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Picking Prints For Our Home.

Picking prints that we love…

In the last year, our place has really come together; we finally got the kitchen floor redone, we committed to a new bed we liked and found a few pieces of forever furniture I know we’ll have for a long time.
The only thing left was the art! Our white walls were looking a bit bare, so I knew it was time to go on a print-searching spree.

I didn’t want just anything hanging on our walls, I was on a mission to find interesting, bright pieces that represented us both. I wanted cheerful art that I’d never get bored of – and finally, I think I’ve done it.

In the bedroom…

We have very high ceilings throughout our place, they look wonderful but it can be SO tough to style ’em because they always end looking oddly bare at the top.
Anyway, I managed to work with them in the bedroom by strategically placing a few art pieces throughout.

Some of the first prints I bought for the place were these Hotel Magique prints, a brand that I found through Pinterest. I saw this palm tree print on a random pin and it took me FOREVER to track down the brand! Like, I really searched and searched to find the artist.
When I eventually found the site, I didn’t even end up buying that print in the end anyway (why am I like this), and instead went for this Je T’aime Magique print, next to this Holiday Inn print.
I adore them, it was just what this (previously very bare) wall needed. I’m definitely going to purchase a few more prints from ’em.

Usually I would just shop around the print stores and find unique pieces, but I found Jennifer Ament through Pinterest again and I was obsessed.
I got the Magic Hands print and I love it, it’s just what I envisioned for above our fireplace in the bedroom. I’m planning another order because there’s a few more prints I love, but the only issue is that it takes me forever to get round to framing them, so they sit unloved in their tube for ages until I take them in! Must be better.

Also in our bedroom, I chose a couple of colour block style pieces for above our bed. I bought these because I instantly loved how minimal yet eye-catching there are, I didn’t really think about where I would put them because at this point, we had so many blank walls to choose from!
I realised the pink and mustard details would go perfectly with our bed, and it all came together.

Our print collection has updated every room in our home!

In our living room…

We have another very blank wall in our living room, and I’ve been meaning to make a gallery wall like we have in our hallway (which I still very much love, you can see that post here!).
Jordan is the gallery wall superstar though so I’ve been waiting until he’s had a day off so he can plan it out.

Like last time, I searched through Society6 for prints that I thought summed us up. I usually type key words to find what I love – Jordan and I are both Star Wars fans, so I managed to stumble upon a cute blush print of Chewie and Han, which I think is sold out now. There were more Star Wars prints I wanted, so that’s inconvenient… but hopefully the artist relaunches them.
I also bought this line art form print, which is pretty simple but a nice addition to the mantlepiece.

Another pick I saw and instantly loved is this Stay Cool number, I think gallery walls should have a little bit of typography so this is the perfect addition.

In keeping with my bright type theme, I found this Le Grande Fromage print by Teri and had to have it! Isn’t it just the coolest find?! I can’t resist a bit of colour, me.

Usually I would just buy frames off Amazon and frame the prints myself, but this time we decided to go to a Framers near us to choose the finished product ourself.
It was a little more expensive than my usual option (although not as bad as I thought!), and it took a couple of weeks, but I really feel like the whole experience was well worth it.

We got to pick the exact frames for every print, and the framer himself really helped us to make decisions. I think when you’re buying original prints, it makes sense to spend a little extra to frame them perfectly.

Now all I have to do is complete the gallery wall, hang a few more prints which are currently just leaning at the minute, and decide on a few more additions for around the house!

What do you think of my picks?

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  • All of these are lovely! X

  • Such an interesting post idea! I decided to order prints for my home from Society6 by my favorite female digital artists. The prints I bought are both female portraits with a lovely painterly style and color scheme. Female portraits from female artists to female client! Talk about being a little feminist here, lol. 😉 But above all these portraits inspire me to be creative as well!

    xx Laura / Laurantaina Beauty Blog

  • You have such a great eye – I love the colour scheme in all of these! I’m especially loving that “Stay Cool” print. xx

  • So bookmarking this post! I’m about to start picking prints for my bedroom and it’s actually so nice to not see all Desenio prints listed, not that they aren’t lovely but it’s just nice to be introduced into some different brand! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Fashion & Lifestyle

  • Aw wow I love the magic hands print so much. Maybe because I’m currently reading ‘The Power’ and it totally reminded me of that. I love your choices and I think you balance quirky and classy really well!

  • You’ve truly done an amazing job discovering these ultra modern prints. I have furnished our entire house, but almost all the walls remain bare and white (despite my partner begging me to find artwork for them!). I really adore the frames you’ve chosen too!

    Love, Kiara ⚡️

    • We were the same, I find it so hard to commit to prints! Hope you find some cute pieces x

  • I ordered some prints for my room yesterday!
    Cloe X http://clxelouise.blogspot.com

  • Beautiful choices! Love ❤️ the simple prints! 👍🏼👍🏼

    🌸🍃LA BIJOUX BELLA 🌸🍃| By Mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • Rachel Emily

    I love these. We’ve just bought our first house and I’m on the hunt for some amazing prints to help instantly make it feel homely and ours. Gutted the chewy & han print is out of stock!

    Rachel | http://www.Rachel-Emily.com

  • Kay Nguyen

    These prints are all so cute, my apartment really needs some right now! Thanks for sharing <3


  • I always envy your home wear pieces!! Love the prints you choose


    Ellie xx

  • I always admire the artwork in your house, love the picks

    Maddy, x

  • ɐllǝq

    Your house and these prints are so pretty! xx

  • I find it so hard picking prints. Love how you have styled your home.

    Vanessa x | http://www.springlilies.com

  • I love prints they really change a room xx

  • Love the prints you’ve featured here! I’ll definitely be heckling out society6! x

    Millie | http://www.bymillie.co.uk

  • missgetaway

    All of them look absolutely beautiful. you have such a great eye for detail kate
    Especially dig the Star Wars one but of course that one is sould out. classic!

    love, kerstin

    • Ugh, I’ll keep an eye out for it coming back in x

  • These are all so beautiful! I love how much art can transform a room. Definitely bookmarking this post.

    Billie | http://www.othersummers.com

  • I can’t say it enough times how incredible your decor is!! totally love it


  • The frame you’ve used for that magic hands print is absolutely perfect

    Mel ✨

    • I love it! The framer helped choose, I wasn’t keen on the black around the edge but it came together so nicely! x

  • Maddison Jayne

    Some seriously stunning prints xx match the home so wonderfully x maddisonjayne.blog/

  • I love them all!

    Vivian | LIVE IN LOVE
    IG | @viviyunn_


  • Loving all of your picks! 🙂 Growing up, I always thought having some fancy art pieces in a home will really help to bring it to life, but over the past few years, I’m becoming more and more attracted to simpler and minimalistic prints like these <3 So pretty yet chic!

    XO, Elizabeth

    • Yes absolutely, I’m all about the brighter, simpler pieces! x

  • Marie

    Love your style, love the prints!

    Also love The Lovely Drawer, but as a native French speaker it’s always bothered me that there’s a mistake in that fromage print… unless it’s a joke I’m not getting!

    I think my favourite of your prints is that Andreas Lie one. Just gorgeous, I might just need it!

  • I love all of these prints! I can’t wait to move out and create my own gallery wall xo

    Char | http://www.charslittleblog.co.uk

  • What beautiful picks Kate! I love nothing more than a sneak peak into your wonderful home <3 xx

  • I absolutely love all of these print pinks Kate! They all go so well together and look lovely in your beautiful home!

    Jasmine x

  • alice bea

    Love this post all the prints are so beautiful!

  • elisha mae

    What a stunning array of art work – love how cool your taste is with selecting these pieces and how they all marry together – interior queeeeeen!

    Elisha-Mae | http://www.elisha-mae.co.uk

  • The magic hands are SO COOL, I love how you’ve mixed styles together but it all feels very put together and homely 🙂

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Cruelty-Free/Vegan Beauty • Lifestyle • Photography

  • ninegrandstudent

    This has been so useful – we also have really high ceilings so have found it difficult to decorate without it looking odd!


  • Flo la vita

    These are all so dreamy! I especially love the ‘le grand fromage’ print xx


  • Currently trying to find some artwork for my new living room but I think I might have to make something myself as I can’t find anything “just right”. I love your style so much! xx

  • Claire

    I love the prints you picked – you have such great style and a great eye – totally jealous! – Claire xxx

  • I loooooooove the art prints! I feel like they fit in with your decor style PERFECTLY! And I agree with Elizabeth T. While I definitely enjoy a few pieces with lots of color and noise, when it comes to my home, the more simpler and minimalistic, the better.

    Also, is your armoire for Urban Outfitters? If so, I’ve been wanting that piece for so long. And it looks great in your place!

    Thanks for inviting us into your lovely home,


  • elise voet

    Hye, I can’t find the ikea rattan cabinet anywherre, would you be able to link it? I’m madly in love with it!

  • Erin Brady

    OBSESSED with the Star Wars print. I know it’s sold out, but do you know the artist? You have such an eye for design – I’m in love. Thank you for sharing. xx