6 Jul 2017 40 comments

Dressing In Daisies.

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I couldn’t resist getting a few photos of this outfit against the bright Soho backdrop on our recent trip to New York. I still had a bit of my newlywed glow… although I think it may have dropped off a little now, probably due to four solid weekends of champagne!

This outfit was one of those ‘let’s see what’s still clean and pressed in my suitcase, shall we?” as it was nearing the end of our trip and I was having to get adventurous with my outfits!


This ASOS shirt is a God-send because it literally does not crease, which is ideal for lazy gals like me. I don’t know what the material is, but I love it.
It goes with just about everything, and it’s pretty opaque – literally the dream white shirt!

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These ZARA daisy print shorts were a bit of a random buy, but I’m trying to move away from the blush pinks and muted pastels that I usually wear and fill my wardrobe with a few more interesting pieces!

Of course, my favourite round rattan bag came along with me – I’m still choosing to use this daily, it’s just the right size and I love that California cool vibe it gives every single outfit.
I love this bag but be careful around net/tulle dresses and silk materials as I’ve noticed some of the sharper edges can catch a little. Apart from that (I’ve only had it happen once) I really recommend it, the quality is lovely and it’s a great bag that I pair with everything – night and day!


Another simple look from me, what do you think of this outfit?