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My Self-Tan Routine & Go-To Glow Essentials.

Get that glow!

I always feel a million times better when I’m tanned, it just makes me feel like me! I love how my eyes pop, the way my skin glows. I feel like a better version of my sallow self.
Recently I’ve been making a bit more effort with my routines (I know, I know, weird thing to do in isolation but I have more time on my hands!) and I’ve had so many messages from you guys about my go-to glow routine, so here it is!

The Self-Tan

I seem to get asked a lot about the fake tan I use, and I can only assume it’s because my fellow pasty sisters want to know how to approach it at home. It can be incredibly daunting, and if you’re fair-skinned and a newbie to tanning, I would skip this step and start off with a light gradual tanner mentioned below.

For me it’s the effort of self-tanning that puts me off, but I know wholeheartedly it’s worth all the time spent. It’s basically cardio.
I always use a tinted mousse, I apply it at night and sleep with it on. I don’t find it rubs off on my sheets (although I feel like this is something most people have trouble with!), and come morning I have a brilliant, golden tan. I shower off the guide colour, moisturise well and I’m ready to go!

The prep is important, but you need to do it in the right order. I always shave my legs the day before so you don’t get the token dark dots – although if I’m really in a pinch, I’ll shave and then rinse off in cold water to relax my pores so the tan doesn’t sink in. I also try to exfoliate the day before too, this is so no residue builds up and makes the tan streaky.
I also recommend using this Sienna X Tan Primer* on hands, feet, ankles, knees and elbows before you apply your tanning product, to ensure there’s no patchy parts. A good body moisturiser will work fine too of course.

I’ll pretty much use any fake tan, at the moment I’m using this Sienna X Sleep Tinted Self Tan Mousse*, it develops over 8 hours so you don’t need to be out in public or at your desk slowly turning a darker shade while smelling of fake tan.
Isle of Paradise, Bondi Sands and St Tropez all do great tinted self-tan mousses so don’t feel like you have to drop £££ either!

To apply, I use a tanning mitt (I love the Bondi Sands ones) and buff in small amounts at a time, starting at my feet and legs and working my way up. The guide colour will let you know if there’s any streaks, so pay attention – the areas I always seem to go wrong with are the sides on my torso and arms. Then I rope in Jordan to help with the parts of my back I can’t reach.
Really buff in the product and then rinse your hands well with soap. Use the mitt again to buff in the excess to hands, and then apply hand cream to blend. Easy peasy!

Wait a little while before getting dressed and then leave on the tan for the time stated, before rinsing off in the shower and moisturising well. Keep up with moisturising daily if you can too!

The Gradual Tan

The humble gradual tanner is often overlooked but I really think it’s my favourite way to get a glow. For one, it’s hard to go wrong with, and it’s also a whole lot less effort. I’ll either apply this alone every now and again, building it up over a day or so to get a good amount of colour, or I’ll use it to top up my self-tan mentioned above. It’s such a good way to make your glow last a little longer!

I’ve tried quite a few and I love the St Tropez offerings – I have the Bronzing Water Gel at the moment and I love it.

& For The Face

I’m very particular about my face tanning products because most of them break me out! I also don’t use moisturiser on my face so a lot of the self-tanning drops don’t work either.
I tan my face more than I tan my body – I’ll spritz on a self-tan face mist a few times a week as the last step in my skincare routine and it always makes a massive difference.

I’d been using the Oskia Adaptive Tan Mist* for the last few months, but I had my suspicions it was giving me the odd spot! I loved it though but I was looking for something else to try when I remembered I had been sent a bottle of the UTan Jamie Genevieve Tanning Water Face Mist* which is the best product I’ve found for a golden glow. I use it either morning or night, and since it’s gradual it gives a very subtle glow from one application, which you can build on if you want more colour. I use it as the last step in my skincare routine and I don’t think I’ll ever be without it!

To Bronze…

Of course, bronzer is a staple in my routine! I love the way it perks up my complexion and gives me a wash of warmth that looks like I’ve been in the sun.
I have two that I use regularly; the cult favourite Benefit Hoola Bronzer is such a go-to because it blends beautifully and gives such a flawless hit of colour, and the Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Stonestreet is a long-time favourite of mine for much the same reasons!

A Little Extra Glow

I recently added the Oskia Sheer Tinted Serum* in to my routine and I love how it gives my skin a touch of colour while also working to hydrate in the longer run too.
I apply it like a primer or sometimes mix in with my foundation, so it’s sort of like a liquid bronzer with skincare benefits. I notice a big difference when I add this in to my routine!

While not technically a tanning product, I couldn’t not give a nod to this base that is absolutely one of the reasons I get so many questions about my radiant complexion! Another cult favourite, the It Cosmetics CC Cream really lives up to the hype! The coverage is perfect (“your skin but better” as they say!), and it really does wonders for a flawless complexion. I absolutely love it!

Here’s to a beautiful glow while we’re all indoors for the foreseeable, eh?! At least we can feel like we’ve been on holiday even though we most certainly haven’t! What are your favourite bronzing products?

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