26 Jan 2017 69 comments

Stationery Essentials For Staying On Track.


I’m a true stationery addict, and I really don’t think I could get by without the notebooks, sticky notes and washi tape I get through in a day! I recently went a little crazy stocking up for the new year (see the haul video here), so I thought I’d pick out my daily essentials for staying on track…

The first thing I do when I sit down at my desk in the mornings is make a list of tasks for the day, so my Rifle Paper Let’s Do This pad is an absolute must! The best bit is that it (looks good on Instagram) has little checkboxes so you can really get in there and feel like you’re killing it. Sometimes I even add in tasks I’ve already done just so I can tick that little box. Ahhh.

I stocked up desk-side essentials from Kikki.K recently; the matching clear stapler and tape dispenser are my favourites!


I also found these little adhesive notes that have come in so handy – especially if you work out of one big notebook like I do. I also leave myself a lot of notes around to keep me inspired and motivated, so they’re perfect for that.
I’ve been looking for these study sticky notes for so long! I wanted something to mark my page in my notebook and also in books for recipes and things. I’m very impressed that I managed to find them in Kikki.k!


My desk is now well-stocked, so I’m living the organised dream right now. I think having a clean, bright workspace and a good work set-up is key to feeling like you’re on track.
I started off the year feeling behind due to travelling and illness, so I’m finally catching up and feeling like I’m on top of things!

Do you love stationery as much as me?