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My Summer Style Rules.

It’s time to embrace summer style…

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Most of you probably know me as having quite a summer-suited wardrobe; I live for white tops, floaty midis, pastel accessories and pretty mules, but despite all this I only came round to this seasonal style of dressing in the last few years!

Before then, I found changing up my wardrobe from winter (which, let’s face it, makes up 80% of the year in the UK) to summer was almost impossible. It was like a whole new me!
When I realised I could work with what I had, styling outfits became an entirely different game. Now I live for this low maintenance style of dressing!

So, I thought I’d share some of my everyday tips for nailing your own summer style…

Keep it casual…

I’ve always been a very effortless dresser; I’m at home in loafers, a midi dress and a leather jacket – there’s just something so chic about a thrown together outfit! I don’t think summer outfits have to be dressed up all the time – you can take your usual warm weather white tee and jeans combo and put a summer spin on it with some cute sandals and a basket bag!
Think of it as dressing down your usual outfits and you’ll see it in a whole new light…

…And keep it you.

A lot of what I wear in summer is just my winter outfits stripped back. I don’t wear a lot of black anyway, but I’ll swap out jeans for lighter tapered trousers, ankle boots for slide on sandals and jumpers for soft shirts or bardot tops. A few months ago I would have worn these striped trousers with a cream jumper, a beret and a pair of brogues, with a cosy camel coat on top – and my summer take on things isn’t too different!
As the sun has been shining lately, I went for a loose Topshop shirt tied at the waist, and a pair of yellow flats to keep it interesting. Easy peasy!

Summer dressing should be comfortable but cool…

Work in hints of colour.

I love, love, love working in cute hues wherever I can, I live for pops of colour in outfits and I find the easiest way to do this is with your accessories.
Handbags are always the finishing touch to any outfit, and this is certainly true of my current pick. The Cambridge Satchel Small Cloud bag has long been a favourite of mine, but this new Light Lilac Grain pick is the shade my summer wardrobe was missing. I love how this looks against the blue stripes and yellow shoes, it really does step the outfit up a notch.

If you’re looking for your ultimate everyday bag, the Cambridge Satchel New In section has you covered, so many delicious colourways!

Don’t overthink it.

This is forever my style advice; overthinking it ruins a look, if you ask me. If you’re worried about mixing colours (lilac, blue and yellow in my case!), you’re doing it all wrong. Clashing prints and colour palettes are what make an outfit, and that effortless style comes so easily when you’re a bit haphazard with your ensemble.
Start small with stripes and add in a pair of bright sandals, or go all out with a colourful floral midi and a white tee – it’s so much fun once you let go of any style rules you once had.

What can I say, I just love dressing for warmer weather! I love how versatile you can be, I feel like my outfits are so me when the weather is lovely.

What are your style rules for summer dressing?

*This post was made in collaboration with The Cambridge Satchel Company, a brand I’ve loved for many years! All views my own.

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