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My Spring Rituals // AD.

AD // This is a paid sponsored post in collaboration with Origins.

Small changes, big impressions!

I probably say this every year, but I really couldn’t be more thrilled that Spring has finally made an appearance. It feels like turning over a new leaf, I always get this rush of creativity and drive at this time of year, I guess it’s the lighter mornings and brighter days… whatever it is, I feel like I really flourish as soon as the sun finally makes an appearance.

A new seasons brings about new rituals for me; I’m waking earlier, I’m moving more and I’m feeling so much more positive and cheerful too. I’ve shaken up my routines and I’m breathing life in to all areas of my life, so of course I had to share the changes with you too…

Starting The Day Right

I always say I’m a morning person, I wake early and I’m pretty perky first thing (meanwhile Jordan requires two double espressos to function, so we’re like a comedy duo at 7am!), but I’m guilty of taking a while to get in to the swing of things, so I wouldn’t exactly say I’m always productive early on in the day! I’ll often sit in my dressing gown and sip tea until it’s time to leave the house at 9.30, which means (if I don’t have the gym first thing) I faff about for two and a half hours… why am I like this?!

I started reading The Miracle Morning after hearing rave reviews, and I’m really trying to put the habits in to practice and make my mornings as productive as possible. I now get up and showered as soon as wake, and then make a start on my breakfast and packed lunch before sitting with a tea and planning my day – I use this time to clear my head a little and put my tasks down on paper so I can organise my thoughts better.
Taking an hour in the morning to think about where I’m at that day has really helped this chaotic girl get her act together!

A Spring Clean

My favourite thing to do on a sunny Saturday morning is pop on a face mask (Origins Drink Up 10 Min Mask, FYI), open the windows in every room in our flat, press play on a happy Spotify playlist and spring clean the place!
I’ll tidy up my floordrobe (heh), clean my makeup brushes, do a load of washing, change the bedsheets and do a food shop – it works WONDERS for my mood, I’m telling you!
I also make sure I have fresh flowers in my home at all time, it’s one of those little rituals that makes me feel so much happier at home. If I don’t have a MUD bouquet that week, I like to buy cheap bunches of blooms from the supermarket or the florist and create my own bouquets in colourful vases and set them in my favourite spots – on our kitchen table, the living room mantlepiece, by my bedside. Such a mood-lifter!

Moving More

It’s true what they say you know, exercise does wonders for your mind and body! I go to the gym first thing in the morning three times a week and it always helps to set me up for the day, and I also find I feel more awake (especially towards the afternoon when usually I’d hit a slump!) and I sleep way better too.
I used to walk to the gym each morning in the dark (usually in treacherous weather conditions!) but now the mornings are lighter, it’s so much more bearable. I put on a fast-paced playlist and most of the time I actually enjoy it!
Once my session is done, I feel so cheerful and ready to tackle the day – I just love that feeling!

Introducing The New Origins Blooming Lip Colours…

I’ve secretly been making my way through an assortment of these newly released lips shades since October, a perk of my Origins Ambassador status! The two formulas use elements of twelve different flowers to create rich and colourful lip products; the waxes within come from mimosa and tuberose, while geranium and rose oils provide the subtle floral scent. Whole crushed flowers of lavender, jasmine and hibiscus are blended in to each and every lipstick, so you really will be blooming with each wear!

The Blooming Bold Lipsticks are the more vibrant offerings of the two; the satin-finish looks so natural and the creamy texture applies like a dream. I always get compliments whenever I wear these shades.
My favourite shades are Bold Bouquet, a rich rosy pink, Coral Blossom, a deep bold pink, Nectar-Licious, my most worn hue as it’s the most perfect everyday pink, and Tiger Lily, the ultimate red that brightens your smile and works for every occasion.

The Blooming Sheer Lip Balms are my favourite lip launch in a long time; the low-maintenance formula ticks all my boxes – I find every shade is so flattering, but I have two that I wear endlessly – Pink Blossom is the perfect match for my skin tone, a perky pink that gives lips a bit of colour and a lot of nourishment. At the opposite end of the spectrum there’s Sweet Iris, a deep berry that adds a hint of colour and tons of shine – an unexpected favourite of mine.

Feeling Happier In Myself

I said recently that I had hit a bit of a slump in terms of my wardrobe and my appearance in general; winter trends weren’t doing it for me anymore and I’d been dreaming of midi dresses and basket bags!
Now that the days are a bit brighter, I’ve been making an effort to feel more like me – even if I’m just going to be at my desk that day, I still try to sweep on some lipstick and wear an outfit that isn’t jeans. It’s these little rituals that have me feeling so much more positive!

Working In Colour

If you know me, you’ll know I’m not one to shy away from colour, but come spring I feel like I embrace the bright hues so much more. My wardrobe gets a rainbow overhaul around this time of year – from pastel blouses and printed midis and patterned dresses, and I always try to slick on a lip shade to match my outfit. It’s amazing how much something so small can make a big impact on my mood!

Despite seeming like just a few small changes, it’s these little rituals that have the biggest impact on my mood at this time of year! I hope you’re all as excited about lighter, brighter days as I am! What are some of your spring rituals?

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  • Faye

    Such a beautiful post Kate! I love all of your tips for making an effort this season, in fact you’ve inspired me to do a big spring clean! I absolutely love the look of those new Origin lip products too, it’s my birthday at the end of April so a couple of these have been popped onto my birthday list…

    The shades Peony Perfect and Pink Blossom are speaking to me the most, I’m definitely feeling more of a pink hue this spring.

    Lovely post as always Kate, I always look forward to reading your new posts as well continuously looking back on old posts too.

    I hope Spring is good to you!

    Faye x

    • Hey again Faye. Thanks so much for the comment. I love a lil’ Spring make up refresh. It’s the perfect time to take stock and re imagine. I wish you a fab Spring also. x

  • Thanks for sharing these great tips


    • No problem Natalya, glad you enjoyed reading! x

  • Always so inspirational in your post, always poised to take on the day, and absolutely always looking beautiful in your photos. Love ♥️the photos and featured items.

    🌸🍃ROSES FOR FRIDAYS 🌸🍃| by mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • Rebecca Jenkins

    I have recently decided that every Monday, Wednesday & Friday will be my gym & studying at the university days, this week has been the first of that sort of setup & already I’m feeling better. I’m probably also going to try to walk one of the dogs (both is just too hard) on the off days, so that they & I can enjoy some time outside the yard. It is actually Autumn in Australia, so I’m happy that it’s finally starting to cool down to something vaguely tolerable (35+ just isn’t compatible with going outside for more than 2 seconds)

    • Hey Rebecca, I’m glad to hear you have got a routine that you are enjoying so far. I just love spending time outdoors, soul healing! x

  • Rituals make me feel a little more positive too. My biggest habit is the gym, and just trying to see the sunny side more often. Loving the creativity in these photos 🙂

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

    • Hey Anika, oh that’s such a good habit to have, getting those endorphins going. Glad you like the photos and thanks for commenting. x

  • Lisa Autumn

    Oh I love a good spring clean!

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    • It’s just the best feeling in the world. x

  • I am loving these rituals! A good Sunday tidy, exercise and fresh flowers would do wonders for anybody 🙂 Also, such beautiful pictures, as always <3


    • Thanks for commenting Isabel and glad you like the photos! x

  • I used to love Origins skin care it was all I really used once I realized we need to take care of our skin as we get older. The 10 minute out of trouble mask is my favorite of their and I need to repurcahse! I’ve never used any of their makeup even though I’ve heard nothing but wonderful reviews. I’m a sucker for lipsticks I’ll have to go into my local Origins and take a peek at the lovely red-orange shade!

    Juliana | Ohhjuliana

    • Hey Juliana, thank you for commenting. I love being an ambassador for Origins, I love their ethos and everything they stand for. The lipsticks are so cute and super fun to experiment with. K x

  • These lip balms look really nice. I’m a lip balm addict so I need to give these a go. I also have to mention how beautiful your dress is!❤️

    Arianna | Southernbelleforever.com

    • Hey Arianna, you should defo try – so nourishing! Thank you, that’s so sweet! I’m going to make red more of a thing now! x

  • I love your spring rituals <3 🙂 This post makes me excited about the new season too!

    XO, Elizabeth T.

  • This is such a beautiful post! Finding morning rituals that work the best for you is always amazing. It sets the tone for the whole day. x

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

    • Hey Antonia, thanks for the comment and I totally agree, it can have such a positive effect. x

  • I love to do all of these things, they help so much to make me much happier throughout the day!

    Danielle xx

    • I think so too! Thanks for the comment Danielle. x

  • I’m the worst for waking up and sitting on the sofa until I’m late, its definitely best to have a shower as soon as you get up – really starts you off right for the day!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • I’m quite a morning person but I need my routine in the morning. A nice breakfast and some time just to myself to get ready in peace. the miracle morning sounds right up my street. I need to read it.