24 Apr 2020 16 comments

Six Playlists To Follow Right Now.

The only playlists you’ll ever need…

I grew up in a house where music was playing 24/7, I started going to gigs as soon as I could, I married a musician and now our own home is filled with music at all times! We have a speaker in every room (even the bathroom for soapy showertime singing) and we’re always choosing songs to play, whether it’s in the mornings while we have our coffees, or in the evenings while we make dinner.

With all this free time I’ve had lately, I thought it was high time I consolidated all my little monthly playlists and made one big soundtrack filled with all the songs I absolutely adore. I’ve been working on it for so long, adding songs when I remember them and having listening sprees when I rediscover an album I haven’t heard in forever – even when I can’t sleep at night I’ll spend the hours picking out songs!

As I was working on this playlist that would become my go-to for daily listening, I thought I’d create a few separate ones that were a little more specific – a heavier one for when I need it (cleaning calls for a rock soundtrack if you ask me!), a singalong playlist for all the songs that require a bit of karaoke, one for workouts and dancing around the flat, another for working from home when you need a bit of concentration and motivation all at once, and finally a soundtrack to your lazy weekends!

For lazy weekend mornings…

We recently got an Echo Dot in our bedroom, it’s small enough to hide on the sideboard at the end of our bed, but the speaker is surprisingly impressive and it means we can set our alarm to a Spotify playlist.
I usually pop on my Easy Weekends playlist because it’s exactly the kind of tunes you want to hear first thing. We’ll stay in bed for a while, enjoying our first coffee of the morning while Elton John or Ben Gibbard provide some soothing tones. Dreamy!

Your everyday work sounds…

I love having music on while I work, we have a speaker in our office so we can put on playlists throughout the day to keep us motivated! I like a mix of instrumental, upbeat and singlalong songs so my WFH Chill playlist is a bit of everything, but it’s quite relaxed and a good one to have on as background music.
It’s pretty much the more easy listening songs by my favourite artists, from The 1975 to Elton John, The xx, Phoebe Bridgers and Bon Iver.

The soundtrack to your Saturdays…

Of course, I just had to make a playlist that was perfect for those weekend workouts! My ‘Dance, Dance’ playlist is a lil somethin’ somethin’ to put on when you’re getting ready to go to the gym in the morning, racking up those steps on the treadmill or just to sing along to while you clean the bathroom or have a dance around the kitchen. An upbeat and uplifting shuffle of songs that I just can’t help but have a little bop to!

The Singalong Sounds…

This was the catalyst for my playlist-creating, I wanted an entire selection of songs that I love singing along to! Something to shuffle through while I’m in the bath with a wine on a Friday night, or cooking dinner with Jord at the weekends. All the hits I just love to belt out when the time calls for it!
There’s songs from Adele (obviously!), the Eagles, Phantom Planet, OK Go, Shania Twain, Queen and so much more – definitely the kind of playlist to pop on when you’re in need of a bit of karaoke!

Something a bit heavier…

Of course, it wouldn’t be a KLV music edit without a bit of My Chem! I sometimes think my music taste is stuck in 2006, and this song selection definitely confirms that. I’m an emo kid through and through.
My rock jams playlist brings together those early 00’s hits with a few new faves, guaranteed to make your weekend workout just that little bit more cathartic!

The essential soundtrack…

Of course, I needed to make a playlist to end all playlists! My Everyday Vibes playlist is 28 hours long at the moment, and we play it throughout the flat on the multi-link speakers. There’s not a bad song on here, if you ask me! It’s such a good mashup of songs you loved but forgot about, old favourites you’ll never tire of – it’s the soundtrack to my life.

And so there you have it, six playlists that will surely make your day a little brighter! Will you be saving any of these for future listenings?