7 Aug 2019 11 comments

Summer Wardrobe Wishing.

My seasonal edit…

Oh my gosh, what is this weather we’ve been having?! I said yesterday that everyday I wake up, check the weather and then dress accordingly… and everyday whatever I’ve worn has been wrong! The (weirdly humid!) sweltering summer temps have hit me really hard, and getting dressed has never been so tricky!

I realised recently that my wardrobe lacks easy, everyday dresses that I can throw on – you know the ones that are low maintenance AND look good? I hate having a wardrobe of outfits that require a certain (often uncomfy) bra, crease after an hour, feel tight when I sit down or require a last minute leg shave. Floaty, effortless midi dresses are what I need more of!

This season, my usual uniform revolves around comfy sandals and my trusty Vans plus loose-fitting dresses galore (like this Sézane Sola Dress which I have not taken off since I got my hands on it). In this kind of heat, functionality and practicality reigns supreme.

To spice up my wardrobe a little, I’m constantly on the look-out for casual dresses with simple details and effortless designs I won’t get bored of – like this tiered Topshop number! I’m loving puffy sleeves and square necklines too, and I always look out for simple yet gorgeous block colour dresses that I can throw on and go without much thought. I am so drawn to bright colours and quirky garms that I’ve ventured out and bought a few statement accessories (note the regal blush-pink headband). As they say, it’s all about the finishing touches…

There are so many beautiful pieces that I want to purchase, so I thought I’d pull them all together in a sort of bumper summer special. Let me know if you get on board with the bold!

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