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The Haircare Line You Need To Know About.

Dreamy hair awaits…

Just to forewarn you, there’s going to be a *lot* of fan-girling in this post. I first followed Kristin Ess on Instagram years ago after seeing a post by Lauren Conrad (whose hair I’ve always envied!).
At this time, Kristin had already co-founded the Beauty Department and had made a name for herself as a hairstylist and colourist to some of my most loved celebrities. From Lucy Hale to Jenna Dewan, she’s responsible for some of my favourite hair styles EVER – not to mention, her own hair is incredible.

So when she announced she was launching a cruelty-free hairline in to Target a while back, I was basically booking flights to the US to get my hands on it.

I eventually managed to grab a bunch of her products right before I got married (it was a good week), and every time I’ve been in the states since, I’ve gone back to get more. The packaging looks like it was made with me in mind, and every product I’ve tried (which is, er, most of them now), has been nothing short of incredible. I know, I’m laying it on thick here, but bare with me.

I found out this week that the products have launched in the UK on FeelUnique, and so I thought I’d do you all a solid and round-up my favourites for you. I’m SO EXCITED!
They’re very reasonably priced, and the products are formulated with Zip-Up technology, which works to ‘zip up’ split ends and strengthen the hair. Just what this bleach-and-heat lover needs.

Kristin Ess Leave-In Conditioner
I am truly addicted to this leave-in conditioner – I actually don’t think I’ve gone a hair wash without using it since I discovered it!
I have fine hair that is basically one big knot as soon as I come out of the shower, so this is an absolute essential for me! Not to be dramatic, but I still remember the first time I used this. My first thought was how much it smelled like my all time favourite fragrance (Byredo Mojave Ghost, FYI), but once my hair was dried, I noticed how incredibly soft and swishy it was. I was seriously impressed, my hair had never felt in such good condition!

Kristin says to spritz this on to hair that is still soaking wet from the shower. I usually leave my towel on to absorb some of the water, and then brush and style my hair as usual. Not only is my hair a dream to detangle, it’s soft and swishy once dried and it seems to hold the style longer too!

Kristin Ess Reconstructive Moisture Mask
I’ve run out of this so I just know it’ll be the first product I buy now it’s available here! It smells incredible, works to deep condition my hair, and it never weighs it down – which is perhaps the reason I love Kristin’s products so much, there’s never any buildup on my fine hair. It really is a must have for strengthening and softening hair. Me love.

Kristin Ess The One Signature Shampoo & Conditioner
This is my go-to hair wash duo at the moment, and probably for… ever. I had the Gentle range last time which I loved equally, so I can imagine myself keeping them all on rotation!
Again, I love these because they’re so lightweight and leave my hair looking swishy and glossy without any of that weighed-down feeling. I recommend adding these to your basket if you’re looking for an easy hair duo for healthy, strong locks.

Cruelty-free, lightweight haircare for all hair types…

Kristin Ess Air Dry Salt Spray
I love air-drying my hair, mostly because I’m lazy, but also because I’ve put myself on a heat ban!
This salt spray is designed to work without heat, adding beachy-nes with almost no effort. It’s a super fine mist that never leaves my hair crispy or crunchy, only adding texture in a big way.
The hair dries with a touch of a wave, but most importantly it stays soft and healthy – not a dry end in sight!

Kristin Ess Weightless Shine Working Serum
This is my other most-used product (up there with the magical Leave-In Conditioner!), it’s my go-to for some smoothing action and I use it often to give my hair a bit of glossiness.
It’s made to be used on wet hair, so I sweep it through the length and ends of my hair to keep flyaways at bay, but I also love to use it on second or even third day hair to smooth dry ends that have succumbed to the dry shampoo! It’s a miracle worker, for sure.

Kristin Ess Anytime Anywhere Recovery Balm
I’ve been a slave to the heat and bleach for too long, and so now I’m having to go back and salvage my poor locks. Oops.
This has come in handy, I warm a little bit up in my hands and smooth through before bed as a sort of overnight treatment/pre-shampoo balm. There’s a cute bun cap inside so you can sleep with it in no problem, and it works like a treat for nourishing and smoothing hair in need.
I use a tiiiiny bit on flyaways sometimes too, it’s great on hair that’s breaking off and needs to be tamed!

Kristin Ess Weightless Shine Air Dry Creme
This is a bit of a wonder product for minimising the amount of heat you use on your hair. On lazy days, I sweep through a small amount and leave my hair to dry while I work at my desk. It makes the styling process so effortless, and it works on all hair types for soft, shiny hair without the styling tools.
Kristin says to use the creme on hair that has been air dried halfway, that way your natural waves have started to form and the product will only aid the style. Scrunch a small amount in to hair and then leave to finish air drying – smooth, healthy hair with minimal effort!

Honestly, I’m completely smitten with this line (as if that isn’t obvious…!) It’s a haircare range I know I can rely on, and I’m literally in love with everything I’ve tried.
I’m overjoyed to finally be able to get these miracle-workers here in the UK, it definitely takes a lot of anxiety away!

Will you be picking anything up?

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  • The packaging is so you!

    Vivian | LIVE IN LOVE
    IG | @viviyunn_


  • These products sound incredible! Thank you for sharing this post lovely xx


  • Ashlee Elizabeth

    I love the leave in conditioner! When this came out in Target, I too was basically running to get my hands on it. The packaging is incredible, and the product inside is great. It’s also an amazing price point. So happy to see this!

    Ashlee | http://www.ashleestuart.com

  • Jade

    I have The One Signature Shampoo and Conditioner. I can’t seem to make it work for me. I have fine hair and I feel like it doesn’t rinse out properly. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I love the Working Serum though!

  • Lovely featured hair products … I really like it!

    🍂🌸🍁ROSES FOR FRIDAYS 🍂🌸🍁 | by mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • Anything that LC uses I totally want to use! Sounds so good 🙂

    Anika ♡ | anikamay.co.uk

  • Love the sound of this line! The packaging is also so nice! x

    Millie | http://www.bymillie.co.uk

  • I’ve been hearing so many great things about their line, and I honestly can’t wait to try it! <3 🙂 Thank you so much for this thorough review and for making me even more excited to try it hahaha!

    XO, Elizabeth T.

  • These products sound really nice! I would love to try them. X

  • I didn’t know this brand before but I guess I would try this brand because aesthetic is so pretty and the conditioner sounds nice – I don’t use shampoo, I usually go for scalp scrubs. I can totally see myself trying this brand soon 🙂

  • Not only do they sound amazing but the packaging looks so pretty! I haven’t come across the brand before definitely going to look into it! x

    http://www.thelifestyedit.com | Alexandra

  • Kathryn McCardell

    I tried some of her spray volume, the smell is awful, but I’m so picky , I didn’t care for rose or whatever it was.

  • I have been looking for some new hair products for my mane and lauren conrads hair just is goals. Will have to try kristen ess for myself.


  • Lisa Autumn

    Their packaging is to die for!

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

  • Mybeautysilence

    Such a beautiful packaging! <3


  • Natalie Redman

    Never heard of this brand before, will have to look out for them!


  • StrawberryMakeupBag

    Omg I’m legit screaming right now cause I to have been a fan of Kristin for the longest time and I’ve been swooning over her range for far away <3

    I need to try everything obvs, good thig the range it's easy on the pocket. x

    Beatrice | Strawberry Makeup bag

  • Amanda

    Just received the leave in conditioner from this range, it’s smells amazing a light conditioner that doesn’t make my hair go limp, can’t wait to try the rest of the range, thanks for recommendation!