Five Good Things.

16 January, 2016
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We are now halfway through January, the very worst month of the year, and I’m feeling good! This hasn’t been too bad of a start to the year at all, apart from the endless yearning for afternoons in my PJs drinking cocktails… 01. I got my West Elm dressing table of my dreams this week, and I am OVERJOYED. I got the Mid Century Mini Desk in the mint green in the end, deciding the black version wasn’t for me.…

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Jo Malone Orris & Sandalwood Cologne Intense.

15 January, 2016

My perfume drawer is caving in under the weight of my Jo Malone collection (literally), but what’s one more at this point? The latest addition to the Jo Malone fragrance arch is Orris & Sandalwood, a Cologne Intense that is about to be my most worn scent of the season. Jo Malone scents are easily among my favourites, they really capture the notes in a beautiful, sophisticated way. I must admit I’m fond of a sweet fragrance here and there, but I…

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A Luxe Accessory.

14 January, 2016

I was a very lucky girl on my 25th birthday, without hashtagging #boydonegood on Instagram, lemme just tell you that the boy did do good. My old Miu Miu purse was looking a little worn and tattered, so I was treated to this beaut of a YSL piece! I’ve wanted a slice of YSL for a while now, the simple gold embellishment really appeals to my metallics-obsessed self! I haven’t had a black purse in many moons, and I love…

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Beauty Purchases

Let’s Talk… The Tilbury Haul.

13 January, 2016

There’s two makeup brands I just know I’ll love everything from, and that’s NARS and Charlotte Tilbury. The latter is quickly taking over my makeup collection right now, and I even had a rather large splurge recently to stock up. I’ve been after a light makeup bag for some time now, so I added this Canvas Cosmetics Bag to my growing stash of makeup bags. I’ve been holding off for a while, but it had to be done! I couldn’t…

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My Skin Journey #1: A Roaccutane Diary.

12 January, 2016

Hi, I’m Kate, I’m 25 and I’ve had acne for ten years. Yup, you read that right – I’ve had an ongoing battle with my skin for the last ten years. My love of spot-fighting skincare was one of the reasons I started this blog, so I guess I at least have that! Whilst I did get spots in my teens, it was my early twenties that really brought the storm. Hormonal spots that hung round for what felt like…

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