7 Mar 2018 21 comments

My Spring Beauty Line-Up.

My new in beauty finds…

This has certainly been a time for awesome beauty finds, I feel like I’ve got myself entire new beauty routines lately.
I was planning on doing an Instagram Story favourites edit, but I had so much to say I thought it would work better as a blog post… so here we are!

In terms of skincare, well where to start?! Trust me when I say I’m inundated with new favourites, and my skin is looking pretty darn lovely as a result!
I never thought I’d find a cleanser to rival my long-time love Oskia Renaissance Cleanser but the new Origins Original Skin Cleansing Jelly is doing just that. I adore the texture of this, these pampering jellies feel so lush on the face and they dissolve makeup in an instant. This little babe may even have one up on Oskia (gasp!) because it’s entirely scent-less. Oh my.

While we’re at it, can we discuss one of my all-time favourite skincare brands? Fresh seem to tick all the boxes for me, I’ve never met a Fresh product I haven’t loved – they just work.
Their latest launch is the Fresh Youth Preserve Rescue Mask, which I am getting through at a rapid rate because it’s bloomin’ awesome.
It’s aimed at overworked, overtired complexions that need a bit of TLC. Rough, dry, lacklustre skin is taken care of in a few minutes, so it’s been a favourite of mine thanks to the recent weather!

As for makeup…

I’ve always been a big fan of Erborian, but their new BB drops are something else! They’re perfect for lazy makeup days when you want effortlessly perfected skin without the hassle, and I can imagine they’re going to be perfect for summer holidays too. Just add a few drops to your usual moisturiser and sweep on for a velvety complexion, easy peasy!

I know it sounds mad but I’d forgotten how good Touché Eclat really is! I’m suffering from terrible dark circles at the moment, but this is the one. I apply it to my eye area, cheekbones, Cupid’s Bow, browbone and just above the bridge of my nose and always see a difference! My skin is more radiant, brighter and I look a hell of a lot less tired…

Last but not least…

A couple of body products that have become staples for me lately, and both of them little Jo Malone lovelies! No surprises there, as I’m such a crazy fan of the brand!

I discovered my love of the Blackberry & Bay scent back in January and I’m now totally obsessed with it! I’ve been using the Hand & Body Lotion everyday since and it’s completely intoxicating. Such a lively, unique scent that lingers beautifully on the skin. If you haven’t already given this a sniff, you must! I let it pass me by for way too long.

The brand also unveiled a new collection recently; English Fields is made up of five fragrances and I’ve fallen in love with every single one. Top of my list though has to be Honey & Crocus, a warm, unique pairing that ticks all the boxes for me. I’ve never smelt anything like this, it’s incredible!

I’m pretty smitten with this lot, as you can probably tell! I had a lot to say on ’em.
Have you tried any of these? What’s your favourite beauty find of late?

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