9 Aug 2017 36 comments

August Goals.

I’m writing this post and looking down at my calendar and feeling a little foolish, because let’s face it, we’re about halfway through the month already!
Before we all break in to a sweat at how quickly this year is going, let’s focus on what I hope to achieve this month… it’s riveting stuff, people.

01. Unpack and unwind! After three weeks away, too much good food, some serious jetlag (am I on New Zealand time or LA time??) and a cute little stomach bug, I’m not feeling so hot right now. Also, being away from the gym for so long has really done a number on me and I feel awfully squishy…
I love coming home and feeling excited to get back in to my normal day to day, it sounds lame but it really is quite refreshing. Although, we’ll see how I feel when I’m an hour in to my inbox!
This month I’m going to actually write up a proper to-do list, not just the mundane tasks, but the bigger projects too. Now there’s an excuse to buy new stationery if ever I heard one…

02. Come up with a blog plan. I know a lot of bloggers will feel me on this next point; I’m overwhelmed by all the platforms! Every time I go away, I spread myself so thin. Do I blog and vlog and Instagram and Instagram story (as well as all the usual replying to everything and keeping on top of emails), or just go a bit easier on myself? Who knows. I feel like I’ll never know… *clones self*
I really want to create a set plan for what I post where. My YouTube channel is just going to be weekly life update vlogs from home, with the occasional edited video and sponsored upload.
My Instagram is to be less polished, and more of an accurate representation of my everyday, with Stories being just the little extra bits… the clearance bin of Instagram, if you will.
I might do a full post on this because it’s something I find so tough, and hopefully other bloggers might find it helpful too!

03. Read more books. Yesterday I did a crazy book order because I feel like I’ve become so slack with my reading (I 100% blame Reddit for that!). Most of the order were fun, picture-filled coffee table reads, but there’s a few novels and non-fiction works in there too. I’m sure there’ll be a blog post coming your way asap!
Now I just need a beach holiday so I can read them all… just kidding, I am SO done with travelling for a while!

04. Go on a tile and print hunt. I’m in the mood to make a few home changes this month, and the two updates on my list are new kitchen tiles, and more prints!
I think I’ve settled on some kind of hexagon or tiny circle white tile/dark grout thang for the kitchen floors, so hopefully we’ll get that sorted soon because our wooden floors really haven’t weathered well!
As for the prints, I feel like our white walls are looking a bit bare. I want a simple gallery wall in my office, and a few other prints and artwork dotted around everywhere else. Time to get shopping…

05. Look after myself. I’ve been feeling a little down and homesick lately, spurred on by leaving my family in New Zealand. I don’t often talk about hard it can be living so far away from my parents, but it’s something I struggle with quite a lot.
I tend to shut myself away when I feel like this, but I should probably be a little more open with my nearest and dearest about how I’m feeling, so that’s a little somethin’ to work on.
I think the next few weeks are for distractions and keeping busy!

Hopefully the rest of this month won’t be too full on, I do like an easy life!
What have you guys got planned this month?

  • Zara

    Yess very keen for a mini book haul, I’ve just finished my “coffee table book” so am looking for inspo for another! Hope you get settled back in soon and the jet lag gets better! πŸ™‚ xo

  • I am so excited to see the new kitchen floor when it is done and I would love to see a mini book haul! I am travelling this month, university was crazy the past year so I treated myself for a 2 week break at the sea πŸ™‚

    Have an awesome day x

  • A book haul would be really nice! Good luck with all your goals for the month Kate! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  • So excited to see the new kitchen floor & gallery wall in your office! I’m desperate for some more prints too! Would love a book haul post & would definitely find a blog plan post helpful too. Hope you start to feel better & more settled soon! xx


  • I really want to start reading more books too! So a book haul would be super nice πŸ™‚


  • kimmy

    A gallery wall sounds beautiful! Also, I love your calendar – where’s it from?
    Kimmy x

  • I’ve definitely missed your posts Kate, but hope you had a lovely time in NZ!
    Looking forward to hearing about your social media structure plans! xxx


  • Yes please do do an instagram post, I would love that! I need to make a plan too, and read more books! Make a plan including time to read more books ha! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Style Beauty Travel

  • I would love to see a post on how you are blog planning etc, that would be so helpful! It’s something I’m really struggling with at the moment as I’ve just moved to London & am working full time!

    Lynnsay x

  • I got a bit of work this month, but I’m saving up for a driving license. x

  • Never too late to set a few goals! Hope you get some self-care in this month πŸ™‚

    I would love to hear your thoughts on the books – I’m in the market to buy some for my holiday next month! I also just made a recent reading list of my own on my blog, of some fictional reads I’ve finished lately: http://bit.ly/2wHJhGr



  • One of my goals is also to develop a blog plan… I’ve been slacking for a while and determined to get back on track! Good luck on these!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  • Kay Nguyen

    I totally agree with your goals, especially about reading more books! I love books but traveling got the best of me and now I’m too lazy to read one!


  • Julia Deutschen

    I also plan on reading more! I have a huge list of books I want to read and I should really turn off Netflix a bit more often and use the time for reading instead.

    xx Julia


  • I’m really looking forward to your book haul post! I’m guilty of hauling more books than I can read πŸ˜‰

  • Natali

    You’ve got some great plans for August and I can def. take a lot of inspiration from those too. I would love to make a good blog plan for myself and also be a little bit more kinder towards myself and open up to my closest ones, since I’m also living far away from home and miss my parents and siblings so much…


  • Juliana Paz

    August is already and will continue to be a busy month for me. I’m ready for it to be over. Not enough hours in the day. I love your vlogs and look forward to more of them.


  • I always love your monthly goals, Kate! You always inspire me and my blog


    Ellie xx

  • This was so fun to read! I hope you can manage to accomplish everything and that all the platforms don’t become too overwhelming πŸ™‚


  • Really interested to see how you change up your insta! I find all the different platforms so hard to do well x

    Tiffany Tales | Lifestyle & Beauty

  • Great goals, I really want to find more places to buy prints from as all the places I find on etsy are print yourself! Make sure you look after yourself though lovely xx

  • Sounds great, I can’t wait to see what books you’ve picked up! x


  • Caz

    I really need to start reading more! Great post πŸ™‚

    Caz | thisiscaz.com

  • I’d love to know which books you ordered! I’m looking to start reading more as well, and would love some inspo for my reading list!!

    Sarah Michiko

  • I definitely need to read more too! I’ve been slacking off so much! And yes, I agree about the blog plan, especially as the end of the year rolls around! Have a lovely August, Kate! πŸ™‚

    XO, Elizabeth

  • Yes to the blog plan! I’m on Instagram, I blog, and I’m sometimes on Youtube and I never really know what would be better for which platform. Hope you’ll feel better soon! I understand it’s probably not something you’ll feel permenantly better about, but I hope that feeling will come sooner and more often than later <3

    Becky @ star violet

  • Sounds like you’ve got a busy but exciting august! I totally get where you’re coming from with the last point – It’s so hard being away from family members for long periods of time. I always make sure to open up with how i’m feeling with my family as they’ll always understand and most of the time they’re probably feeling the same. They’re my first point of call for any venting/ranting/advice I need. If you can’t open up to your family about how you’re feeling then who can you open up to haha.

    madi x


  • Tara Joy

    I’m totally with you on the blog plan and looking after yourself. I live away from my family and my boyfriend. I got to see them last month and have been feeling very bleh since then. I’m all here for the distractions and I think finally figuring out how to manage the social media chaos might be a good one. It’s a monster of a task!

    Tara Joy | beauandbows.co

  • Not feeling like your normal self isn’t fun, I know, but its fab that you have some purposeful plans.

    I’d be interested in hearing more about your adventure away and seeing some snaps of the decor changes once made.

    Have a superb week and remember to relax, preferably with a hot chocolate and a good film.

    Tasmin ox

  • I always love reading your monthly goals as I feel like it gives me a tiny spur of motivation. I love your blog game plan – I love love love reading your blog and seeing your photographs so I like that the blog posts will continue. Some bloggers switch to YouTube FT and while that’s fine, I still appreciate a good read. Although I must say I love seeing the day-to-day life you have in your vlogs (if only for the little snippets of your gorgeous home haha). But I do think a post would help on how you’re planning to sort everything out – and I do think a lot of others would find it helpful too πŸ™‚

    Please also do a mini book haul of some sort. I’ve been wanting to read more and need any sort of motivation / inspiration!

    Hope you feel better and get back into the swing of things soon! Can’t wait to see your home updates as they happen πŸ™‚

    Cindy | http://www.cindyhyue.com

  • Yes, please do a post on No 2. I would love to hear more about your thoughts about what to post where as I am feeling a little overwhelmed as well.

  • ζ„Ÿε—ε­¦δΉ ηš„εŠ›ι‡οΌ

  • elisha mae

    A lovely and honest post Kate! I really enjoyed reading this and I’d love to hear more about your structure on what to post where and any tips as it’s CHAOS for me to keep up with all the blimmin’ channels!

    Elisha-MaΓ© | http://www.elisha-mae.co.uk

  • I would totally appreciate a blog post about blog planning and I don’t know how you do it living so far away from family, i live 15 minute drive and i think thats too much sometimes! I really admire you for it though!

    Megan | http://www.MummyandHarrison.co.uk

  • You deserve some relaxation love, the jet lag must be real! Would love your thoughts on why you choose platforms over the other and how you plan it out πŸ™‚

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing