3 Mar 2020 6 comments

My March Goals.

The coming weeks…

Guys, we are so close! Spring is in sight – say goodbye to icy mornings, coming home in the dark, hibernating throughout winter and only wearing jumpers and jeans for a solid five months! Oh I cannot wait for the start of the new season, even if it means I’ll have to start shaving my legs and agreeing to plans again.

March is set to be a good month for the most part. I’m still not feeling 100% myself so I get a little nervous about making big plans because who knows how I’ll be when the time comes, but I can’t just hibernate forever sadly!

March makes me think of my mum because it would have been her birthday and then there’s Mother’s Day. Our first without her.
Like me, my mum just loved this time of year, she loved gardening and would spend every spare minute outside with her plants. I have so many wonderful memories of her in the spring. It’s still so hard to believe she’s gone, the grief comes in waves and I’m really feeling it this week.

Anyway, let’s chat about what the month will bring for me. I’m excited to read your goals for the month ahead too!

01. I’ve got some meetings and work trips to London and beyond this month, I’ve really neglected the ol’ London trips lately but I feel like things start to pick up at this time of year. I’m feeling a bit over my social platforms at the moment and I’m not really sure what’s next for me, but I’m hoping a catchup with my agents and my favourite brands will help to pull me out of this funk. Being around likeminded girls is so motivating and inspiring, so I know I’ll come back feeling refreshed!

02. Jordan and I have a trip to New York planned for later this month and I can’t wait to explore my favourite city again! It’s only our second time back since we got married there, and the last time we went I was super unwell after my LLETZ treatment, which meant that I couldn’t enjoy it so much. I’m hoping for a better trip this time – I’ve actually got a proper itinerary drawn up (why am I like this?), but let me know if you have any other recommendations!

03. Amongst all that travel, the renovations over in the new flat are in full swing and I’m actually wondering how I’m going to juggle everything! I’m either feeling restless and looking for projects or I’ve got 7 big things on the go and I’m trying desperately to keep it together.
This month the bathroom is being worked on (a big job) and the kitchen prep should be starting soon too (also a nightmare project!), and we’re also getting the flooring laid – yikes. It’s been such a long process and now the hard part really starts… wish me luck! If I never speak of it again I’ve thrown the keys in the Clyde and drawn a line under it.

04. I started this year on such a good health-kick, I made some really positive changes to my lifestyle and they had such a profound effect on me! I’ve been feeling so good lately – eating less rubbish, drinking a lot less and hitting up the gym 5 times a week. I do it more for my general wellbeing, but I’ve noticed that my clothes are looking a lot better and I’ve had to size down here and there too. WIN WIN.
I’ve been a bit lax with the no sugar and alcohol rule during the week rule lately but I’m determined to get back on it ASAP. Does anyone else eat well Monday – Friday and then give themselves a break at the weekend? I really think it’s the reason why I count down to Friday night every week…

05. Towards the end of the month I have some time to catch up on myself, and hopefully I’ll have lots of lovely New York and renovation content for you all! I’ve been doing a lot of little IGTV videos lately which I’ve enjoyed, but this blog will always be my main platform and I want to channel that a little more this year. Blog first, social media second.

So that’s my month in a nutshell! What’s new with you guys? Any exciting plans for March?!

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  • I’m so happy spring is nearly here, it really does feel like coming out from a long hibernation! Your New York trip sounds like it will be a lot of fun – I just caught up on your LLETZ treatment post and appreciate your vulnerability in sharing all of that!

    Kathryn • simplykk.com

  • Hazel @ Places + Peonies

    Spring reminds me of my mom as well! She’d open all the windows, blast music and work on her garden growing up. I try to make my apartment smell like flowers in the Spring. I’m so happy she’s found time again to work on her garden!

    I’m so excited for winter to be over! I hate the cold!

  • I’m so jealous of you going to New York, hope you have the best time! I cannot wait for slightly warmer weather and lighter evenings 🙂 x

    – charlotte / charlottesspace.com

  • Ashlee Roeschen

    I love the photos in this blog post. Stunning! And I can’t wait for Spring as well. It puts me in such a good mood. I’m sitting on my patio in the sun right now reading my book, complete bliss.

  • Natalie Redman

    What great goals!


  • Love your goals! You look stunning in this dress! x