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Not Another Glossier Haul…

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I am now, officially, a Glossier Stan. I’ve loved the brand since even before I tried the products, if you’ll believe that, and their UK launch has given me unlimited access to my new fave brand. Believe the hype, you guys…

I made an order the day Glossier launched online here in the UK and I’ve been trialling this lot ever since, so I had to show you what I picked up and what I’m loving so far.

Glossier Boy Brow; I’ve never been a brow gel kinda girl before; my brows are a bit lacking in shape but are quite full otherwise – I find a pencil works best because I can fill out the shape, so I’ve never found brow gels all that game-changing. That was until I met Boy Brow – this is a hero product if ever I met one! It builds brows naturally and gives them shape and body in one, and it takes seconds to sweep through. Plus, it just does not budge – pack it for your next holiday, for sure!

Glossier Birthday Balm Dot Com; I have the original Balm Dot Com but something about this vanilla scented-subtly shimmered balm spoke to me – I had to have it! It’s lovely and smoothing on the lips, and great for patting on to hydrate while you do the rest of your makeup.

Glossier Priming Moisturiser Rich; I have dehydrated skin so the orig Priming Moisturiser doesn’t always cut it, so the Rich version was at the top of my list to buy as soon as I could.
This is a great moisturiser – I wish it wasn’t in a tub but whatcha gonna do? – and it leaves my skin feeling supple and smooth, and super quenched! Plus, it works it’s magic on redness too. A great base for makeup for skin that needs a little extra nourishment!

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Glossier Invisible Shield; I included this but then realised I haven’t even tried it yet, I seem to have a couple of SPFs opened already so I’m keeping this on the back burner for now.
I’ve seen rave reviews about this SPF, it’s meant to be the ultimate sun protection product – never greasy, never heavy. I’ll keep you posted…

Glossier Mask Duo; If you buy anything from Glossier, please let it be the mask duo! I love, love, love these – especially the delicious Moon Mask which completely transforms my skin with every use.
These masks go hand in hand in saving skin – where one detoxifies, the other hydrates – and they really do make a dramatic difference to skin!
The Galaxy Greens mask is a clay mask for skin in need, and it always works wonders on my stressed out complexion. I follow it up with the Moon Mask once a week and my skin is transformed!

Glossier Body Hero Duo; I really wanted to get my hands on these as soon as they launched, and I’m glad I didn’t have to wait long. The Daily Body Oil wash feels so silky and delicious on the skin, I like to lather up in it, rinse off and apply the incredible Daily Perfecting Skin to still-damp skin as soon as I’m out of the shower. What a duo!

I know a lot of you are interested in the Super Pure serum that I’ve mentioned a few times on social, it’s currently my go-to for spots (it works wonders on hormonal acne!).
I didn’t actually buy this myself as the brand sent me it to try before they launched in to the UK so I didn’t include it here – but I can do a full review if you’d like? Let me know.

Quite a lineup, huh? I feel like Glossier have filled a gap in my routines because the products are so effective yet simple – where I may have used a few products previously, I find Glossier does the job with one. I’ve definitely stripped back my routine a lot since discovering the brand!

What do you think of the Glossier hype?

  • Ohh I made my first Glossier order yesterday (mostly as presents for others, but a little thing for me too!) and I’m so excited to receive it now. You’re pictures are gorgeous! x

  • I’ve got full eyebrows too but I find that I need a brow gel to keep them in place for that very reason. I am using Benefits Ready Set Brow at the moment which is great but I cannot deny my curiosity to try Boy Brow after all that I’ve heard! Also I need Balm.com that packaging is speaking to me!! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Fashion Beauty Lifestyle

  • I see Glossier Haul at least once a day and I’m so so jealous!! I can’t wait till they start shipping in my country! I feel like the Boy Brow might be a top favourite for me <3
    Erika | EdgyStylishNerd

  • I see so many good things written about Glossier, and I still haven’t tried a single thing from them! Really need to jump on the bandwagon. I definitely prefer brow pencils being blonde, I find everything is too dark for me, so I may have to try the brow gel 🙂

    Jaynie Shannon*


  • Nice brand … I love ❤️ this brand too. They got some great stuffs! 😘

    🍂🍁LA BIJOUX BELLA 🍂🍁| by mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • Juliana Paz

    Yes, I love Glossier. I’m always placing new orders so that I can try new things. I love the super pure serum! I recently ordered the moister rich and I’m really looking forward to using in these colder months.


  • charlotte samantha

    Im desperate to try some of the Glossier products, Ive added so many to my Christmas list this year!

    CharlotteSamantha // http://www.charlottesamantha.co.uk

  • I love the Birthday Balm dot Com and have been dying to try the Body Hero duo! I’m glad you like it, that makes me so excited to try it!

    xoxo Mollie

  • I’ll not be happy until I try everything from Glossier, haha! The Super Pure Serum is next on my list!

    Sara – Flemingo

  • The Birthday Balm seems to be pretty good! xx

    Carolina’s Makeup Life

  • The Invisible Shield sounds like a fantastic product, I always try and buy things with a little added SPF in!

    Abigail Alice x

  • Jeran Johnson

    I’m loving my Glossier bits and pieces so far! But I definitely need to add the masks and birthday balm to my collection! Great post as usual 💕


    • At the very least, get the Moon Mask! Easily my favourite product x

      • Jeran Johnson

        I literally just ordered the mask duo! Amongst a few other things 😂 can’t wait to try it! x

  • I’ve read so many posts talking about this brand but I’ve not tried it yet! Thanks for this post, I’ll definitely be trying some! xx


  • Caroline

    Oh yes please do the super pure serum review.

  • Loving all of these Glossier products <3 They're packaging is so cute! And ohhh I really want to try that balm! Thank you so much for the detailed reviews!

    XO, Elizabeth

  • i just wish i could order glossier where i live. i would get everything probably.


    • Haha it’s probably best that you don’t… or maybe just start saving now incase they do… haha! x

  • balm dot com is a lip saver. I have two. rose and coconut. I’ve decided I need all six of them. I wrote a review on glossier skincare haul on blog last week.
    Yaa.Lia | http://www.yaalia.com

  • dan zhel

    i’ve been throwing my eye over at Glossier for enough time now, I guess it is time to get me some, too!

  • Ah I really want to buy Glossier products! They all sound lovely. X

  • I have literally just done a little Glossier shopping but now my wishlist is pretty long again! Definitely wish I had got Balm Dot Com on my original haul. Love the look of the Birthday one!

    Abbi | http://www.simplyabbi.com

  • I am absolutely obsessed with the super pure, it’s been working amazingly for my winter breakouts. I would love you to do a full review on it so I can hear your thoughts! x

    Gemma Louise

  • I need Glossier in my life but I’m waiting patiently for my birthday 🙂


  • This is the third Glossier haul I’ve read today but I still haven’t gotten bored of them haha. ♥


  • Oh my that body lotion….


  • Abz Kellett

    Please do a review of the Super Pure serum! I just did my first order but wanted to wait to see if it’s worth it before I buy it!


  • Your Glossier roundups are so good – I love that you are enjoying all their products!! Also happy you like the Body Hero duo cause it seems like so many people don’t think it’s worth it. But I am in love with the scent of both and I think they leave my skin feeling so soft and smooth.

    Cindy | http://www.cindyhyue.com

  • I’m still yet to purchase anything from Glossier, but my list is slowly getting longer reading everyone’s hauls and reviews! You’ve definitely tempted me to add the mask’s to my list xo

    Char | http://www.charslittleblog.co.uk

  • A Model Moment Beauty | Lifestyle | Scotland

    I still haven’t ordered anything but you’ve definitely got me wanting the face masks!

    A Model Moment Beauty | Lifestyle | Scotland

  • I really want to try boy brow – I’m loving the milky jelly cleanser!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • Ohh, thank you so much for the detailed reviews! They’re packaging is so cute! I think I really want Glossier in my life. ❤︎


  • Thank you so much for the detailed reviews. I have try Rose, Blam Dot Com and it is a huge life saver. It leaves my lips smooth and soft. Definitely need to add Boy Brow and the mask to my collection now. I’m totally into the Super Pure, it’s been working amazingly for my breakouts. It’s worth the money, believe me. Great post.
    Sharon Elsie | diva-in-me.con