17 May 2017 27 comments

Bamboo Bags & Summer Shoes.

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I’m feeling very 70s in this ensemble, I think it’s probably the pairing of the bag and sunglasses. It makes me think of an old Chloe ad, and I love it!

Lately I’ve been trying to get a bit better at accessorising, it’s never been something that has come naturally to me, and I’m a ‘throw on and go’ girl at heart.
I found these Mango sunglasses in the outlet store in Palma last month, the round shape and gold frame just feel so perfectly retro. Sadly, they broke quite quickly and I’ve been debating the Chloe Carlina pair ever since… do I go for it?


I’ve been wearing these ASOS gold mules ever since I got them. I usually avoid ASOS shoes at all costs (because blisters), but these have no backs so I’ve made an exception. So far I’ve styled them with skinny jeans, a blue denim mini and endless midi skirts – there’s nothing they don’t go with!
My blush tiered skirt had been sitting in my wardrobe for a few weeks, and I was just about to return it when I compiled this pretty outfit. I guess it’s staying then…

Completing my 70s ensemble is the Cult Gaia Ark bag, a rather ‘out there’ purchase for me… but I had to have it!
It’s rarely ever in stock, but I managed to get lucky when browsing one time. Is it impractical? Slightly. It’s it beaut? Oh absolutely!
Expect to see this cutie constantly over the coming weeks, it’s my favourite find! I went for the small size, and I don’t regret it – it’s handy for everyday essentials, and so far I haven’t had anything fall out!

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Not exactly an understated outfit from me, but sometimes you have to give in and dress up! What do you think of my retro-inspired accessories?