5 Apr 2018 20 comments

Wardrobe Staples For The New Season.

New season, new wardrobe I always say, and my current Spring picks are hanging limply in my wardrobe waiting for the weather to change on point!

I thought I’d combine my (very lengthly!) wishlist with a few staples that I just know you’re going to want to snap up in time for the sunshine – so basically, you’ve got ages heh.
I love when the spring trends start to find their way in to store, it’s just so promising isn’t it? Maybe I’ll stop wearing jogging bottoms, cat-hair covered jumpers and dressing gowns for a few months. Maybe I won’t. That’s the fun of it.

Anyway, here’s my pick of the seasonal trends and there’s not a floral in sight! Incredible scenes.

The Basket Bag!

Or endless basket bags, in my case. I’ve got a real thing for ’em, they’re just so freakin’ versatile! So great for making any old outfit look summer, not so great for carting tampons around in.
Admittedly, I probably didn’t need another Cult Gaia bamboo bag – especially not one that resembles… nope, not going there – but the Luna bag is TOTALLY different from my Ark bag in every way. Except the colour, and yeah alright… it is quite similar.
Anyway, you can shop some of my other favourites below – I’ve got ’em all! Round basket bags, woven bags, string bags. Take your pick.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses!

Undoubtedly the accessory of the moment! I love the cat-eye shape and it seems to flatter my moon face, so I’m totally embracing the style!
I picked up this affordable pair, but I think I may splurge on a little somethin’ special if I see something I really like. I’m not sure I really suit round shades so I’m glad to be leaving them behind tbh.
If you want a more subtle style, definitely go for tortoiseshell. Not as harsh as black and easier to pull off than white.

Woven footwear

Like basket bags for your feet! Admittedly these sound like an absolute no-go in sunny Scotland, but I’ve been seeing a lot of woven mules and pretty braided sandals around and I am IN LOOOOVE (who doesn’t adore a slip on shoe?!)

These pink beauties are a pair I’ll probably save for summer hols and maybe one of the weddings I’m off to this year, but I can just imagine how perf they’ll look with a basket bag and a cute midi.

Hubba hubba.

Hoop earrings.

I’ve gone full circle! Hoop earrings once again! Thankfully they’ve had a bit of an update and there’s now some really unique gold beauties in at the mo.
I have a very cute pair from H&M, as well as this dainty pair from my faves at Rock N Rose!

Bardots & Buttons…

You couldn’t get me away from bardot tops and dresses last summer, and I think it’s going to be much of the same again this year.
I found this adorable button-down bardot dress on ASOS and I’ve never seen a more perfect outfit, from the tortoiseshell buttons right down to the denim-style stripes. What a find!
And while I’m at it, this dress immediately went in to my basket…

Silk Scarves!

Another little accessory I’m all about right now is the silk scarf, but tied on to my daily basket bag of choice. Such an effortless way to update last year’s bag, imo.
I found this polka dot cutie in New Zealand last month, but I’ve managed to find a few other picks for you below (and this is almost identical!)
I also love a hair wrap on holiday, I’m thinking a pair of white cat-eye sunglasses, a polka dot hair wrap and a v cute basket bag is going to be my LOOK~~~ this summer. Just you wait.

What are you guys loving trend-wise this season? Gimme the goods!

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