5 May 2020 24 comments

A Few Glossier Favourites: Old & New.

A beauty haul!

It’s been a long, long time since I went on the Glossier site and filled my basket – well over a year in fact! There were so many new products I’d been meaning to try, so I waited until my staples had run low before I made a purchase.
The result is a bit of a mixed bag of products I’ve loved for a long time, and a few new releases that I haven’t quite formed an opinion on yet!

Glossier Cloud Paint in Storm; I’ve been a long-time fan of these Cloud Paints, regularly using Dusk and Puff to achieve the perfect flush. I went to reorder my usuals, but decided at the last minute to try Storm, a richer warm rose that looks like a lovely rosy glow once applied. I haven’t given it a whirl just yet, but I think it’s going to be a fave!

Glossier Boy Brow; Oh Holy Grail, how could I live without you? I don’t know about you gals, but my brows are BUSHY right now. I miss my brow girl more than I miss my best friends, but luckily I’ve now stocked up on Boy Brow to keep these caterpillars in line.
I love the volumising formula and the tiny brush which catches every single hair – I really rate this stuff!

Glossier Super Glow Serum; After stripping back my skincare routine late last year, I’ve been slowly adding treatments back in, and one of the additions my skin has been okay with so far is vitamin C. I apply it as part of my morning routine to protect and brighten, and I’m seeing subtle but positive results. My current bottle is coming to an end so I thought I’d plan ahead and purchase this Glossier Super Glow Serum, a magnesium and VitC mix that promises a ‘lit from within’ look. I haven’t given it a proper try yet but I’ll keep you posted!

I love Glossier’s no-rules approach to beauty – they encourage us to embrace our natural features with a side of lilac eyeshadow and teal liner. It’s so fun!

Glossier Moisturising Moon Mask; Despite almost all moisturisers breaking me out (and most of Glossier’s skincare too now I think about it), the much loved Moon Mask is one product my skin is a-okay with. This is perhaps my second or third tub of this and I love it, it’s the perfect spa-like treatment to sweep on while soaking in the bath, and I find it works particularly well after a resurfacing or brightening mask to plump the skin. I really think this is one of the best nourishing masks!

Glossier Lidstar in Lily; Described as creating a soft veil of creaseless shimmer, these creamy shadows received mixed reviews when they launched last year – they don’t have a lot of colour behind them, and most of that is lost when you blend them over the lid. They’re very subtle!
I already own the shade ‘Moon’, a champagne shimmer which doesn’t show too well on my skin. I fancied trying out some of the other hues in the hopes I’d get a bit more colour pay-off. Lily is a lilac glitter with blue pearls, a lovely gateway shade to help ease me in to wearing more pastel tones on my lids!
Like Moon, Lily also starts out impressive but blends in to a very soft finish – I actually prefer this with Lily because I only wanted a subtle hint of colour. It’s early days but so far I’m a fan!


Glossier Skywash in Pool

I think I’m probably the last one to try these, they’ve been all over Instagram! Again, the pastel lid looks made me cave and purchase Pool, a dreamy cornflower blue. I’ve worn it only once and I think I need a bit more practice, but I love the colour, it’s so different from the golden glitter looks I usually wear!

Glossier Colorslide in Early Girl; I’ve been loving the subtle pastel eye looks Instagram has been serving up lately, so I decided I’d go in Katie Jane Hughes style with a slick of teal liner! Early Girl looks like an effortless way to slick on some colour – wish me luck!

Glossier Futuredew; I didn’t know I needed this serum/primer hybrid until I used it for the first time, it is the secret to dewy skin! I apply it after my skincare but before my foundation, sweeping it over the skin with my hands and blending well. It makes foundation stay better, gives the complexion the most radiant finish and helps my skin feel more comfortably hydrated throughout the day too. I swear by it!

Are you a Glossier fan?! Let me know if you’ll be adding anything to your wishlist – and use my code for 10% off (I get £10 credit when you use my code FYI!).

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  • I’ve never tried Glossier products before but the moon mask and cloud paints have always caught my eye! One of these days I’ll give them a try. This is such a lovely haul!

    Deanna | luxandvitae.com

  • I have never tried Glossier products before, I need to try this brand! These products sound amazing! Such a great haul x


  • I really want to try Glossier, I hope they ship to Germany soon xx


  • I’ve never tried Glossier but I’ve been hearing a lot about their Cloud Paints. You mentioned Dusk and that’s the one I wanted, but I’ve heard great things about Storm too!

    xo Sarah | Oomph London

  • Hayley

    I have just started using Glossier (I know, I have been under a rock!) and oh boy, I get why it’s the most hyped beauty brand – everything I’ve tried so far is perfection! My favs are Bubblewrap – eye cream, featuredew, balm cot com, boy brow and brow flick and the natural, hardly there foundation. Thank you Glossier!

  • Julie

    Great article Kate! I really want to try Glossier. I’ve never worn make up but for the last few months I’ve been wanting to give it a go. I really like how natural their products look, and their lipsticks are gorgeous!

  • Lisa Autumn

    Such a great roundup Kate! Thank you x

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

  • I have never tried any glossier products which makes me feel like I have failed at being a blogger and I was planning to get some in London but I had to cancel the trip due to corona. hopefully I can get my hands on it at some point anyway.


  • Really need to get my hands on Glossier products already! Might need to place a cheeky order whilst we’re in quarantine, so I’ve got a bit more to look forward to :’) The cloud paint line are what I’ve had my eye on for agessss x

    Brine & Books

  • I am already looking forward to the day I can order some products…

  • I haven’t done a Glossier order for ages, its well overdue. I’ve never tried their Cloud Paints but I desperately want to now – going on the list!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • Chantal

    I still haven’t tried anything from Glossier yet simply because I haven’t been interested in that minimal makeup look before however recently as my skin’s been getting dry due to lock down I feel like trying some more glowy products now which Glossier provides


  • Natalie Redman

    Still need to try Glossier! Especially for the summer.


  • val

    want to save money? use this link for 10% off your glossier order! https://re.glossier.com/73846c37

  • yup! A lot of moisturizers also break me out, too! So many have coconut oil + shea, which knock my sensitive acne skin sideways. Have you tried subbing a serum + face oil duo instead?

    xo C | 15skincare.com