30 Jul 2017 20 comments

Our Record Collection.

There’s something so romantic about sitting down in the evening with a record playing, maybe a gin cocktail in hand, a few hundred pounds of candles burning (lol)… what a perfect evening in!
Jordan and I loooove music, I think if we got any more records we’d have to have one of those little library walls with the cute ladders that slide along the wall. Adorbs!

We’ve got quite the selection of records taking up valuable space on our living room shelves, and we always try and buy each other a new album every birthday so the collection is forever growing!
While Jordan definitely likes a heavier genre than me (not to mention a lot of dad-rock, Pink Floyd are dad-rock, right?), there’s quite a bit of cross-over in our music taste.

Allow me to talk you through a few of our favourite records, as well as our sound setup…

recordc3 record4

So many albums just sound so much better on vinyl; I tend to just buy my favourite albums on record, the ones I can listen to over and over again and not get sick of. A few examples are Death Cab’s Narrow Stairs, which I’ve been known to play for days on end!
Another favourite of mine is The Killers Sam’s Town, I love this album as it seems to be full of good’uns, so it’s easy to throw on and listen to while I tidy up or laze on the sofa.

Jordan loves Ben Howard for easy listening, but I didn’t get in to him until his second album ‘I Forgot Where We Were’ – this is just so lovely and his voice is enchanting! Everyone should own this gem.

We’re also both old school M83 fans, so when we were in Brighton one time I picked up the Saturdays=Youth album on record and I’ve never looked back. This is an album made for vinyl, so magical and dreamy!

One of the newer albums we got on vinyl (which sits in amongst all the Phil Collins and Roxy Music that take up most of the shelves!) is Kings Of Leon WALLS. I didn’t expect myself to become of Kings of Leon fan at the ripe old age of 26 but here we are. I think I love every single song on this album!

A few other stand-out albums we have on vinyl include;
The Spice Girls debut album – this is the first album Jordan and I both owned on tape, so it’s only fair we own it on vinyl!
The Cure, Standing On A Beach; All the hits on one album… divine.
Foo Fighters, There Is Nothing Left To Lose – Foos at their best.
Foals, What Went Down; I’ve listen to this so much but I never get bored of it.
Fever Ray – such a timeless album!
The XX – One of my most loved albums ever.
Tears For Fears, Songs From The Big Chair – a true classic!
OMD, The Pacific Age; We both grew up listening to this, and it’s still a favourite.

record7 recordc4

In terms of our setup, we own the Crosley Cream & Gold turntable and we’ve big fans of it. It plays well and we’ve never had any issues with it in the year or two we’ve had it.
The sound isn’t great on its own, which is why we’ve got it connected up to our Marshall Acton Speaker – an absolute must for anyone who loves listening to music. I’m actually considering buying a second one of these as we love it so much.

So I guess it’s pretty clear we’re in to our music then! I hope you liked this little look at our record collection… do you own any albums on vinyl?