23 Aug 2017 36 comments

My Everyday ‘Do: Effortless Waves.

I’ve done it. I have finally, finally done it. I’ve mastered my dream hairstyle! Oh, it’s taken me a while – I must have spent hours watching Kristin Ess on Instagram to try and nail that perfect loose wave style for short hair, but I think I’ve got it down.

I’ve a low maintenance gal, and I like my hair to reflect that. Well, I want it to look the right side of effortless – that is, clean, glossy, soft but a little bit lived in, a little bit textured. I like waves over curls; loose, falling waves that are soft and swishy but textured too.

Not one to keep my beauty secrets to myself, I had to share my findings. It’s a very easy routine, and it should work on even quite short hair, as well as much longer lengths.

waves waves3

The secret is in the tong you use; for ages I was using a curling wand and it wasn’t working, the curls were too tight, and they didn’t fit together right. The secret to the low maintenance wave is that the hair all needs to be curled the same way so when you brush it all out, the hair forms big, voluminous waves rather than curls.
When my curling wand broke recently, I bought a cheap Babyliss tong instead, and my hair dreams came true overnight!

I went for a 25mm/1″ tong which is perfect, it creates large, even curls that brush out for wavy haired perfection.

So to start, I spritz a good helping of the Davines Melu Hair Shield on to damp hair before blowdrying or air-drying, this just helps to protect the hair from heat and I never go without it.
I also love the Oribe Matt Waves Texture Lotion for adding a touch of grit to my super soft hair, it smells gorgeous and gives a bit of Blake Lively texture.

Once my hair is fully dry, I brush through and separate it in to easy-to-curl sections. I make sure to curl every inch of hair the same way – away from my face. This may take a little bit of work if you’re not used to curling your hair this way, but you pick it up easily.


I leave each section of hair to cool down as I go, and then once I’m all finished and the hair is cool (it helps to hold the curl for longer), I use a soft brush to brush through the curls to form waves.
My hair usually still looks quite curled at this point, but it slowly drops to form soft waves. I help it along with a bit of hair oil smoothed through the waves, and a bit of the IGK Down & Out Dirty Spray for the ‘lived in’ look. I find that if I want a more subtle wave, brushing the curls out when they’re still warm works best.

My hair tends to get more textured and gorge as the day wears on, and it looks even better on the second day – more effortless and undone, but still with perfect waves a good helping of swishiness. Dream hair unlocked!

What do you think of this easy peasy hair ‘do?