive, I shower listening to a soundtrack and every room in our house has a speaker!
Admittedly, I’m kind of stuck in 2007 with my music (once an emo kid, always an emo kid IMO) but I occasionally branch out and listen to new releases and songs from other eras. I thought I’d round up some of my favourite playlists that I have on while I go about my day.

My Monthly Edit

I try to make a new playlist each month, they’re usually a mix of new songs I listen to repeatedly for a month and then never want to hear again, and a few old faves I never seem to get sick of. Right now I’m really loving Cold War Kids, they always make my morning walks fast-paced!
I also always seem to go back to Lucy Dacus, we recently got her 2019 EP on vinyl which is a collection of covers she recorded. Dancing In The Dark has to be one of my most played songs this year, I can’t get enough of it!

My Everyday Fave

I shared this one before in my last playlist post, but I try to update it when I remember because it’s packed with jams and it’s an easy one to play when I need a pick me up. I feel like you get a really good understanding of my (somewhat questionable) music taste with this selection, it really does have a bit of everything! From Fleetwood to Halsey, Fall Out Boy, Blondie and even some Savage Garden. Yup.

A Recent Discovery

I occasionally listen to something other than my own creations, and recently I found this Spotify playlist that is filled with stripped back versions of some amazing songs. It’s a good mix, every time I listen to it I seem to discover something new – I adore the Death Cab cover of Frightened Rabbit and Phoebe Bridgers cover of The Cure!

You can bet I’ll have these on repeat… until it’s time to crack out the Christmas hits! I’ll try and hold off until December but we’ll see! What have you been listening to lately?

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