8 May 2019 23 comments

A Day Exploring Beautiful Burano.

The rainbow island!

When we flew in to Venice in March, I expected beautiful canals, gondolas and a lot of pasta – but what I wasn’t ready for was an incredible colourful island just a boat trip away! I only heard about Burano a few days before we left, and I’m so glad we took a trip over… as you can see it’s nothing short of magical.

Sometimes when I hear about places that are tourist hotspots, I’m often left a little disappointed – they’re either too busy to get a real glimpse, or a little rundown and tacky. Burano was a rare find in that it exceeded my expectations! The colourful houses that lined the canals were like vibrant gems. Apparently the fishermen washed their homes with bright hues so they could spot them from out at sea!

We went in March so it wasn’t too busy, we actually stayed away from the main shopping area and instead wandered our own path to take some photos. Obviously it’s good to be respectful as people actually live in the homes so something to always bear in mind!

The details…

Burano was relatively easy to get to, we walked from our hotel (details on where we stayed in Venice here) to the F.te Nove port and took the ferry from stand A. The journey is 45 minutes each way and wasn’t too expensive, around €30 for two returns.
Just be sure to go along a little further to the ticket office to buy your return tickets – there’s signs saying you shouldn’t get on the pontoon without first buying a ticket.
I always find Google Maps is pretty accurate with timings and directions, so have a look at timings before you set off.

On to the outfit…

I was shooting my Marc Jacobs Daisy images on the day we went, so I dressed appropriately but afterwards I actually ended up binning these trousers as I realised later how uncomfortable (not to mention unflattering after a few bowls of pasta!) they were. I’ve worn them before so I’m not sure why I thought they’d be any different second time around…

Anyway, I’m now in the market for a new pair of mustard yellow culottes because I really love this outfit. The top is from Topshop and I’d had it sitting in my wardrobe for a little while before I had an excuse to wear it. The excuse being “temperatures in the double figures”.

I finished it off with a pair of pearl Gucci sunglasses, a simple gold choker and my much loved Staud macrame bag… oh, and a bunch of fresh mimosas for the photo opps, of course.

We really only explored the island and chose not to stop for lunch, the vegetarian options were few and far between so we headed back to Venice when we started to get hungry. The restaurants lining the main street did all look incredibly cute and very popular, so if you’re after a good seafood spaghetti, you may be in luck!

It really was a beautiful way to spend a morning, the weather was perfect and we even met a couple of cats. What more could we ask for?!

Have you ever taken a trip to Burano?

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