18 May 2018 11 comments

Hey LA!

Two days in LA…

My latest adventure took me back to Los Angeles for a couple of days of sun and fun with Marc Jacobs; obviously I was overjoyed to be heading back to, let’s face it, one of the coolest cities in the world. I end up liking LA more and more every time I come back, there’s just something about it that lures me in!

This trip, we were based in Santa Monica at the Viceroy hotel which sits a few minutes from the beach. I’ve always loved this area of LA, it’s what I think of when Los Angeles springs to mind. A bit grungy in places, but made a million times better thanks to the lines of palm trees, sparkling waters and the endless amount of skateboarders zipping around – I could watch them for hours! Swoooon.

Our first day was spent hanging out at the Marc Jacobs showroom on Melrose, which sounds so casual but we were freaking out! I could have spend thousands in here but I somehow managed to restrain myself, although my companion did not – I’m looking at you, Suze.
From there we headed to Abbot Kinney Boulevard, probably everyone’s favourite place to hit up when they’re in the city. This one street has everything; must-try restaurants, awesome shops and more than a few photo backgrounds and Instagram hotspots (priorities in check, as always…)

I went for a very me outfit, these beautiful pink trousers and a white embroidered crop top. I brought my favourite Staud bag along for the ride, as well as my Le Specs sunglasses which are a bit out there but I’m coming round to them.
The mules are a lucky H&M find, I don’t think I’ve taken these off since I bought them!

After wandering round the shops and taking in that chilled LA vibe (how is EVERYONE so cool??), we headed off to get ready for the evening’s events. This was all a bit of a surprise, but we knew there was some sort of event on Santa Monica Pier. At this point, we were fighting serious jetlag and were pretty much up for anything. Anything to keep us awake!

I was stuck on what to wear that evening actually, especially as we were going from Pier fun straight to a night of dinner and drinks with the Marc Jacob Daisy family. After more outfit changes than I will admit here, I settled on a pair of Topshop Jamie jeans and a white crochet crop top.
I slung a leather jacket over my shoulders and picked up my favourite basket bag, effortless dressing at its finest.

We were lead to a Daisy experience tucked away at the back, which was made up of a Daisy-branded Ferris Wheel, some fair games and an ice-cream cart (I’ll let you guess which was my favourite of the lot…)
After a ride on what can only be described as the world’s fastest, shakiest Ferris Wheel, we got a much-needed sugar hit from the cart and headed back for dinner.

Oh and yes, that is a picture of me holding a giant bottle of the new Daisy release, Daisy Love. I’ve been wearing Daisy perfumes since I was a teen, and even ten years later I’m still hooked on the intoxicating scent!
Daisy Love is fresher, more fruity but just as enchanting as it’s predecessors! If you loved the original or Eau Fresh, you’re bound to love this beautiful concoction. I’ll share more on this ahead of it’s official launch in the UK later this summer.

As you can probably tell, the entire evening was just as beautiful as you’d expect from the team behind Daisy!

The tables were set so perfectly I actually did a little gasp when I saw them, which I’m aware makes me sound really quite uncool.
I’m so excited to be part of the Daisy Girls family so I’m sure you’ll see lots of lovely updates from me over the coming months!

Are you a Daisy fan? Will you be adding LA to your travel bucketlist after this post?

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