21 Dec 2018 16 comments

Here’s To Twenty Eight!

Another year older…

I’m going to start this post by stating that I have legally been able to drink for ten years today. TEN YEARS. Also I can’t even remember my 18th birthday, so I guess I must have put my ID to good use…
Is it weird that I still feel the same all these years later? I mean, maybe a little more knowledgable, a lot more comfortable in myself… but somewhere, somehow I still feel exactly the same.

This year has been a funny one, especially in comparison to the year before… which was a tough act to follow.
I had some really amazing moments at the grand old age of 27, and I feel like I’ve seen the biggest, most positive change in myself on the whole. I’m more happier with where I’m at with my content – although I totally still have the occasional wobble and I have no real idea what I’m doing with my YouTube channel…

I’ve made some lovely memories this year too – seeing my little brother get married and with a baby on the way, 30th birthdays for some of my best friends, Jordie & my first wedding anniversary, another wonderful trip to New Zealand… looking back, it’s been a good ‘un, but it wasn’t without its hard times.

Some Lessons Learned

I think I definitely became a bit more closed off in some ways this year, I have a circle of best friends who I trust with my life, and I really feel like I tightened that circle this year. I just don’t have time for anyone who I can’t rely on, or anyone who doesn’t give me the time and love I give to them.

I also learnt that it’s okay to say no, which is an interesting one because I feel for the longest time I was trying to be only a yes girl! I wanted to embrace every moment and take everything that came my way, but I think I’m in a position to be picky now I’m older. I can weigh up what’s beneficial for me in the long run. I also just felt bloody exhausted all the time!
I feel lucky that I can say no – to work trips, to collaborations that don’t fit me. It’s taken me a long time to get here, but I’m feeling very thankful!

A Few Work Highlights

This has been an entire year of work highlights! I’ve been a busy bee this year – lots of travel, incredible partnerships with some long-time favourite brands of mine, my Marc Jacobs Daisy collaboration and becoming an Origins ambassador… it’s been an absolute whirlwind!

I also made a very unexpected move in to TV during the summer when I shot a little series for a Scottish channel. This was an exhausting, unfamiliar and exciting time – I never thought I’d do anything like this, and I felt SO underprepared because I’d been travelling so much in the months before it.
It’s weird because I sort of remember this time as such a low point for myself mentally, but a happy time otherwise! I can’t wait for it to be televised, and I think I’ve made some friends for life with the team involved in the show.

I think my biggest achievement is understanding my place in the online world; there’s room for me, I don’t have to fit a mould… I am enough. I don’t have to feel like a car salesman flogging stuff – I can create beautiful content for my favourite brands, I can share what I love, I don’t have to feel pressure to be anything I’m not. It’s only taken me what, 8/9 years?!

One of my aims for the year was to build a small team, and I think I’ve just about managed that – I have a wonderful group of people who have my best interests at heart and understand me completely. It’s a good feeling!

Personal Moments I’ve Loved

Oh where to begin! I brought in 2018 dancing with my favourite people to pop punk karaoke, then soon after I spent a week in London with Jo Malone going “back to school” – probably one of the best work trips I’ve ever been on!
At the end of January, I went to Miami with Space NK and had the time of my little life. I spent most of March in New Zealand for my brothers wedding, then in summer I went to LA and New York TWICE.
I roadtripped around Scotland filming with the BBC, I worked with Samsung, Skagen, Cath Kidston, Origins and so many more…
I discovered Ibiza, travelled to Finland (one of my bucket list places!) and got to see Berlin in the summer. I went on honeymoon to Bali, which was also a dream place to visit for me, and went on two vaycays with my best friends – both of which made my heart feel SO FULL.

I feel like I took myself a lot less seriously this year, but in a good way! I wasn’t so “on brand”, and even though I definitely still have a private Instagram account, I was more myself online – I felt comfortable sharing more.

A Few Goals Going Forward

I’ve never been someone to compare myself to others, instead I feel like I’ve always been in competition with myself – and these sorts of posts give me so much to work with! I say that in only a positive way, I think working on yourself is such a lifetime commitment and you should always be striving to be the best version of you.

My goals for my 29th year are definitely centred around this; I want to better myself completely, but only in a way that makes me happy. I want to have a life outside of the internet, to work smarter not harder, to be nicer to myself, to take less shit from others, to stand my ground, to apologise less. I got this!

It’s been a time! Thank you for all the love this year, birthday-related and otherwise. I’ll be sharing a more fun roundup from the year at the end of the month, so keep your eyes peeled for that too…

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