A Tour Of My Apartment.

Today is finally the day I reveal my apartment tour video… a project that has taken me hours upon hours to plan, film and edit! I’m so excited (and quite nervous) to finally show you our home in full!
Before this, I had little to no interest in interiors – it just seemed like an impossible journey when we lived in rented flats. Why paint the walls if the sofas are ugly?
Growing up, we always lived in crappy rented flats and my mum would never let us put anything on the walls….

Beauty On The Move: Packing Light.

As I’m off on my travels again soon, I thought I’d introduce some of my packing tips for beauty products. I’ve had to become a lot better when it comes to travelling, so I’m here to share a thing or two…
I always recommend making lists before you travel; think about what you need to feel happy when you’re away – shampoo, deodorant, foundation… list the essentials first.
Make a smaller list underneath for any added extras you think are necessary – a detangling spray if you’re headed to the beach,…

The Happiness Planner.

You’ve probably been introduced to the Happiness Planners by now; the hardback books promote positivity and aim to get you on a more optimistic path. They’re journals for those who want to focus on the good!
Quite a few years ago, I was going through a hard time with panic attacks and anxiety after a breakup, and one of the things I read was to write down five good things you have to be thankful for, every single day. I would wake up and make this list –…

The Complexion Palette You Have To Try.

I’ve got a lot of love for bareMinerals at the moment, their last few releases have quickly worked their way in to my everyday makeup bag – and this complexion palette is no exception.
Finding that balance between oily and glowy can be a mission – I tend to go for highlighter on my cheeks, and a touch dusted over my nose and forehead… but then I also like a good helping of setting powder on my T-Zone. It’s tricky business!
Enter bareMinerals Invisible Light Powder Duo,…

Five Good Things.

Happy Saturday! My favourite day of the week. I have SO much to do today, but first let me fill you in on the week’s happenings…
01. We went on a little roadtrip to Balmaha this week, which was unreal! Usually we go to Balloch when we head to Loch Lomond, but Balmaha is less-touristy and so beautiful. If you’re ever in Scotland, or already live here and have never been, visit Balmaha for incredible views!
We listened to the new Blink album in the car, which made the whole experience a million times better too….