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Houseplants To Fill Your Home With.

My most requested posts are usually to do with house plants, so I’m slowly working my way through the list! Growing up, our house was filled with plants – my mum is very green-fingered, sadly something she didn’t quite pass down to me, but I am getting much better. Only one plant death this year! (May he rest)

I’d say greenery is an absolute must in a house – not only for a nice, leafy environment that feels airy and lush, but there’s also quite a few plants that are great for purifying the air. NASA did a study on it, and you can see the top ten plants that made the list here.

If you’re looking to add a few leafy friends to your home or office, I’ve picked out my favourites as a guide. Basically, the prettiest, greenest of the lot – and the ones that are pretty durable to neglect too!
I tend to stay away from ferns, as pretty as they are, I just CANNOT keep them alive. Sorry fellas. Instead, I go for succulents and other leafy friends.

In terms of care – I water them once a week, feeling the soil to make sure they’re never completely dried out. A spray bottle or mister is a must, succulents and cacti prefer to be misted rather than overwatered. It’s easy once you get in to the swing of things!


Snake Plant
I always, always see Snake Plants in homes on Pinterest, there’s something so SoCal and cool about them. We have one that we used to keep in our bathroom, but he’s since moved to the hallway as he got a bit big.

String of Pearls
These are definitely my favourite trailing plants, but boy do I find them hard to keep alive! I’m getting much, much better (fingers crossed) and we currently have two on the go.

Mini or massive, you literally cannot go wrong with cacti! They thrive on neglect, so if you’re not the best at remembering to water them, they’ll usually manage just fine.
I stock up at IKEA – I love the Pencil and Candlebra varieties!

houseplants1 houseplants2

Another favourite of mine is the Monstera plant, we have one of these and I love it! They grow huge so quickly, although they do need quite a bit of sunlight and water. Well worth it though, you can basically see them grow before your eyes.
I really want a big, big Monstera, so I think I’ll pick one up soon.

Burro’s Tail
I have quite a few Burro’s Tail plants are they’re so perfect as hanging plants. They’re hard to kill (alway a plus!) and grow quite quickly so if you’re after something a bit different, this one’s for you!

Chinese Money Plant
Lush and leafy, these are easy to love and easy to care for. A bit of foliage can transform a room, so plants like this are a lovely addition to any room!

You really can’t go wrong with any plants – greenery really brings a home to life, I always say! Will you be adding to your collection?

Photos by Kirsty & myself.

  • How do Mouse and Tiny Tim treat your plants? We used to have loads of jade and orchids, but the cats kept finding them and knawing at it even though we tried to move it out of reach (and it is poisonous!!!). Maybe thorns are the way to go?

  • I just moved house and I would love to add more plants to it! I definitely think greenery gives life to a space. But I am really bad at watering them and I don’t enjoy fake plant all that much. Maybe I would stick to cacti.
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    • Thank you for the info. I do not have cats at the moment, but I did for a big part of my life. You are right, it is important to keep in mind that sometimes you have to watch out for your pets. I remember my cats wanted to eat flowers and grass from time to time, I think when their tummies were upset!

  • Freya Fleming

    My boyfriend and I have just recently adopted two succulents and we’re trying really hard not to kill them, haha. Once we finally have our own place (and have figured out this whole ‘plant parent’ thing), we’ll definitely be getting a whole lot more and this post will be the first place I come back to to find some inspiration. 🙂


  • They’re so adorable and add so much colour to a blank space! I love adding houseplants, and you have a great selection here Kate x

  • Thank you for this post. I’m slowly building my plants collection and I love it. It’s nothing better than pop of green in our homes.

    Michelle Morchella

  • I love house plants I think they just bring so much life, colour and freshness to a room. I currently have some small succulents and a spider plant in little terracotta pots and I’m hoping to buy some shelves for my room to place some more plants on them! Lovely photos and inspiration Kate 🙂 x

    Kayleigh | http://www.anenthusiasmfor.co.uk

  • I love house plants and I’m slowly starting to turn my flat into a jungle, so this post was really helpful, thank you! You have an amazing collection x

    Chelsea | http://www.ohsomint.com

  • Laura Torninoja

    I love how many plants you have – they make your flat look so green and (even) lovely(er)! I’m not very good at keeping plants alive myself, so I think a pretty succulent might be a good first step to the plant-life for me! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • Love plants so so much! I’m always on the hunt for a good house plant so thanks so much for the recommendations! x

    Millie | http://www.bymillie.co.uk

  • Chloe

    I Love your indoor plants so much! They make your flat look so green and even lovelier ! I am not very good at keeping my plants alive myself, so I think a pretty cacti might be a good first step to a plant-life for myself! xoxo

  • Shaun Donnelly

    I love a good house plant. Unfortunately, it seems to be the one thing Liverpool is currently lacking. This reminds me, I really need to re-pot my cacti!

    p.s. Your String shelving looks great!

    Shaun | http://www.manimalist.co.uk

  • How amazing are house plants, I have so many everywhere. I am obsessing over succulents, and also herbs and cute planters that I paint to suit my colour scheme.

    M. x | http://www.touchofconfetti.com

    • Haha yeah, no kitties at home but I do have a curious puppy for I definitely take that into consideration before purchasing house plants xx

  • I can’t get enough of plants so I am absolutely loving posts like this. I run my own little online cacti and plant pot shop so I love seeing other peoples favourites and how they style their plants!
    P.S the white Ladderax shelves look stunning!

    & Projects

  • All of your plants are so cute! X

  • I love your plants omg and I have so many cacti and aloe vera it’s unreal 😛


  • Alex

    Please can you let me know where the stands in your fireplace are from?
    Thank you

  • Jenny Rosales

    Agreed! Bloggers don’t talk enough about plant toxicity and pets and I think that’s really dangerous and irresponsible with such a wide audience.

  • Lara Jarvis

    We’ve not really been able to have floor standing plants for 4 years (kids!!) but I am transforming the nursery into an office and I can’t wait to stock it with plants! Thanks for the inspo xx

  • I love the way houseplants look, they add so much colour into a space – lovely post!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • Houseplants really help to make a room look more like home! <3 🙂 I really love all of the plants that you have on display in your house! And thank you so much for the details about all of the plants! It makes it a lot easier to try to look for a suitable one for my home too!

    XO, Elizabeth

  • Helen

    Looks like such a wonderful space! I absolutely adore that photo of you 🙂

    x Helen http://lumieredhelen.com/

  • Im obsessed with houseplants, but like yourself have a bad track record of losing a few 🙁 you have some beautiful pots too!!

  • I’m re-styling my bedroom at the moment and have been considering adding some plants into the mix, so this post has definitely helped!

  • Gina

    Super beautiful! But how do you keep the cats from eating the plants??

  • This was so interesting as I am a complete plant novice, but houseplants are something I really want to start incorporating into some of our rooms! These are all gorgeous, your interiors shots are always stunning!
    Sophie xxx | Sophar So Good

  • hanan abdi

    I’m plant obsessed and just think it brings so much character to a room… Great post :)xx
    A Girl’s Journal

  • Lottie

    Love love LOVE this post! Can’t wait to start filling my house with plant friends!

    I’m also in love with that pink top – does anyone know where it’s from? ?


  • after getting my balcony into gear i have to start adding plants into my house and i want them all. the string of pearls looks so pretty.


  • I can’t wait to fill my new house with greenery when I move – I definitely want cacti and a few strings of pearls dotted about but am going to resist the urge to basically buy a jungle and ease myself in – I’ve never been good with keeping plants alive so these suggestions are great. Thanks Kate.


  • Jessica Tonge

    Such a lovely post, the photos are beautiful and so tranquil. House plants look so pretty and relaxing, think I need to visit a garden centre! Love the tips on easy to care for plants, I do forget about them occasionally…


  • Anna

    Great post. I’m not a big fan of houseplants, but I love a little bit of greenery in my house. My fav plants are benjamin fig, orchids and peace lily.
    Anna From Italy


  • These are so cute! They go with any home interior.

    xoxo Serein Wu

  • This is a GREAT post. I’ve never read a blog post about houseplants, and seriously, it’s the most useful thing. True story: I one time got laughed out of Columbia Road Flower Market because I told them I killed an ivy. What I didn’t tell them: I actually just recently killed ANOTHER ivy. The most unkillable plant, apparently, thus the chuckles. So I feel you about being a Professional Plant Killer (my official title), and this guide is going to be very useful when I next go to the market. Thanks for putting together!

    Eire | Wolf & Stag

  • Juliana Paz

    It has been a mission of mine to try and get greenery everywhere in my home. It gives such a fresh and simple touch I’m obsessed.


  • Abi Street

    I’m really trying to get more greenery in my flat! I’m moving soon, so with that I definitely aim to add a ton more houseplants! x

    Abi | abistreetx

  • Sophie Camp

    This post is great, those plants look so lovely! There’s nothing more cheering for a room than greenery. The pots are gorgeous. Only thing I would say is it’s actually best not to mist succulents and cacti – giving them a good drench once a week is best for them so that they get watered but don’t rot, which water resting on the body of the plant can do.

  • Lovely photos! I’ve been trying to spruce up my home with greenery. There’s nothing better than fresh plants!

  • Lindsay Davison

    The string of pearls are gorgeous but so hard to keep on top of 🙁