22 Jan 2017 64 comments

Lazy Sunday Mornings.


To me, a lazy Sunday should always involve cups of hot coffee, Death Cab’s Narrow Stairs on the record player and a Diptyque candle burning – after a busy week I need some time to decompress a little, and prep for the week ahead.
It’s a staple part of our morning that we never seem to skip; a sleepy routine that we’ve mastered over the years and now look forward to through the week!

Since Jordan started on his coffee journey, we’re getting more and more in to crafting the perfect coffee. Well, he is. I still get a bit scared of the milk steamer!
We have the Sage Barista Express machine, a rather fancy set-up that my barista boyfriend approved. We’ve had it for around a year now and it gets a lot of use, making the perfect cup of coffee in no time.


We’ve been after the coveted Acme cups for so long, but they’re incredibly hard to find in the UK. We actually picked up these mint cuties in New Zealand, and bubble-wrapped them well for the flight home. Luckily they made it back unscathed!
I’m a flat white kinda girl, so we bought the flat white size and they’re just right. I’m presented with a cup of coffee first thing, usually with heart latte art that I can never resist snapping for Instagram! Although if he’s on an early start, I’ll have to make my own… but I’m getting better. The latte art? Meh, not so much.

As for beans, Jordan loves Artisan Roast – a local place that roasts their own beans. I got him a coffee subscription for Christmas, so a fresh pack of roasted beans arrives each month. If you’re a coffee lover, I highly recommend!

By the time the caffeine kicks in, I’m usually ready to start my day… or maybe I’ll get a little too comfy, and I’ll catch up on terrible TV from the week. Oh well, I tried.

Do you love coffee on the weekends?