10 May 2019 22 comments

My Current ‘Can’t Live Without’ Lineup.

A few beauty staples…

Why is it the minute I step back onto home soil my skin feels a little worse for wear?! I feel like I’ve been living on airplanes lately and it really has got me feeling pretty grim.
Last week when I got home from New Zealand, all I wanted to do was dive into a full beauty recovery plan – and it’s this lineup that saw me through…


Kristin Ess Hair Weightless Shine Air Dry Crème
As you no doubt know, I’m in love with pretty much everything by Kristin Ess. This product is a jack of all trades and works wonders for my hair, especially as I’m trying to cut back on daily washing and blow drying – no easy feat FYI.

This crème is designed for air-drying and adds a touch of wave whilst taking away unwanted frizz, which seems to have multiplied post-travels. It’s super nourishing too and makes my hair feel really light, fluffy and full. Did someone say swish swish?!
To apply, I wait until my hair is halfway dry and then scrunch a small amount in and then leave to dry. Towards the end when the waves are set, I’ll run my soft brush through for a bit more of a polished finish.

Skin & Face…

Bare Minerals Prime Time Foundation Primer
Primers can be hard to get right, and my skin has been pretty tricky recently so I’m so glad to have found one that works for me. This smoothing primer gives my skin a perfected, softer finish – it’s one of those products where a little goes a long way but it always results in my base applying better and my makeup looking a lot more refined in general. I always think of primer as such an essential step, it really is the glue that holds my look together!

Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Nourishing Milk
I’ve talked about my love for this miracle worker before, and after a brief stint without it I’m pleased to say it has a place in my routine once again!
I love the texture of this nourishing treatment, it’s neither greasy nor too heavy, and I sandwich application between my toner and moisturiser for perfectly plump results. It’s super gentle and effective and has saved my flaky, bumpy skin after what feels like an entire month of travelling! If you’re in need of a complexion pick-me-up, get this on your wishlist.


Estée Lauder Double Wear Instant Fix Concealer
As a Double Wear fan, I was instantly convinced by this multi-tasking product and after giving it a proper whirl, I can confidently say it’s a real gem. On one side, there’s the Hydra Prep serum to smooth and prep skin – it works particularly well around the eye area but I’ve been known to use it on my forehead too. On the other end is the 24hr concealer, a multi-tasking winner that works to even out the complexion, disguising everything from dark circles to blemishes.
Combined, it’s a seriously impressive concealing duo that I’ve been slapping on everyday!

Charlotte Tilbury The Icon Palette
I know, a bit of a curveball for me – but this palette makes has made me so excited to experiment with colour again! Admittedly, I do mostly opt for the gold and bronze tones and champagne shimmers, but they really are some of the most mesmerising shadows I’ve come across. Then I can smoke it up a little by running some of the purples or blues along my waterline, it’s about as adventurous as I get unfortunately!


Herbivore Jasmine Body Oil
I’ve tried a few Herbivore products in the past and this one stands out by an absolute mile, the subtle jasmine scent is just divine and it’s honestly the most luxurious post-pamper treat. I usually apply it straight after a bath to lock in moisture, plus it sinks instantly so there’s no tacky feeling hours later. It’s perfect for sweeping over legs and arms when there’s a chance to show some skin too – it’s my summer saviour for silky legs.

A seriously impressive lineup of products I really can’t be without right now. Have you tried any of these?

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