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Our Last Minute Ibiza Getaway.

One last throwback to summer…

This summer was the summer we fell in love with Ibiza, it was the first time I’ve been somewhere and immediately thought “I want to come here year after year”. It’s one of those places that has it all – for such a small island, it really does tick all the boxes! Even if you’re not a party person, like this gal…

While I had heard wonderful things about the white isle, but I still only ever associated it with stag dos, binge drinking and regret… not exactly the idle destination for two newlyweds (are we still newlyweds? It’s been over a year…)
The longing for a cheap, short break in the sun had me booking flights there this summer, and we ended up going back a few weeks later! I told you, I love it.

You can see my mini guide to Ibiza Town here, and my post on the beautiful island of Formentera here.

Our second time in Ibiza saw us head to Santa Eulalia, a town a little further north than Ibiza Town. So many people recommended this area to us, it’s much quieter than crazy San Antonio and Ibiza Town but the beaches and restaurants are what makes it.
We found it was the perfect escape, especially for couples and families – someone told me that visitors to Ibiza usually head to Santa Eulalia for a couple of days to detox and dry out after partying, and I can totally see why.

Where we stayed…

We were kindly offered a stay at the Aguas De Ibiza hotel, which is part of the Small Luxury Hotels group – whenever I see a hotel is part of SLH, I know I’m in for a treat. Boutique hotels are my kind of thing, I love how quiet and peaceful they are. You always feel so well looked after too, such a treat!

Most of the trip was spent at the (adults only!) pool on the rooftop, which had incredible views over the port and hills. We swam and sunbathed here during the day, and then sipped cocktails in the evening as the sun set – you could see the warm glow in every direction! Many, many photo opportunities.

The hotel’s own restaurant Vi Cool serves dreamy tapas on the rooftop in the evening, we absolutely loved it here! The view is magnificent and I loved the chilled Balearic way of life, I could get used to having long leisurely dinners well in to the night.

We had quite a chilled trip so we didn’t end up taking a lot of photos, but I think I managed to capture the beauty of Santa Eulalia – it’s so, so photogenic!
There’s bougainvillea every where you look, cacti shooting up from the gardens of the apartments near by, and the little restaurants that line the port are so adorable.

I think if we came back next year (and I’m pretty sure we will!), we’d stay in Santa Eulalia again for part of the trip. It was the right kind of quiet; the hotel had a great atmosphere but it was still super relaxing, and there was more of a buzz at night around the port so it still felt lively.

This was more of a ‘switch off and recharge’ holiday for us, so we didn’t sightsee or explore like we usually would, so I’m glad we stayed at a hotel that had everything. I spent an afternoon at the spa and felt like a new person, it was exactly what I needed in the middle of a busy summer!

What I would do for one more evening in the warm Ibiza temperatures, sitting at that rooftop bar watching the magnificent sunset! Preferably with a margarita in hand…

If you’re planning a last minute October getaway, or you’re looking for somewhere to escape to next summer, Ibiza is the place to flock to! In the short time we spent there this summer, we completely fell in love. We tailored our visits to suit us, and explored a lot of the little island while we were at it!

Have you been to Santa Eulalia? Would you consider Ibiza as your next sunny destination?

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