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Beauty Secrets I Swear By.

I’ve been captivated by cosmetics for as long as I can remember; my gran gave me my first lipstick when I was about four years old. It is one of my very first memories (along with her taking me to get my ears pierced for my fifth birthday!), and I think it sparked my love of makeup.

Over the years, I’ve definitely settled into routines and rituals when it comes to beauty – some of which have been inspired by tips I’ve read in magazines, others are secrets passed down to my mother from her mother.

When Roger&Gallet asked me if I could introduce a few of my own secrets, I couldn’t wait to share the rituals that make me feel my best.
The idea was sparked by the brands new range; Aura Mirabilis. A collection for four skin-enchancing wonders that are created with the power of 18 distilled plants to ensure a complexion that is perfected and glowing.


Cleansing Is Key
I learned very quickly how important cleansing is – removing my makeup is an essential part of my evening routine, and I love how glowing it makes my skin.
I love a two-step cleanse; first I use something quenching yet purifying to remove impurities and grime, and then I follow it up with another product just to ensure I have removed every trace. I adore the Roger&Gallet Aura Mirabilis Extra Fine Cleansing Mask. The soft gel/balm formula melts in to the skin and sweeps away makeup with it. I use this mainly as my makeup remover of choice, but once a week I’ll leave it on for a few minutes as a mask to promise super cleansed skin!
The cleanser goes hand in hand with my favourite product of the range – the Aura Mirabilis Beauty Vinegar. This sits somewhere between a cleanser and a toner, working to purify the skin by ensuring the remains of cleanser and makeup are removed, but also perking up the complexion and prepping the skin for treatments. It feels so luxe to apply, and my skin looks so awakened after every use.

A Little TLC
The modern woman is definitely just as busy as our mothers and grandmothers before us, but there’s something to be learned from the careful routines of the previous generations!
I use to really hurry my beauty prep – I’d wash out conditioner instantly, run through my morning skincare routine, skip body lotion! I never took the time to really put effort in to my rituals, and I never felt good about it either.

Now, I put a little time and effort in to my rituals as I apply lotions and potions. I wash and dry my hair with care. I also never skip out on skincare treatments, because they really do make a difference when it comes to the overall condition of your skin.
I love the Aura Mirabilis Double Extract, a bi-phase ultra-silky serum that contains distilled plants to supercharge the complexion. It feels so delicious to apply, instantly sinking in to the face and promising an instant glow.
Never underestimate the work of a good skincare treat!


Hydration As You Snooze
I’m sure we’ve all heard about the love of old-school cold creams in beauty throughout the ages, but luckily overnight skincare has evolved somewhat since then!
However, we still know the importance of a good moisturiser – which is why I always recommend layering on the creams before bed.
I like to slick on a good helping of foot cream before applying socks in winter – it works wonders on hard skin.
I also always, always apply lip balm and hand cream before I snooze, it’s a quick step that makes such a difference come morning.

As for skincare, I adore the fabulous Roger&Gallet Aura Mirabilis Legendary Cream – a softening moisturiser packed full of skin-loving ingredients to hydrate and protect. Applying this before you hit the hay means it works uninterrupted as you snooze.
If you want a radiant, even complexion, this is your BFF!


Know When To Splurge
…and when to save!
One learning curve when it comes to beauty is knowing when to spend a little, and when it’s okay to go budget. This is something that has come to me over time, but generally I think it’s okay to spend more on skincare treatments, foundations and hair masks.
Items such as mascaras, blushers, cleansers, shampoo and lotions can be bought on a budget, but I’ve always found there will always be a few products in your routine that you either can’t live without, or can’t bear to budget on!
I feel like as I get older, I know what I like and it’s sometimes hard to use anything else. Such is life when you’re a beauty lover!

Do you have any beauty secrets to share? Either tips that have been passed on by sisters or grandmothers, or advice you read in a magazine?

I also shared the skincare routine in full below…

* this post was created in collaboration with Roger & Gallet.

  • Yiotou_La

    Cleansing is my #1 secret to have great skin! I always do a two-step cleansing too, I use a wash gel first and I follow with a toner or my natural rose water spray to pick up any residues or dirt left before applying my serum!


  • Such a great post, I love Roger&Gallet and I’m so glad they’ve finally launched a skincare range for the face! I will definitely try the Extra Fine Cleansing Mask!


  • I 100% agree with your statement that cleansing is important. Cleansing is crucial for healthy and glowing skin. Even if it’s really hard to make yourself to go to bathroom after really hard day,but you need to do it because the next morning you will be surprised how everything’s changed. Love this post!

    Victoria x

  • Lovely post! I always try to spend a little bit longer cleansing my skin, or applying lotion after I shower, it’s so important! x


  • Great post! Hydrating while I sleep is key for me!

    xo, Liz

  • Ooh these are some really great tips, I’m definitely going to give them a go x


  • Great tips! I am definitely more apt to splurge on foundation and skincare while buying budget blushes, mascaras, shampoos, and conditioners.

    Carrie | http://carrieelise.com/

  • Wonderful tips . . . True beauty starts with a good facial skincare. Those beauty products looks to be terrific to try! 🙂

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  • Great tips! I love using cleaners to remove my makeup, it makes my skin feel so refreshed. And as someone that is prone to very dry lips, applying a lip balm before bed is an absolute must!

    Toni x

  • Caroline Malone

    I need to remember to take time when doing my routines, before I go to bed I want to rush it so I can get into bed as soon as possible but totally agree that it’s super important to take more time and it will ultimately make you feel less stressed! I think for me, I like to splurge on moisturiser and oils as I’m very weary on changing them up when I’ve found one that works! xx


  • i always cleanse my skin and put moisturizer on. always. no matter how tired i am because my skin needs it. the pictures look just flawless.


  • Abi

    The one thing I learnt from my mum is to never skip your skincare routine and she looks pretty fab! Beautiful pictures 🙂


  • The brand sounds fab, I love that it contains lots of natural plants and also your skin is looking UHMAZING <3 I usually use 4-7 products of a night, even morning, but now I've switched to 3 things and my skin feels so good (and lots of time saved)

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • I’m loving the clean packaging of this brand – it sounds lovely! <3 🙂 And oh my, the beauty vinegar sounds amazing! I'd love to try it! Like you, I fell in love with cosmetics at a young age (maybe my early teens?), and I'm always open to adding new things to my skincare routine!

    XO, Elizabeth

  • Amy

    Beautiful photos as always Kate – the packaging of these products is stunning. I’ve learned to save on some products now but there are some things in my skincare routine I really couldn’t live without, despite the big splurge. One thing I’ve always learned from my gran & mum is to always use an SPF and my mum swears by rosewater. She looks incredible for her age!

    Amy | http://www.whatamydid.co.uk

  • Cleansing really is everything. I used to be so lax about it but now I take my cleansing routine very seriously, both AM and PM.

  • Maggie

    These photos are a dream! I am a firm believer in the double cleanse now too!


  • These sound heavenly! I cannot get over the photos either, they are stunning!


  • Gorgeous photographs! And we’re loving your skincare secrets! We have some marvellous products to help you on your skincare journey, we’re big believers in cleansing too!

  • Your photos are stunning, as always Kate. I’ve really been getting into skincare recently so this was a great read! I’m all for a great cleanser x

    Lindsey | http://www.glamourpants.com