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A Bit Of A Bathroom Beauty Edit.

The daily edit…

I said at the start of this year I was going to be a little more adventurous with the products I regularly, it’s just so hard to get caught up in using your old favourites time and time again, isn’t it? Every time I’ve had to replace or repurchase a product in the last few months – whether it be shampoo, cleanser or even deodorant, I’ve tried to pick up a different brand or product just to spice things up a little. I’m SUCH a creature of habit, which can be a little boring for blog content…

That said, it’s definitely worked in my favour. My regular rummages in my beauty stash have meant that my routines have stepped up a notch. Allow me to introduce…

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask; I’ve always been a bit wary of moisture masks because my skin is so tedious, breaking out whenever I use anything heavier than a very light oil! However, I decided to take the risk with this perfectly packaged pick and I’m glad I did! It’s one of *the* best masks I’ve come across. I slather it on every time my skin is feeling a little parched or looking lacklustre, within ten minutes it absolutely transforms my complexion! You can expect plump, dewy, radiant skin in one application.

L’Occitane Almond Milk Veil*; The L’Occitane Almond scent is one of my favourite fragrances ever, I find it so luxurious! I’ve been using the Shower Oil for years and years, but the Milk Veil is a new one for me. The silky body lotion has a handy pump bottle which makes it perfect for slathering on quickly after a shower. If silky, super soft limbs are your thing, this is the product for you!
I have the Supersize version, which I very much recommend if you’re also an Almond superfan!

Kerastase Blond Absolu Bain Lumiere Shampoo*; I’m a slave to balayage, it’s so easy to maintain and I can go months without seeing my hairdresser if I need to. The only issue being that my hair just loves to be warmer than I want it, so I’m always ending up with brassy tones that need freshening up. I discovered this Kerastase range a little while ago and I love that it tones my hair without drying it out. It’s lightweight enough to be used regularly, and it doesn’t have the bright purple colour that often stains my hands and shower.
The range smells delicious and my hair is always extra swishy after use!

Alpha H Vitamin B With Copper Tripeptide*; This isn’t usually something I would go for (although yes I am a magpie for a pretty bottle), but after a little breakout recently (humidity + masks, ugh) I found myself desperate for a treatment that would help. This lightweight serum contains niacinamide which my skin doesn’t usually agree with, but I’ve always seen good results from using copper tripeptide so I thought it was worth the risk. I’m a few weeks in to using it a three or four times a week and it’s been working it’s magic on my tricky complexion. I tend to apply it just on my jawline where I get breakouts and it’s been doing the trick!

Liz Earle Balancing Gel Mask*; I haven’t used Liz Earle skincare in a long time, for no reason other than I haven’t had any in my stash! I sought out this little mask when I had overdone it on the spot cream recently – you know how your skin feels after you’ve gone IN with salicylic acid? Ouch. One application of this and my skin felt calmed, and blemishes looked a lot less intense too. A lot one for slathering on when your skin needs a little TLC.

No7 Youthful Glow Face Oil*; I’ve been on a bit of a No7 hype lately; before working with the brand recently they sent a few products over and I can’t believe how much my skin loves it all.
I love adding a few drops of this in to my palms and massaging in to my skin every evening, it’s light enough that my skin doesn’t break out but nourishing enough that my skin feels beautifully nourished. I’m a big fan!

Biossance Squalane + Glycolic Renewal Facial Mask; I’d heard good things about Biossance from bloggers I follow in the US, and I adore any sort of ‘facial in a bottle’ product so I just had to give this a whirl. It’s a little bit like my forever favourite Origins Rose Clay Mask – it’s pink, it’s got little exfoliating beads, and it does WONDERS for my skin.
This is my Sunday night staple for a good skin week ahead – one application and my complexion is poppin’!

Darphin Ideal Resource Renewing Capsules*; I usually think things like this are a bit gimmicky, but I was wrong about this one. I actually looked these up to see what the deal was and it was the reviews that convinced me to give them a chance. I love that these are portioned out as I can be a little heavy handed with products – probably why I break out so much…
Nourishing without feeling heavy, lovely to apply and with brightening benefits, these are pretty much everything I look for in a skincare product. Dreamy!

A lovely edit of products I’ve discovered over the last wee while and used enough to give you a little rundown. Have you tried any of these?

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