11 Nov 2018 17 comments

Why I’m Feeling Grateful.

A few words on being thankful…

Today feels like a good day to take some time to appreciate all that you have, doesn’t it? I think when you’re busy or distracted with big events and life changes or just a manic schedule, you can totally lose sight of who you are a bit. As in, what makes you happy, where you want to be and who you want around you.

I’m a big believer in taking stock every now and again, and a big part of that is being appreciative of what you have, even when it doesn’t feel like much, or when those around you seem to be doing better. It’s good to be grateful, even for the little things or the learning curves and life lessons.

I wanted to share some of the things I’ve been feeling happy for lately, because these little moments have definitely helped me through this year! It feels like a good excuse to share these super adorable photos from a Sunday wander through the park a few weeks ago too, I love how cute and candid these snaps are.

Turning Over a New Leaf

I’ve been feeling like I’ve had a new lease of life lately, and I think it just is because a new season has brought around a little chance to make some changes to myself.
I’ve bought a few new ‘forever’ pieces for my wardrobe, I’ve been pushing myself with work a lot and seeing some changes finally, and I’ve been managing the old work/life/social balance recently too! My calendar is chocka, but I’m loving it at least.
I feel like such a different person to who I was this time last year – even six months ago! – but it’s all positive changes, I’m feeling happier in who I am and what I’m doing.

Embracing the Festive Season

I know Christmas can be an unbearably hard time for some, I always find myself reflecting back on the year and thinking of those who have come and gone in my life, those who won’t be here this Christmas, my family back in New Zealand who I won’t see yet for months.
It also makes me think of my days working a miserable retail job in a different city from my friends and family, and I’d have this constant fear from about September onwards that I wouldn’t be able to make it home for the holidays. Actual hell.

I used to dread Christmas in some ways, I never had money to buy anyone decent gifts, and it was a busy time for work too so it was just all-round exhausting! In the last few years I’ve really tried to change my mindset and find ways to embrace the festivities. I guess I used to be quite materialistic about Christmas but now I find myself not caring about gifts at all. I want time with my loved ones, time to relax – it’s probably the only time I truly get a break from work!
The last few years I’ve really looked forward to a few days at home with my nearest and dearest; the nights we spend in with wine and a cheeseboard watching TV, hoping it’ll snow so we don’t have to face real life! It’s a good way to be, I think.

Some Proper Me Time

Jordan’s been away this weekend on a stag do (see this tweet for extra lols), and I have had a full weekend with nothing on. I had a delish dinner in with my brother on Friday night and went shopping with my friend yesterday, but otherwise I’ve had the flat to myself and no responsibilities!

It’s funny because when we first got together, Jordan would be away on tour a lot – sometimes for months at a time – and when he was home he was working long hours in a bar, so I spent so much time on my own. These days he’s pretty much tied to the coffee shop and it’s me going away all the time, so I rarely spend time in the flat on my own with zero plans.
I feel incredibly lucky that I am happy in my own company or with Jordie, but that I also enjoy being sociable when the time comes to it. I usually like one day and evening with friends per weekend, that’s the perfect amount for me!

It really has been wonderful spending time on my todd, I really needed some time spent quietly reading and taking long relaxing baths. Although I am ready for Jord to come home now, I want to watch the new series of The Sinner but I’m too scared to watch it on my own…

Feeling Safe & Secure

I think this one is something I’ve been thinking about while Jordan has been away because I’ve had no issues with him spending time away, I haven’t felt the need to check up on him or anything, and I’ve felt safe in our little flat on my own.
I probably wouldn’t have felt like this in my early twenties, I’ve definitely had to work at feeling at ease with situations I can’t control but I’m thankful to be in such a good place with everything now.

Even yesterday when I was shopping, I noticed I didn’t really check the price tags because I feel a lot more comfortable financially (I mean, it was only M&S so I probably couldn’t do the same in Harrods lols but still, it’s something), and I never really need to go without, which is not something I could have said 5-6 years ago. I actually think having control of my finances has made me better at spending, I no longer make panic purchases or impulse buys because I can afford to do my research and buy items on my terms. I shop smarter these days, that’s for sure!

I know these were all little personal achievements, but I think that’s what being grateful is all about – understanding that you’re lucky to even have those small moments to feel thankful for.
Is everyone feeling a bit reflective at the moment? What are some of the things you’re feeling happy for?

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