10 May 2020 13 comments

A Tour Of My Office.

Our at-home workspace!

At the start of lockdown, Jord and I decided to transform our spare room back in to a proper functioning office space! For a while it was just a cluttered spare room with my desk in it – not very inspiring and definitely not the kind of space we could both work from.

It was meant to be just a quick declutter and rearrange, but we ended up tidying up the walls, painting the room, changing the curtains, putting up new prints and completely reorganising the entire room. A bigger job than we expected, but it was so worth it!

I can’t believe what a difference it has made to the space. It’s bright and airy, it feels relaxing to be in and we’ve really appreciated the extra space to retreat to.

I uploaded a full tour of the room to IGTV, but I wanted to share a few extra photos here as well as some links to shop below. A lot of what I have is old of course, but I found what I could and have shared some similar pieces too.

What do you think of our new office space?

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