24 Oct 2017 35 comments

Styling A Coffee Table.

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Our living room is probably my favourite room in our home, I think it’s such a lovely, comfy space that sums us up perfectly!
I love all my books and trinkets on display so being in here just makes me feel relaxed and happy, and who can argue with that?!

For the longest time, my coffee table just served as a bit of a dumping ground for, well, everything really! I constantly felt like it either looked messy and unorganised or bare and uninspiring.
It’s quite a main focal point in the room so it made sense to do something with it, so I set about styling it – I wanted the table to be interesting and pretty, but never messy or boring.

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We have the West Elm Reeve coffee table, which I love – the contrasting marble and wood fit in our living room perfectly.
It’s also super versatile, sometimes we have a busy surface (like now!) and sometimes we strip it back with just a vase of flowers and a tray of candles.

I wanted to share a few tips for styling your own table, so keep reading if you need some serious inspo…

Think About Your Needs
We eat all our meals at our dinner table every night, so our coffee table is more of a place for cups of tea and occasionally it serves as a foot rest, so we can have the surface pretty busy and it doesn’t ever get annoying.
If you’re partial to a TV dinner, you might like more of a tidy table so plan for this – if you’re having to move everything off your table every evening, it’s going to get frustrating!

Keep It Tidy
I love, love, love organised clutter! So although I have a lot of my possessions out, I prefer them displayed nicely – which is where trays and trinket boxes come in.
Head to H&M and scout out their homeware section for a nice tray to keep clutter looking cute, that way you can group candles, matches, remotes and other bits and bobs together in one place.
I usually put our TV remotes away in the cabinet because they’re a bit of an eyesore, but a nice trinket box could keep them tucked away too.

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Make It Interesting
Coffee tables can end up looking so dull, so add in accessories to brighten up the space. I have SO MANY coffee table books, so I like to stack ’em up to create a bit of height.
That way I can also display a few extra candles and some of my much loved quartz pieces.
If I have a fresh bouquet of flowers, I usually put them in the centre of coffee table because I think it makes a big impact to the overall space – greenery really breathes life in to a room, if you ask me.

Play With Accents and Textures
My final tip is just to experiment with textures, colours and accents to draw the eye to the area; I love a mix of marble, wood and brass because they work together so well, with the gold warming the otherwise quite cool marble tones.
Consider keeping a blanket or a basket of cushions under your table for added textures, or work with wood trays or copper details for a little somethin’ extra.

The key is to make it your own – add in personal details such as your favourite ornament, or an interesting bowl from your travels. Pick your favourite plant and place it in the middle of the table to add something living in to the mix.
It’s your space, and if you’re anything like us you’ll spend a lot of time chilling in front of the TV!

What do you think of our busy setup?