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My Daily Happy Habits – AD.

*This post is in collaboration with Origins. See full disclaimer at the end.

Staying On Track…

I think we all have high hopes for the start of the year when it comes to our health and lifestyle goals, and as much as people will roll their eyes at that, I think it’s good to have targets that are achievable – even if you um, don’t quite achieve them! This year I’ve already smashed a couple of targets I set myself (Dry January, a month without sugar, regular workouts!) and I actually think I’ve made some positive changes that I’ll stick to from here on out – although sugar is definitely back in my diet!

Working from home (and for myself!) means that I really have to be the one to motivate myself, so sticking to a daily routine really helps me to stay on track, and the healthy habits I’ve set myself always feel manageable and worthwhile.
I recently shared my Habit tracking App on my Instagram Stories and I had a lot of lovely feedback about how a few small changes have made a difference to your life too, so I wanted to go in to a bit more detail on the daily goals that make up my everyday tick-list!

I love these mantras because I can apply them to life at home and life on the move. I swear by them when I travel (especially when jetlag makes an appearance!), when I’m feeling overwhelmed or just having a bit of downtime during the weekend – there’s just something so motivating about staying on track!

Take A Few Moments For Yourself First Thing
I always say that waking up is hard no matter what time you set your alarm, so you may as well set it 20-30 minutes earlier and make it count!
I used to have this routine of waking up and checking my phone, I’d flick through the news and try to get geared up for the day but I ended up just feeling anxious. To tackle the current affairs like that first thing wasn’t doing me any favours, so now I have a quick glance at my phone to check nothing important has come in overnight, and then I use the time before I have to get up to wake up right. I usually make a coffee and then head back to bed to sip it while it gets light outside – it’s these moments of clarity that transform my mood for the day ahead! I love a bit of time to just zone out and collect my thoughts (ie. stare in to space), there’s something therapeutic about it I’m telling ya.

Leave The House Feeling Good
I’m all for going makeup-free when I dash out to grab milk or get a coffee, but I do like to look presentable when I’ve got an agenda on the go! I always find that if you’ve made a bit of an effort with your appearance, you radiate good energy and feel better for it. Which sadly means no working at home in my PJs either, getting dressed every day is a must for productivity!

For me this means always making sure my bedhead is taken care of (fine hair problems!), and my skin is looking fresh!
I’ve spoken before about my love for the Origins Dr Andrew Weil Mega Mushroom range, it’s the perfect collection to soothe, calm and refresh skin, including sensitive skin. I’ve used the best-selling Soothing Treatment Lotion for a while now and I love how refreshing it is to apply. It’s a quick hit of hydration, reducing redness and perking up my complexion in a one-r.

So of course I was overly excited about the release of their latest addition – the Origins Mega Mushroom Relief & Resilience Soothing Gel Cream For Eyes. The combination of the mushroom-packed, antioxidant rich formula and the cooling metal applicator instantly soothes and hydrates the eye area, giving me a fresh-faced look in one quick application. Ideal for on the go applications, I pop it in my gym bag and take it with me when I travel too. It’s such a simple step that really makes me feel good about myself.

Do One Thing For Yourself Everyday
I really do live quite a busy but mundane life through the week! I wake up, exercise, work and then chill in the evening, so doing something for myself every day makes me feel content. Sometimes it’s setting aside time at night to sip wine in the bath with a playlist, other times I’ll sack off work to read my book in a nearby cafe, or – and now this truly is my favourite activity – compile my dream Net-A-Porter wishlist only to cackle at the total and close the lid of my laptop.
Right now I’ve taken to picking up my book when I feel like I need a break from my phone – my focus isn’t always great these days with all the notifications that crop up, but I try to fit in a couple of chapters to switch off when I feel overwhelmed.

Stay One Step Ahead
I call this ‘looking out for my future self’ and it stems from my terrible habit of trying on seven outfits while getting ready for the day, and then leaving the discarded clothes on the floor to come home to that evening. Fun.
I think a little bit of forward planning really helps me be the best version of myself, and that means putting my clothes back on the hangers… or better yet, picking my outfits out the night before!
I also love planning my meals in advance so we don’t end up ordering pizza twice a week, and jotting down my weekly to-do list on a Sunday evening to keep the Monday blues at bay. All little, oh so manageable tasks, but definitely things I actively have to make an effort to do!

My Mushroom Toast…

I have this at least twice a week, I just can’t get enough of mushrooms!

To make, slice a few mushrooms (I love a mix of wild and portobello) and add to a pan with a teaspoon of butter and a clove of minced garlic. Stir until golden, around a few minutes.

While you do this, slice and toast some crusty bread. Mash up an avocado with a good squeeze of fresh lime juice and some salt and pepper.
Layer the avocado on to the toast, add on the cooked mushrooms and garnish with chilli flakes and fresh chopped parsley. Serve with a hot cup of coffee & you’re good to go.

Make Your Thoughts Positive Ones
I cannot stress how much of a difference this makes! I read somewhere that if you wake up and tell yourself you’ve had a good sleep (even if you absolutely haven’t!), you’ll feel better for the entire day – wild, right?
I start the day thinking of the plans I’m looking forward to that day, and I try to put a positive spin on the things I’m not so excited about too – like the emails currently taking over my inbox or the gym class I’ve agreed to later. I really believe changing the way I think has had such a massive impact on my day to day life, especially when a lot of my day is spent on social media.

My Morning Sounds…

I listen to music all day long; as I get ready in the morning, while I make my breakfast, during my walk to the gym, and on the train in to town for meetings. I am truly never without my headphones!
I have a go-to uplifting playlist to get me going first thing, so if you need a little pick me up, allow me..

My weekend workout…

My workouts on the weekends are my favourite because I usually have a bit more time to move! This is my go-to gym routine, I never get bored of it because the sets are so quick and fun, you can choose the levels and weights to suit you.

•10 minutes on the cross-trainer (level 10-12)
•10-15 minutes of incline sprints (20s on/20s off, increasing speed & incline each time)
•Cardio circuit: kettlebell swings/box jumps/slam ball/weighted squats (10 reps/4 sets total)
•Upper arm workout: lat pull-downs/shoulder press/lat raises (10 reps/4 sets)
•Ab workout: Russian twists (with a small weight)/leg raises/toe touches (10 reps/4 sets) & stretch to finish!

Find A Reason To Move
Fitness is a big part of my life, and not just to work off my weekly dose of chocolate chip cookies (but also that). I swear by a morning workout to keep me feeling full of beans – it’s become a part of my routine that really keeps me in check.
My daily aim is ideally to go to the gym or to hit 10,000 steps on my Fitbit – any sort of exercise gets the endorphins flowing and makes me feel WONDERFUL, and who can argue with that!?
At the weekends I’ll meet friends for coffee and a walk round the park, and that way it never feels like exercise! Find a reason to move at least a few times a week and I can guarantee you’ll feel brand new.

A Little Bit Of Meal Prep Goes A Long Way
Okay, can I please take a moment to say how much I rate meal planning?! I spend half an hour at the weekend to search Pinterest and my cookbooks for inspiration, load up my online shopping basket with ingredients and plan my meals for the week ahead! Not only does this save me dropping £££ on Deliveroo, I also find we rarely waste food because we buy only what we need. It feels like a bit of an effort on a lazy Sunday morning but it’s absolutely worth it every single time.

I think these are all pretty manageable habits to keep on top of, once you have them in mind they quickly become routine and you keep up with them without even thinking about it! I use my Habits App to track the basics (10k steps, gym, healthy eating, my reading goals etc.) and everything else falls alongside it.

Do you track your daily goals? What are some of your habits that you love to keep on top of?

*This post features a sponsored inclusion in collaboration with Origins, all opinions my own.

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    Also: the eye cream?! 100% checking that out too.

    Monica x

  • kforkarli

    I’ve downloaded the Habit app but am finding when I don’t gym I feel a bit disappointed in myself. It is interesting at the end of the of the month though to see the patterns of attendance/non-attendance. I’ve followed your playlists – I’m a bit hopeless with music so am hoping I find some new things to inspire me. I LOVE those bowls!

  • Thank you for sharing!!
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    Thanks for the playlist x listening to it in the mornings now !!!

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