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How I’ve Found A Routine In This New Normal.

Adapting to a new normal

We’re now in to our third week of an entirely new way of life, and it’s expected to go on for longer. It’s a massive, dramatic change that happened almost overnight, and we’re no doubt all coping with it in our own little ways.

I’ve adjusted possibly quicker than most – I worked at home anyway so I’m used to pottering around and spending a lot of time confined to my flat with unwashed hair and the same pair of joggers for days at a time.
Saying that, I definitely felt a shift from my usual day to day and I’ve had to make some adjustments to make this new normal work for me. For one, I’m not used to sharing the space with Jordan or even spending this much time with him, so that was a shock to the system for the first week or so!

But overall, I feel good about how I’m coping. I think I’m navigating these choppy waters well, and so I thought I’d share with you all how I’ve adjusted to life in lockdown. Hopefully you’ll find some comfort in this post and maybe you can share your little changes in the comments too…

Finding A Routine

Since I’m still able to work, I’ve been keeping busy most of the time – but that’s not to say I lose entire days to Netflix or a good page-turner, or even just staring in to space (always guilty of this last one, WHY am I such a daydreamer?!)
It’s a strange time that we weren’t prepared for, so of course there’s going to be days that make me feel like crawling in to a ball and sleeping. It’s a new normal, but that doesn’t mean my reaction should be normal.

Jordan’s been helping me with work so we have a rough routine we try and stick to. We still set an alarm, we exercise first thing (usually a walk before everyone is up), we make breakfast and get ready for the day. After that we’ll spend some time in the office going over what we want to achieve for the week and beyond, Jordan will work on editing my videos and I’ll get some blog posts written before we spend the afternoon working on photos or videos. It’s a loose routine, but it definitely works for us!

Usually we’ll have a drink in the office around 6pm and work until 7pm when it’s time to start dinner. After that, we chill – usually in front of the TV, but a lot of the time we’ll chat with our friends too. I’m definitely consuming a lot more wine in quarantine…

On the weekends, we’re way more relaxed! No alarm, but still a walk as soon as we’re up, then coffee and breakfast together and after that, housework and whatever else we want to do! We have some flat plans we want to get through but we’re taking it slowly and not putting too much pressure on ourselves.

A routine gives me structure and takes away a lot of those “what’s next?” feelings. I’m quite a restless person and I’m always looking to the next task, so knowing there’s always something to do (even if it is housework or emails!) means I stay focused as much as I can.
Working Monday – Friday really works for us too, it means we feel like we’ve worked for the evenings and weekends on the sofa in front of Netflix!

Adapting To An At Home Husband

The flat has always been mine during the day. Jordan goes to work in the coffee shop and I stay at home and work! When he comes home in the evenings, I’m so happy to see him and we get to have the evenings and sometimes weekends together.
As soon as the shop closed last month, I suddenly found myself sharing my workspace! It was lovely but also quite stressful while we got used to each other.

The first week there were definitely a few disagreements, especially when our dishwasher broke. We were living on top of each other, but I already had a life and a routine within our home. The poor guy couldn’t do anything right!
Once we had a designated office space to work in, we managed to find our groove with it, and our morning walks allowed us to have a bit of a debrief while hashing things out. We’ve always got along really well – we have the same friend group, his sister is my best friend and he works with my brother, so we’re never really apart except for when we work – and now we’ve found ourselves together ALL THE TIME.

We eventually found our groove with it and now that we’re working together too, I can’t imagine not having him! He’s such a wonderful human to be around and he’s always up for anything, I just find it so motivating to have someone to work with.
Mostly we’ve just made sure to be patient, kind and understanding to each other always. I give him time to play Fifa when we wants and he helps me with whatever I need doing too. It’s a good balance and hopefully we’ll remain married when we’re out of this… heh.

No Pressure!

I actually prefer this version of myself in some ways, it’s like the pressure of the everyday has been lifted so I can actually do the things I love. I start work later so I have time to workout and get properly ready for the day, and I’ve been experimenting with makeup and outfits which means I feel so much happier with myself too.

It’s a difficult time to navigate, but somehow the way life has slowed down has really eased my anxiety and made me focus a whole lot better. I’ve been able to do the videos I’ve always wanted to for Instagram, and generally just had the time and energy to create better content overall. I don’t hurry my way through life like a little tornado, I am patient and relaxed and I have a better outlook on life. I don’t sweat the small stuff, basically!
Let’s hope I keep this up when life resumes eh…

Making Some Small Adjustments

When we first got the news of the lockdown, we thought “okay we can do this for a few weeks!” And then it sunk in that this wasn’t to be for just a few weeks – it could be months. I decided to rejig our home to make it work for both Jordan and I, plus the cats, in our two bedroom apartment.
I totally blitzed the flat, I put all of our extra outerwear, winter gear and suitcases up in our storage space, I decluttered every space I could and we turned our spare room in to a functioning office for us both. I don’t think I would have bothered to do this if we weren’t in lockdown, it seemed like a pointless task but actually, having a separate room to close the door on at the end of the day has helped so much.

We’ve been changing the layout of our flat a lot too; moving our dining table to our living room for a change, moving the desk in our office so we can sit in the sun for our evening beers, and creating little areas in rooms so it always feels like we have this fresh space to go to. I even made the chair in our bedroom a little reading nook for myself to retreat to – I really think having somewhere you can go when you need some alone time is super important. Jordan and I live in each other’s pockets most of the time but we do really appreciate a Saturday afternoon pottering on our own!

Thinking Of The Positives

I’m sure we’ve all lost a lot of sleep over the last couple of months, it really is such an uncertain time full of worry. Stress has taken such a toll on me, I feel exhausted and anxious so often it seems like this is just my life now! I’m worried about my dad in lockdown in Australia, on his own for the first time in 40 years with no end in sight. I worry about our regulars at the coffee shop who live alone and don’t always have someone to chat to. I worry about my friends and how they’re managing, my job and the campaigns that have been put on hold. I worry about where life is headed, all the trips we planned for the year I turn 30, our best friends wedding that has been postponed, and all the celebrations, gigs and events we were looking forward to this summer. Life is completely in limbo.

But I know I’m not alone in this, we’re all in the same boat and life will be sad and strange for a while but we’ll get through it. And if there’s one thing I know the importance of, it’s staying positive!
Where once I would have been depressed at the thought of a summer without a beach holiday, now I only feel gratitude and relief that my loved ones are healthy.

I’ve been trying to think of this time as a bit of a gift. Time to do all those things I said I’d do but never would – like take up pilates, repot all my plants, reorganise and paint our kitchen, find a way for Jordan and I to work together full time, get a better routine and watch more TV series.

I don’t want to come out of this feeling like I’ve wasted weeks when I could have been working on myself. I want to feel like a better version of myself, someone who is closer to her loved ones, has more time for a life outside of work, a better mindset when it comes to finding time to do the things she loves. I can already feel a shift in myself and it’s a good feeling.

Mostly though, I just take it one day at a time. I check in on my loved ones, I spend quality time with my husband and our fluffy babies, I eat well, I make time to move and I do more of what I love, like baking, reorganising and reading.
This isn’t forever, but it’s long enough to impact our lives so it makes sense to adapt if we can.

How are you managing in lockdown? Do you stick to a routine? I hope you are all safe and staying home! xo.

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  • It’s such a strange little time at the moment isn’t it. I’m a bit like you, where I’ve tried to find the silver linings and am making the most of the time to do those things I’ve wanted to for a long time. I’m getting back into reading (and commenting) on blogs, making my way through my very hefty pile of ‘to read’ books, baking and there’s been a whole lot of sorting/cleaning going down.

    We’ve got a very loose routine, just taking a day at a time but I’ve really enjoyed spending so much time with my boyfriend and my little girl the past few weeks. I feel in a safe little bubble in our home, and it gets a bit overwhelming to think of what’s happening in the wider world. We were quite unsure of how we’d cope – my boyfriend and I don’t live together normally so it was going to be a testing time but so so far so good 😊 xx

  • I cannot wait to see your little office revamp! It looks gorgeous and so peaceful to work in! I agree with you about the pressure lifting and I really feel like a weight has been lifted. I’m finally finding time to read, cook and do all of the things I love! xx

  • Having a routine is really helping me to go through all this. The only thing is that I’m really struggling to sleep at night because my “before life” was super busy and frenetic and now at the end of the day I’m full of energy!
    Miki x


  • Keeping to a routine is really helping me through all of this right now, having something to focus on is making my days less boring! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

  • I loved watching your office revamp! I’ve been doing the same and moving so much furntire around during this lockdown


    Ellie xx

  • I try to stick to a routine. Like you, I can work from home so there is a bit of structure there. I agree with what you say about not trying to pile on too much pressure though, there is so much worry in this time without adding any more. I’ve been consuming a lot more alcohol too haha. I’m not sure about what the weather is like up in Scotland but here is has been so warm, there were a few days last week where it was over 20 degrees and tomorrow is meant to be 21 degrees. A beer in the garden after clocking off work is definitely needed 🙂

    xo Sarah | Oomph London

  • Isabelle M

    Thank you for being real Kate ! I am definitely trying to stick to a routine too. I would most definitely admit it’s so hard studying online at the moment, I miss human interaction and being able to see all my Uni friends.

    I have found though not working and not having travel time to Uni I am able to get so much stuff done ! I have read 4 books already ! I’m going to be painting my room soon and might even pick up a new hobbie I have been wanting to do, weaving ! Been going on heaps of walks and riding my bike x

    Hope you are staying safe ! Praying this will all blow over soon ! X x ✨
    Ps – Off to go watch your new YouTube video 😍

  • Finding a new routine has been fun for me and my family and has given a nice sense of separation between work & relaxation. We’re all in school to some degree: I’m a uni student, my siblings are in high school, and my parents are both teachers :’) We’ve decided to set 7am-5pm as each person’s individual time for school, exercise, and “alone” time, and we come together from 5-10ish for dinner and family time. It’s been good, and so far, no one is at each other’s neck haha!! Loved hearing about your new routine and how you & Jordan have been adjusting to all of this. Wishing your dad the best!!! xxx

    Brine & Books

  • kforkarli

    Hi Kate, I’m a teacher and have found the school holidays tricky. I feel like I should be doing work or watching something but my attention spare has just not been there. Looking forward to getting back to school, even though it’ll be a ‘new normal’. Sending you lots of love from Aus x

  • Lisa Autumn

    Kate, this was so helpful! Thank you so much x

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

  • Loved reading this! I’m a 911 dispatcher so I’m still having to leave home to work, but there’s still a shift in my overall week. Not only because most places are closed, but because of the calls we receive at my work. Hope y’all are staying safe and wishing you the best!


  • I needed this so much! it made me feel less crazy for some little disagraments at home haha. Thanks for sharing, really


  • Taking it day by day (as best I can) has been a focus for me as well! I was also mostly working from home before this as well, and you’re so right – it’s an adjustment to suddenly get used to the people you live with being home all the time too. Little changes and adjustments are helpful! Thank you for sharing this.

    Kathryn • simplykk.com

  • I’ve been furloughed for around two weeks now and although some days are a tad dull, I’ve found that throwing myself into my blog and jotting down weekly tasks that I want to achieve is really helping! xx


  • Your new workspace looks so pretty xx


  • I needed this so much! As you said, we are all in the same boat which makes things a bit easier because I know I’m not the only one who is stressed out and anxious about everything that’s going on. Life is definitely strange at the moment but hopefully everything will be back to normal very soon x


  • Diana Maria

    I’ve found that adapting a new routine has genuinely helped me feel productive and grounded again. You’re right about this being an opportunity to do all of the things we wouldn’t normally have the time for. Your space is so lovely, the aesthetic is so cozy!

    My Lovelier Days

  • Natalie Redman

    I’m having to adapt to an at home partner too!