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My March Goals.

My aims for March…

Ahh a bit of summer dreaming coming your way today! I never had the chance to share these photos from Mauritius after my trip back in January, but it seemed like the perfect time to post them now as part of my monthly update – especially as I’m jetting off again this month (more on that below!)

I feel like things start to pick up again at this time of year, as does my mood! The first two months of the year feel like they go so slowly and then before we know it, the year flies by.
March is set to be a good one, I’m excited for what’s to come and I’m looking forward to warmer weather and a few fun updates to be finished in our flat!

01. This month Jordan and I are off on our first trip away together since our honeymoon to Bali last September, and I cannot wait! We’re going to Venice, I booked cheap flights on a whim forever ago – Jordan has always said how much he wants to go back, he’s been a few times now I think but it’ll be my first visit.
I’ve been trying to get a little itinerary on the go but I haven’t actually added all that much to my list just yet, so here’s hoping you guys can provide me with a few places to check out. We love good food, good sights and even better coffee – hit me with some sweet, sweet recommendations please!

02. I’ve got lots of exciting work projects on at the moment so I’m feeling very thankful for that, I love that it’s my job to create beautiful imagery for brands, and to share my life with you guys while I’m at it!
I’m working on an event with Origins here in Glasgow as part of my ambassadorship with them (which I’m still pinching myself about!), so if you’re local keep your eyes peeled for that! I want it to be super casual with a chance to get to know everyone so I’m hoping we can do a couple of sessions in the coffee shop. I’ll share the details on Stories when I have more news.

03. I feel like it’s been forever and ever since we did anything to the coffee shop, but we’re planning a small update for Spring. We’ve been talking about replacing the seating, which was meant to be temporary but has somehow lasted through the first year and beyond, for a while now and I’m hoping we’ll be getting it done soon!
I usually leave most of the decisions to Jordan but I know he values my opinion with things like the interiors and the seasonal drinks, and I like being involved – I just wish we had more time to get creative with it! We’d love to serve food at some point, we currently only do gluten-free and vegan cakes, but neither of us have a big interest in food so it’s taking some time to find a way to do it. I was hoping we could get someone in to create some deeeelish sandwiches, but no such luck as of yet! If there’s a chef in the making out there with a desire to make savoury food for an indie coffee shop, hit us up…

04. This month marks a year since we’ve been back to New Zealand, the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing my family and also a year since my brother got married. Him and his wife are expecting, and their baby girl is due this month so I’m desperate to make a trip over.
I find it tricky to find time to go to New Zealand because you really have to go for a good amount of time, and for Jordan, my brother Matthew and I to all find a big gap in our schedules is near impossible – and when we do, the flights are sky high! I’m hoping we can go next month while it’s still warm over there!

This ended up being quite a big update from me, I’m definitely getting more and more used to sharing so much with you lot!
What’s new for you all this month? Any updates or goals to share?

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  • Can’t wait to see the changes you make to the coffee shop! Your interiors updates are always to die for. xx

    • Hey Sharni. Thank you – I can’t wait to get stuck in! x

  • Dressed With Soul

    Wonderful denim combo!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • Love your top, it’s so pretty!

    Alisha x | https://alishaxali.blogspot.com/2019/02/lifeupdate.html

    • Thanks Alisha, love that milkmaid is making a comeback! x

  • So excited to see the fun projects!

    Kendal / Life With Kendal

    • Hey Kendal, thanks for the comment. I hope you like them when the time comes. x

  • Lisa Autumn

    Happy March you bombshell!

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

  • Always an inspirational read. Fun little projects makes it more exciting for the month of March! Go get them Beautiful one!

    🌸🍃ROSES FOR FRIDAYS 🌸🍃| by mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

    • Hey Mia, thanks for commenting. I find that little milestones can be way more monumental than big ones. Small steps!

  • I really like the idea of having goads each month, something I might try! Good luck with yours 🙂

    What I Know Now

    • It’s something I absolutely live by, such a game changer!

  • I hope you get to go to NZ soon babe! And congrats on your new niece


    Ellie xx

  • I really hope you make it to NZ. I really love your top, its so pretty!


  • Your trip to Venice sounds lovely! I’m forever envious of people living in the UK and across Europe, because the flights to such cool places are probably so short (I live in Eastern Canada). I’m sure you and Jordan will have a lovely time! It’s always nice to have a bit of a trip planned as a way to have something to really look forward to. I hope you’re able to make it to New Zealand!

    – Georgia | thestatesofgeorgia.com

    • Hey Georgia. Thanks for commenting and I totally feel you. When I lived in New Zealand I felt so far away from everything sometimes. I hope so too! x

  • I can’t wait to see photos from your trip to Venice, you do such amazing job at getting the greatest pictures. I wished I lived near Glasgow so that I could visit your coffee job. I love it, it looks so cute, the pastries look divine and it is so Instagram-able!

    Juliana | Ohhjuliana

    • Hey Juliana. Thanks for your message, that’s so sweet of you! x

  • Sooo excited for your trip to Venice! <3 🙂 Have a great March!

    XO, Elizabeth T.

  • I hope you have a great trip to Venice! I can’t wait to see your gorgeous photos ❤️

    Arianna | Southernbelleforever.com

  • Jessica Riley

    How exciting that you’re going to Venice! I’m going in October so can’t wait to get all your tips.

    The Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  • Venice is so beautiful, my parents got married there and went to this (link below) restaurant in the evening. We went back to Venice a couple of years ago for their 20 years anniversary and went to the restaurant again and I can’t recommend it enough. It is quite hidden and I believe that not a lot of tourists know it. You definitely have to go for an authentic italian evening. http://www.antichecarampane.com/en/antichecarampane
    Hope you will have a great time,
    Xx http://franzireith.com

    • Hey Franzi! Oh this is so cute! What a lovely story and thanks for the recommendation. x

  • I love these more personal monthly updates! They’re so interesting! I hope you have a great trip to Venice too. Looking forward to seeing some posts on your feed!

    Kelly Anne xx

    • Hey Kelly Anne! I’m really delving quite deep aren’t I?

  • I hope you manage to get over to New Zealand to see your family and the new baby, that will be so lovely!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • I love posts like these! I wish I was as organised as this though! I have no idea what any month is going to bring and I really need to organise myself! Hope your month goes as well as you’ve planned!

    – Eternalleigh.blogspot.com

    • Hey Leigh. So glad you liked it. I definitely have months like those, sometimes it can be a struggle to foresee the month ahead so making a few small plans or changes can really help, even if they are small like planning a day of self-care or cleaning the kitchen. x

  • Venice sounds amazing! I’ve been once before and loved it! Such a pretty city.

    Zoey | http://www.zoeyolivia.com

    • Hey Zoey – oh it looks so dreamy, I am very excited! x

  • Venice sounds lovely and I cannot wait to see your Bali content 🙂


  • I would looooove to go to your Origins event!! I don’t live in Scotland but y’know…

    • Hey Gemma! Aww that’s a shame, you can be there in spirit through Insta for sure. x

  • Liana

    I hope you get to go back to NZ ! All of my fam is in Sydney & I moved to Brisbane when I got married… Not quite as far but the homesickness is real… Have you ever been to AUS? Would love to see how you style outfits for our Summers! x

  • So excited to hear more about the Origins event! Love that there’s more happening here in Glasgow! x