3 Oct 2018 17 comments

Why I’m Embracing Autumn.

A is for Autumn…

Although you probably all know me as someone who spends most of September to March complaining about how cold it is, I really do love autumn. Those crisp mornings, that smokey smell in the air, the way everything seems to be coated in red, orange and yellow… what’s not to love?

Usually it takes me a little bit of time to adjust, I spend the first few weeks missing summer and refusing to wear tights. Silently rolling my eyes at everyone who lists why they’re ready for the new season.
This year I’ve just given in, I want an autumn overload. Come at me, pumpkin spiced fucking everything.

The fashion…

Even if I can’t get on board with the temperatures, I will always, always embrace autumn outfits. I love the complete shift from summer clothes to autumn; one week I was wearing fun florals, pastel blue hues and tan sandals and the next I was longing for tartan trousers, comfy knits and ankle boots!
I’ve been on Topshop and ASOS every day this week, having a browse at the new in sections and saving a few bits here and there. I’m way more inventive with my outfits at this time of the year, it feels like a completely fresh start for my wardrobe!

New in interiors…

If my living room doesn’t soon resemble the H&M home section, things are going to get messy. I need a new super soft blanket to live under in the evenings, another brass tray to hold my millions of candles and probably 80% of Anthropologie while I’m at it. Oh my god, I just remembered how good Anthropologie autumn candles are.
I want to paint mini pumpkins, rearrange my living room and burn only autumn-scented candles… you can expect some themed interiors posts coming your way imminently.

Evenings at home…

I’m planning on becoming even more of a homebody over the next few months! I’ve had quite a social summer, but the chilly Scottish temperatures mean I’m more likely to be having a date with Gogglebox and a hot chocolate.
Usually we host a lot more around this time of year; we throw together a cheese board, put on a fun playlist or spooky film and drink wine (or maybe tea if it’s a school night). I’m so ready for snuggly evenings in with my besties!
We actually have a sleepover planned this weekend, despite all of us fast approaching 30.

Bringing back my favourite accessories…

Last week my berets came out of storage and went back in the beret drawer (previously the travel adapter drawer), in the hallway cupboard. This week I dusted off my ankle boots, and gave my favourite black velvet Prada bag an outing.

I love bundling up in big scarves that double as blankets, if I don’t resemble Lenny K every time I leave the house… well, it’s not worth going out.
I’m going through a bit of a cardigan moment too, so expect to see an array of interesting knitwear too.

All the autumn baking…

I haven’t done any baking in about a year, but lately I’ve been eyeing up pastel KitchenAid mixers and thinking about my incredible banana bread recipe.
It’s a good excuse as any to go crazy in the Anthropologie kitchen section (one more set of themed measuring cups won’t hurt, will it?)
I can’t wait to watch Halloween films surrounded by cups of tea and various baked goods. It’s probably time I got back to the gym to be honest.

Switching out my beauty routines…

I have a post coming on this soon, but can we please talk about how fun it is to switch out your beauty products for the colder weather? Just yesterday I wore a bit of plum eyeshadow on my lower lashline thanks to a new NARS eyeshadow release, and tonight I’m going to give my skincare routine a little reshuffle for maximum moisture.
Oh, it’s an exciting time! I can’t wait to curate my makeup to include a ton of berries and golds.

The best TV…

Hello, I’m 87 years old. Yes I look forward to good TV as soon as it starts getting dark at 4pm.
I’m just starting watching Killing Eve (do yourself a favour and dive in, it’s so addictive), and next on my list is definitely Sharp Objects. After that? Who knows. Leave me some suggestions!
I want to be in a TV coma until at least April.

Endless bubble baths…

I LIVE for baths when it’s cold, sometimes when I’ve been out during the day and come home in the eve, I need to have the hottest bath to defrost myself. And it’s never just a case of simply running a bath; there’s gotta be candles, there’s gotta be a book or a playlist or maybe a film on my laptop, I need the perfect amount of only the finest bubble bath. It is an EXPERIENCE, you guys.
And that reminds me, I need to take myself to Lush to stock up…

Alright, so I’m basic. I’ve joined the masses in celebrating all things autumn – but what a magical time! I used to grumble about the dark mornings and the seven million layers I have to wear in order to function, but I think embracing the season is what it’s all about!

What do you look forward to at this time of year?

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