11 Jan 2018 28 comments

A Few New Beauty Highlights.

My beauty heroes for the new year…

I thought I better have a bit of an overhaul of my beauty routines now the new year has arrived, and I ended up finding some absolute gems. The kind of products that I need to immediately tell you all about, because they’re just so damn good!

In terms of skincare, I recently rediscovered an old favourite that I’m shocked I ever forgot! Origins Night-A-Mins was my go-to night cream for years, which is high praise because I’m so picky with my moisturisers!
This not only works to hydrate parched skin (making it a must for winter!), it also resurfaces the complexion by sloughing away dull, dead skin cells. Plus, it’s enriched with a slumber-inducing scent for an ever better snooze. Yup, it’s a winner.

My favourites at Bobbi Brown have released the (already totally awesome!) Illuminated Moisture Balm in some beaut, glow-inducing shades. When the package arrived, I was super excited to give this a whirl, and it did not disappoint!
I’m a huge fan of the original balm, but the new collection of hues are what my collection has been missing. I’ve been struggling with lifeless January skin lately, but a quick application of this before my makeup has saved me – it’s nourishing radiance in a tube.

I’ve also been using the Rodin Olio Lusso Face Oil lately, which is one very luxe item! I love the texture of this, my skin gets quite congested and I get hormonal acne, but oils seem to work miracles.
This is lovely and light, sinks in quickly and is leaving my skin looking clear and radiant!

I’ve shared my love for the Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadows a lot, I wear these daily and have done for the past couple of years. They’re the most mesmerising subtle sparkle! So when I saw that the brand had release a line of Luxe Rich Sparkle Shadows that offered a more intense result, well I had to get my hands on ’em!
I have the shade Sun Flare, an incredible warm gold glitter that has become my go-to for evening looks. It’s a bit of a mission to track down, but if you manage to find it, grab one!

Bumble and bumble Pret-A-Powder Dry Shampoo is another pick inspired by a long-time love of mine – I’ve been a huge fan of the original Pret-A-Powder for years now, so of course I was always going to love the daily dry shampoo version.
I like to spray over roots before bed, I always wake up with fresh, clean hair with just the right amount of texture. Heavenly!

Of course, the new L’Occitane x Rifle Paper Co. collection had to make an appearance! I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a launch in so long – I love both brands so very much.
I have a couple of the Shea Butter Hand Creams, which are some of the best, if you ask me. Just look at that packaging!

Last on my list is the Susanne Kaufmann Oil Bath For The Senses, a bath oil that has saved me whilst I’ve been unwell lately! The delicious scent fills the room and seems to clear mind and body, alleviating tension and making me feel so at ease. If you’ve been feeling under the weather or a little bit stressed lately, a few drops of this in the bath and you’ll feel transformed!

Another roundup of beauty products that come highly recommended by yours truly. Have you tried any of these?

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