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Switching Up My Desk.

desk-2 desk-3

Another day, another switch-up of my workspace! I used to think you needed a very minimal, organised area to work in – that clutter was counterproductive, but I was wrong. For me, having a busy workspace is motivating! I find it encourages creativity and helps me to stay focused.

So my workspace is definitely a little chaotic, but in an organised, fun kind of way. To me the stacks of books are relaxing, and the fresh flowers brighten the place up. I’ve chosen some of my favourite items to sit around me as I get through the day! And who can argue with that?

My desk sits along the back wall of my office, and I love that it takes up this whole space – the high ceilings in our apartment are often hard to work with as they create so much white wall!
I have the West Elm Mid-Century Desk and I adore it, I’m glad I didn’t choose white because I love the vintage look it gives the room, and I think it pairs beautifully with all the white, blush and gold.
I recently also purchased a proper desk chair (similar here) and my life has improved ten-fold. I actually enjoy sitting at my desk all day! Praise zeee lord.

desk-5 desk-6

I recently scrapped having a computer in favour of just my laptop (it was getting annoying not having everything I need in one place when I travel!), but I still love having a larger desk. I’m not exactly a tidy person when I work (a lot of list-making goes on, so I always have a few notebooks out!) and I love being able to have the space to properly work.
I don’t feel confined here, and if I need to I can just put my laptop away and use the desk for planning or whatever.

More importantly, the desk holds so much! I didn’t think to take any photos of my drawers actually, but I use the main smaller one for the important stuff – SD cards, a few cables I need, headphones, banking devices, vitamins, lip balm… that sort of thing.
The drawer on the left holds A LOT of notebooks, notepads and all my stationery. There’s basically half of Paperchase in that left hand drawer.

On the right, I keep all my camera stuff. I own a couple of cameras and a good few lenses, so they’re all stored nicely in here. I like having everything to hand when I work so this little setup works perfectly for me.
I’ve had quite a few desks before this one and nothing was right, and lemme tell you, it was frustrating! I love having a space that functions and looks lovely.

desk-9 desk-10

At the back of my desk I have this wire mesh board, which I’ve had for years and never really changed! I love the lamp that hangs from it, and the way I can change it up quite easily if I feel a bit uninspired.
I’m leaning this cute blush heart print against it right now, but a change could be on the cards!

I always try to have a fresh bunch of flowers sitting either in the hex tray or on top of the books, I loooove flowers (as you’ll well know…) and they brighten the space so much. It always helps when I sit here for hours on end!


The stacks of books are a little crazy but I love them. After I took my iMac away, I didn’t really know what to do with the back of the desk, it looked very bare and unloved!
I had a stack of old magazines I didn’t know what to do with, so I piled them on the desk and it spiralled out of control from there.

My favourite addition is the round H&M mirror, but I also love the hand creams and lip balms I have sitting on top. It just creates the cosiest space! I’m yet to light that Diptyque candle, but one day… one day I’ll do it and you guys will be the first to know about it.

desk-17 desk

I’ve been about eight million times more productive since I switched up my desk, so it was worth doing! It’s busy but organised and I love how light and bright it is.
What do you think of my workspace switchup?

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  • Julia Deutschen

    Your workspace looks beautiful!
    I love the desk and the drawers are defenitely so useful! I have an IKEA Alex next to my workspace which is really handy because it stores loads.
    Love the look of your workspace!

    xx Julia


  • This is such a lovely, warm space for working in! I don’t think it looks cluttered at all, but perfectly styled – and that sun burst mirror is a great find!

    xx Bry Jaimea

  • Your desk looks incredible! It’s full of things but they all complement each other and I think that’s why it looks so pretty! My desk stays in my bedroom and I’m still in the decorating process with means my desk is a complete mess as many things I haven’t found their place yet!
    I love the colour of your desk, it looks so rustic and pretty! Great choice in my opinion!

    Rita | Tea & Curls

  • Jen

    Love! How could you not want to sit there all day? And that pink couch! xx

    Jen | affecionada

  • Ah, your desk looks so lovely! X

  • Your desk may literally be the Desk of Dreams, putting all other mediocre desks to shame. Well, mostly my mediocre desk, which is actually our dining table that we don’t have space for in our teeny London flat unless we’re actually hosting a party. And, because #techhusband and I share this desk, there are cables and technology bits. EVERYWHERE. What do these cables do? WHO KNOWS, surely not me.

    Also, you really do have SUCH a knack for interiors. The way you put things together always looks so cohesive, bright and beautiful. I also think you did right picking a wooden desk rather than white (West Elm furniture is THE BEST). If you ever take up interior decorating, let us know, as I may be your first client :o)

    Eire | Wolf & Stag

  • Lizzie

    You always make everything look so effortlessly chic! Love this desk and so nice to see something that isn’t white!


  • I love having a super tidy and pretty desk – it makes me enjoy sitting down to work so much more! x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

  • Your interiors are always so gorgeous. Absolutely love that desk set-up!

    Jen, Velvet Spring x

  • Cute desk chair Kate


  • Dani Struda

    Girl the decor is amazing! I absolutely love it! xx

    Dani | https://struda.blogspot.com/

  • I love seeing how you decorate your home, you have such a good eye for decor! The desk area looks great.

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  • Your desk is perfect! I prefer a few bits and bobs around rather than a totally empty space too! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Style Beauty Travel

  • I adore your decor/interior posts Kate! I definitely need a new office chair…mine is so uncomfortable and I hate to sit in it for longer than 20 minutes (not the best for productivity purposes). Your West Elm one looks so nice!

    Mia | http://www.verymuchmia.com

  • I love these photos and interior! So inspiring!

  • You always take the prettiest pictures! Love your desk xx


  • It looks absolutely lovely!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE
    IG | @viviyunn_


  • Changing up your desk work space can be so motivating! I love how it looks

  • I’ve recently added a desk back into my room after not having one for a long time and I’m loving working at it. It’s got all the items I need upon it to keep me motivated to do my work.
    Alicia x

  • I am actually in love with your style!

    PoppyRKay // poppyrkay.blogspot.co.uk

  • I’ve been eyeing this desk for so long and after seeing you get it I’ve wanted it even more!! I’m waiting until I move into my own place but I love hearing that it’s just as functional as it looks good! I like the idea of storing my camera and gear in an easy access drawer! I love the organized clutter look – it gets the creative juices going without being too much 🙂

    Cindy | http://www.cindyhyue.com

  • It’s so interesting seeing other people’s desk spaces & how they work. I’m the total opposite. I have so much stuff on my desk but I really need it to be empty to get any kind of non-blog work done haha

    TFM Life & Style blog

  • I love West Elm anything! That desk is such a beautiful color!

    Sarah Michiko

  • Loving this new look for your desk! 🙂 Just like you, I find a stack of books or flowers to be kind of comforting! When a workspace is too clean, it kind of makes me a little paranoid because I’m scared to dirty it lol! Beautiful little corner as always <3

    XO, Elizabeth

  • Absolutely loving your desk Kate…just gorgeous. So glad the lamp is still there <3

    Ally xxx

  • This is gorgeous! Such beautiful pictures x

  • Your desk space is so pretty! I just moved to a new place and am still trying to “discover” my office, I guess you could say. I haven’t put anything on the wall or even tried to decorate it. Seeing your space gives me much inspiration.


  • I need this desk set up in my life!


  • My desk is in desperate need of a good tidy. I love this set up! So clean and pretty! xx

    Dany | Danielle Reine

  • Abi Street

    Your office space looks awesome!! I would love to go homeware shopping with you and see all the pieces you’re drawn too! x

    Abi | abistreetx

  • I love it so much!
    Miki x


  • Love how clean and tidy this looks – you get everything so coordinated as well!


  • This is a really chic and practical desk! I also love the vintage vibe it gives off! Your photos are so beautiful <3

    Blushing Lately

  • This little corner is AMAZING!
    Miki x


  • Rebecca Fletcher
  • Beautiful set up as always! x

  • Juliana Paz

    I recently just moved to a different state and I’ve finally been unpacking everything along with having to reset everything in the new bedroom. Ive been most excited to redoing my desk definitely trying to switch things up in this new place.


  • MT

    Well, it’s hardly “chaotic” 😀

  • Your interiors are so dreamy and the fact that your pictures area all so pretty makes you desk look even nicer. I’m definitely one for an organised mess and all of your aesthetics are so up my street!!

    Love Somachi xx

  • Love the desk, West Elm has some amazing pieces and I’m in need or a better office chair so will have a look at the site you linked!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Cruelty-Free/Vegan Beauty • Lifestyle • Photography

  • What a gorgeous workspace! I love the actual desk itself with the splashes of pink and gold. The hydrangea is a lovely contrasting colour too without being too large and overwhelming for a compact area that you end up having to move it out the way every time you sit down!
    Helpless Whilst Drying