27 Aug 2017 32 comments

The Ultimate Seasonal Midi.


What do you do when you’re wearing a beaut dress and carrying a bunch of blooms? Why, take some very autumnal outfit photos of course! I’ve been seriously struggling with outfits lately, it’s basically autumn here already. It hurts me to say that, but it truly is very grim up in these parts.

I’m not ready to embrace tights or skinny jeans (eughhh), but I’m also not about to strip off and go bare-legged either. Basically I’m down to pyjama bottoms or midi dresses, and most of the time I choose the former. I mean, the latter. Yes… the latter.

This is a typical outfit for me this month, complete with my current hairstyle which I call ‘wind tunnel chic’. Give it a try sometime.
My dress is a little New Look number, and it fits like a glove. I’m all about the floral midi at the minute, and this little lovely ticks all the boxes!

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I dug out an old pair of Ray-Bans that I bought a while ago but never really gave the time of day. I have no idea why (maybe because my fave gold metal style are surgically stuck to my head?), these cuties are BEAUT.
The pearlescent finish is right up my street, and they’re a nice change from every dark pair of sunglasses I own!

My bag is the Mulberry Selwood in the most flawless muted hue and a lovely grain finish, with brilliant gold hardware – isn’t it dreamy? I’m having a total moment with grey handbags, I find black can get a bit lost in outfits but grey is a nice neutral middle ground.

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Another very “me” outfit, but midi dresses really are the ultimate go-to wardrobe staple no matter what the weather. I feel like I’ve been buying all my outfits from New Look lately, but it really does have some gems in!

What do you think of this windswept look?