11 May 2017 27 comments

Wisteria Hysteria.

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Here’s the thing – I cannot stand wearing jeans in warm weather. Even as the temperatures reach double figures, I can’t have my legs coated in denim… which can be awkward when dressing for the conflicting British climate.

Luckily I’ve found a loophole; jumpers and skirts. It’s the perfect ensemble for living in the UK, I’m telling you.
This is one of my favourite outfits because it’s just so easy to throw on for any old occasion. The day we took these photos, I had a lunch date, but I also wanted to do a bit of shopping, and we wanted to stroll around the coffee shops and florists in the West End – and it was the perfect attire.

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So, anyone who watches my vlogs will know that this Bella Freud Je T’aime Jane jumper is the replacement jumper for the one that Jordan shrunk while doing laundry.
This is the only designer item of clothing I own, and of course it’s hand wash only – which my lovely husband-to-be did not know about. It came out of the washing machine fit for a newborn.
I had to repurchase, sadly – and I was quite lucky to get my hands on it because it does seem sold out everywhere bar a few places!

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A few people have asked me about sizings for this jumper; the first time around I got an XS, and then I went back and got a small. The reason was, the material can be ever so slightly scratchy… nothing unbearable, but I’ve definitely noticed it less since I changed sizes. I actually haven’t noticed a big difference between the sizes, but the small definitely has a bit more of a casual, effortless but flattering fit.

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If you’re after these round metal RayBans, which, by the way, I think suit every face shape ever, I’ve managed to include a few affordable alternatives below. I’ve also found the real deal on sale here, if you’re after a very good bargain! I wear them most days as they’re so lightweight and flattering on the face.

I love love love this oh so chic gingham skirt from ASOS, it’s one of my favourite pieces at the moment. I bought it a while back, and it just seems to go with everything.
It’s perfect paired with a cute top and a denim jacket – my ultimate everyday outfit.

Another oh so casual but perfectly put together outfit! I’m feeling very thankful for the sun this week, and whoever created the most perfect wisteria-covered front step…