16 Aug 2017 31 comments

That ’70s Style.

This outfit full on sums up what I love about looking to bloggers/friends/all the babes I follow on Instagram for style inspo; I bought this dress on a whim because oh, just going through some sort of crazy midi dress obsession right now.

Anyway, I didn’t really think twice about the fit or anything, I always do random big ASOS hauls when my wardrobe is lacking and I end up sending quite a lot of every order back so no biggie.
I ended up loving it, and when I went back to the site to grab the link for an Instagram post… I couldn’t believe it was the same dress!

Of course, I do not have that model-esque shape, but even so – it could be two different items. I’ve had that happen with bloggers I follow, where I’ve seen them wearing an outfit I’ve completely skipped over when I saw it on the model, but have fallen in love when I see it on someone that has the same shape as me. Helpful, init?

It’s also worth mentioning this is from the tall section but I usually shun the size categories and buy whatever – for reference, I’m 5ft 4 and the length on this is perfect. It looks about the same as on the model too, so I think even shorter gals should be all good!

whitedress-14 whitedress-18

Moving on. I wore this dress at the weekend for some lunch and sunshine with Jordan. We’ve both been struggling with the New Zealand/LA jetlag since we got back and breaking up the day with lunch out has been so helpful! Fresh air and a break from screens works wonders.

I’m finding it hard to use any bag that isn’t one of my basket bags; I love the round shape of this cutie, it holds the perfect amount and is so lightweight.
Plus it’s the perfect finishing touch for my ‘poor man’s Stevie Nicks’ look, don’t you think?

whitedress-12 whitedress-3

Another everyday staple for me at the moment are my much loved gold Ray-Bans, I wear these basically daily because they’re my go-to. I honestly think this style suits everyone, seriously. Show me one person who doesn’t suit these sunglasses. I dare you.
The shoes are my favourite H&M velvet blush pumps. I want this shade of velvet everywhere; on a sofa, in cushion form, maybe even a dress. A velvet dress? Or no?

Side note: I think I will probably live in this dress because I love it so much. I adore white dresses but I always feel like I can’t enjoy them because they get dirty so quickly and no one likes to see a grown woman wearing a bib. This dainty pattern conceals all, so I can embrace the white without the food spill fear. Perfecto. Kate does adulting good.

dress whitedress-2

Another day, another winning midi dress! What do you think of this outfit? Am I nailing the ’70s style?