23 Nov 2017 19 comments

My Winter Beauty Swaps.

Cold weather wonders…

My skin is a bit of a diva all year round, but definitely steps it up a notch when the temperature plummets. Scotland is cold rn, you guys.
I keep my current beauty lineup on my dresser and I switch it up when I feel I need to – in all honestly, I’ve got a lot better with actually sticking to routines in the last few years! I actually -gasp- use products up these days… wild, right?

Anyway, this wintery edit has been a saviour for my eternally dehydrated complexion and reptilian limbs…

Oliver Bonas Bath Oil; This is an absolute must if you feel a cold coming on! I love the uplifting scent, it really helps to clear the airways if ya know what I’m sayin’.
A few drops in one of my indulgent evening baths and I’m good to go!

Sunday Riley Good Genes; This is a little somethin’ I use every now and again, it does seem to work wonders but I don’t love the smell and it can be a little too tingly if used too often. Anyway, it solves the issue of dull, lifeless skin throughout the winter months!

REN Pillow Spray; There’s not a lot this gal loves more than a good pillow spray! I don’t actually really know if these help at all, but I douse my bedding with it anyway – it seems to calm me in to a peaceful slumber. I just find the scent of lavender so, so soothing!

I’m all about layering up skincare, but only two or three products at a time. My skin seems to love when I have a good routine on the go!

Kiehl’s Dry Body Oil; This is a new release from Kiehl’s, who sit very high on my list of favey fave brands. I do love a good dry body oil, I’m usually in too much of a hurry to wait for lotions and potions to dry before I layer on my clothes. Plus, this smells deeeelish! Is there anything better than a beautifully scented body product? I think not.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair; I’m a little bit ashamed to say I kinda forgot about this skincare wonder, it’s been a long time since I had it in my stash.
I really think this makes a difference to the overall condition of my complexion, especially throughout winter when I really need to up my skincare game!
This new jumbo edition is available exclusively at Harrods, if you’re in the market for something a little extra.

Stila Convertible Colour Cream Blush; This is another product I rediscovered this year! How it ever slipped from my stash, I’ll never know.
I’ve realised that I always switch to cream blushers in winter, probably because my complexion is akin to the Sahara and I’ll take any extra dew I can get!
These may not look like much, but they’re easily the best cream blushers in my humble opinion.

Stella McCartney EDP; Oh, if this isn’t one of the most beautiful fragrances! I’ve worn this for a long, long time and although it’s quite a floral scent, I love it for winter! It’s quite sexy and musky, with just the right notes to make it light and feminine. I adore it.

Get ready for a winter update!

Oh, I do love a good beauty roundup! Will you be switching up your routines for winter?

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