5 Dec 2017 17 comments

Gift Guide: Cosy Picks.

The cosy edit…

As I am the very definition of a homebody, I thought I’d do a cosy edit of my favourite picks for embracing the wintery weather. I love Christmas because it means you can snuggle up and really go in to full hibernation mode!

When it comes to my own wishlist, I really do love a few little pressies that I can actually get some use out of. I probably get the same things every year, but I love them – and anything super cosy is right at the top of my list.

Christmas isn’t complete without a fresh pair of PJs, something deliciously edible and a few bath products, so I’ve rounded up my favourite finds for you to peruse.

These gifts are all ideal for your best girls – there’s some smaller finds for BFFs and colleagues, as well as a few mumsy gifts too. I think anything tea or weather related (cute mugs or warm woollens!) make the best all-round gifts, but bubble baths and big slabs of posh chocolate also do well in my book!

Browse the below and let me know what you’ve got your eye on… your friends and family are gonna love you this year.

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