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30 Nov 2018 Beauty Gift Guide 12 comments

Gift Guide: Beauty.

Well, don’t I have a whopper of a roundup for you today?! Let’s face it, beauty gifts are one of the best things about Christmas; beautifully packaged picks from your favourite brands, festive palette releases, glitzy ...

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29 Nov 2018 Gift Guide 14 comments

Gift Guide: Home & Lifestyle.

Today brings around my favourite day of my annual guides; the lifestyle roundup! I love, love, love being a host and my idea of heaven is walking in to Anthropologie with a basket in hand, so this is the perfect edit for me! Picki...

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28 Nov 2018 Gift Guide 16 comments

Gift Guide: For Her.

Every year when I do these guides, I try to curate a gift guide list that we can forward on to our loved ones and say “just get me anything from here!”. I know Christmas is supposed to be full of surprises but the way ...

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27 Nov 2018 Gift Guide 10 comments

Gift Guide: For Him.

For the boys… If there’s one thing I can safely say I excel at in life, it’s buying gifts for the men in my life! I have three brothers, a husband and a dad to buy for every year so I have a good amount of experi...

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26 Nov 2018 Gift Guide 12 comments

Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers.

That time of year has rolled around once more! As much as I adore doing my annual Gift Guides, they take some serious work! I feel like I’ve thought about and worked on nothing else this entire month. It’s been Christm...

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25 Nov 2018 Lifestyle 10 comments

On My Reading List.

At the start of autumn, I start stockpiling books so I have a constant supply of material to delve in to when it starts getting super cold in the evenings. I pile all the blankets I can find on the sofa, prep a pot of tea (probabl...

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19 Nov 2018 Beauty Routines 21 comments

How I Stopped Washing My Hair Daily.

I have a confession; up until about a month or so ago, I washed my hair every single day. And not only that, I also blowdried it AND curled it. EVERY DAMN DAY. Well okay, sometimes I was lazy and threw it up in a top-knot, but mos...

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