25 Feb 2016 52 comments

Our Hallway Gallery Wall.


A little while ago, I purchased a load of big prints with the intention of doing a gallery wall in our living room, but we ran out of space. We had a blank wall in our hallway that I was planning on buying a cabinet for, but in the end we decided this was the best place for an entire wall of prints!

This area is on the left as you come in our front door, so it makes the perfect entry. We have seriously high ceilings in our flat, so I knew we were in for a big job – I reckon our ceilings are around 13ft, and the walls can often look quite bare as there’s so much space after eye-level!

This was one of our standard last-minute jobs; we didn’t really plan to do it, in fact we decided to do it around 8pm on a Friday night! It took a good couple of hours and many trips up the ladder, but I think it was worth it. Thank you to my lovely boyfriend for doing all the hard work!
We didn’t do much planning, apart from laying the prints out on the floor and doing a bit of maths ‘n’ measuring. In all honesty, I’m more of a ‘let’s just wing it’ girl – and it seems to have worked in my favour this time!


Most of the prints here are from Society6, which is where I get the majority of my prints from. The rest are mainly from Rifle Paper Co., and we’ll have a few of these in the shop soon so keep an eye out!

The prints I picked out pretty much sum us up; there’s quite a travel, wanderlust theme (as well as a picture of our favourite place, New York), and some lovely quotes and a bit of music/cats in there too. It’s such a pretty selection, and I love how it’s quite colourful but not overly so.

I made the decision to go with big prints as I think it looks a lot more put together – I’m really, really not a fan of gallery walls with small prints, maybe it’s just because I’m stuck with tall ceilings! I’d say if you’re planning on working on one yourself, stock up on prints that are 40 x 50cm and bigger.
The ‘And They Lived Happily Every After’ print at top top is 40 x 50cm, so you can imagine how big the rest are!

I think the wall turned out even better than I could have hoped – I love the pops of pastel pink paired with the black frames and pretty typography, it’s just so me.
I’ve completely depleted my big print stock though, so I’m currently browsing for some more to hang up around the house.

Would you consider a gallery wall?