15 May 2017 40 comments

Houseplants To Fill Your Home With.

My most requested posts are usually to do with house plants, so I’m slowly working my way through the list! Growing up, our house was filled with plants – my mum is very green-fingered, sadly something she didn’t quite pass down to me, but I am getting much better. Only one plant death this year! (May he rest)

I’d say greenery is an absolute must in a house – not only for a nice, leafy environment that feels airy and lush, but there’s also quite a few plants that are great for purifying the air. NASA did a study on it, and you can see the top ten plants that made the list here.

If you’re looking to add a few leafy friends to your home or office, I’ve picked out my favourites as a guide. Basically, the prettiest, greenest of the lot – and the ones that are pretty durable to neglect too!
I tend to stay away from ferns, as pretty as they are, I just CANNOT keep them alive. Sorry fellas. Instead, I go for succulents and other leafy friends.

In terms of care – I water them once a week, feeling the soil to make sure they’re never completely dried out. A spray bottle or mister is a must, succulents and cacti prefer to be misted rather than overwatered. It’s easy once you get in to the swing of things!


Snake Plant
I always, always see Snake Plants in homes on Pinterest, there’s something so SoCal and cool about them. We have one that we used to keep in our bathroom, but he’s since moved to the hallway as he got a bit big.

String of Pearls
These are definitely my favourite trailing plants, but boy do I find them hard to keep alive! I’m getting much, much better (fingers crossed) and we currently have two on the go.

Mini or massive, you literally cannot go wrong with cacti! They thrive on neglect, so if you’re not the best at remembering to water them, they’ll usually manage just fine.
I stock up at IKEA – I love the Pencil and Candlebra varieties!

houseplants1 houseplants2

Another favourite of mine is the Monstera plant, we have one of these and I love it! They grow huge so quickly, although they do need quite a bit of sunlight and water. Well worth it though, you can basically see them grow before your eyes.
I really want a big, big Monstera, so I think I’ll pick one up soon.

Burro’s Tail
I have quite a few Burro’s Tail plants are they’re so perfect as hanging plants. They’re hard to kill (alway a plus!) and grow quite quickly so if you’re after something a bit different, this one’s for you!

Chinese Money Plant
Lush and leafy, these are easy to love and easy to care for. A bit of foliage can transform a room, so plants like this are a lovely addition to any room!

You really can’t go wrong with any plants – greenery really brings a home to life, I always say! Will you be adding to your collection?

Photos by Kirsty & myself.