Office Plans: A Moodboard.

Since we’re living in the middle of a building site right now, I thought I’d at least dream up what’s to come once it’s finished!
When I’m done being surrounded by plaster dust and paint tins, I’m moving on to the fun stuff – buying soft furnishings and cute pieces of furniture for the space.
Our flat is always a bit of a work in progress, mainly because it’s old and was a bit of a shell when we got it! We’ve done most of the big jobs, but there was still a couple of rooms that had badly done lining paper,…

Building Your Base Wardrobe.

I always say that once you have your base sorted, the rest of your makeup comes together – I really understand the importance of having a good lineup of skin-perfecting wonders on hand to get my skin looking lush.
I’ve gathered some tips and tricks to picking the products to prep your skin; from primers to powders and everything in between. A good lineup of base products will ensure your makeup never looks anything short of perfect…
Prep; A good moisturiser will set the tone for the products that follow, so find one that is quenching without being overly rich!…

The Pink Suede Biker.

I haven’t even tried to hide my blush obsession in recent months, so it’s probably no surprise to anyone that I added yet another piece of pink outerwear to my wardrobe.
I still can’t believe that this is a Missguided find, it seems like so much more expensive. The fit is lovely, and the quality is impressive too! Better than usual, I’d say.
My other recent purchase was my first pair of Dr Martens, which were almost an impulse buy… I did sit on it for a few days and even went to try them on in the store but I still felt like I wasn’t sure if they were really me!…

Four Autumn Skincare Favourites.

I find these first few cold weeks in November the hardest on my skin, I’m waking up to a seriously zapped complexion everyday thanks to central heating and cold weather combined. It takes me awhile to get my skincare routine in sync with my skin, but I think I’ve got it down thanks to four little winners.
Roger & Gallet Aura Mirabilis Cleanser & Mask; This is an unexpected find for me, as I might not have found the products had I not worked with them on this release….

How To Be Your Best.

Turning 25 really changed me, I wanted to be the best person possible. I wanted to be one of those positive, glowy people that was a dream to be around, the kind of person that had her life together in all the right ways.
Over time I’ve definitely made some really positive changes; at first, small tweaks to my attitude, and in time, I moved on to bigger lifestyle changes that did wonders for how I felt about myself and others.
I’ve been working with Roger & Gallet and their new skincare line;…